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Imta seminar sept 2012


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Presentation given at their annual conference on social media trends

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Imta seminar sept 2012

  1. 1. Emerging Trends in Social Media brought to you by:International Map Industry Association September 10, 2012 Albuquerque, NM
  2. 2. For the times, they are a changin’
  3. 3. New marketing tactics
  4. 4. What to expect today
  5. 5. Social media has changed our lives our language our behavior our shopping habits… our businesses
  6. 6. People are relying more heavily on interactive online media for their information via….
  7. 7. The question used to be:how do your customers find you?
  8. 8. Now is: where do yourcurrent and future customers find what they need?
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Facebook now has more than955 million ACTIVE users
  11. 11. Questions get answered.Recommendations are made. Conversations happen. Are you there?
  12. 12. What we’ll cover today• Social Media• Search & Reputation Management• Content Marketing• Email Marketing
  13. 13. Social Media Marketing
  14. 14. Win at social media• Professionally designed page• Thoughtful content strategy that incorporates the personal touch, sales and marketing, and outbound marketing strategy• Listen and respond, stimulate conversation• Utilize the new feature of outbound commenting as your page• WOW your fans!
  15. 15. Facebook• Do I need to use it? If you are able to, you should. If you’re responsible for marketing your business, absolutely.• Does my business need to be there now? Yes. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. Regardless of your business, you need to be represented here. We can help!• Top benefit: You stay top of mind with people as they browse – you’re part of the conversation
  16. 16. Facebook: Statistics • More than 50% of active users log in each day • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook • 2.7 billion posts are “liked” or commented on each day • 250 million photos are shared each day • 1 million business page “likes” are happening each day – and that is shared with all of their friendsSource: Facebook
  17. 17. Facebook: What you should do
  18. 18. Post tips• Know your audience• Timing is important• Clarity• Mix it up and create balance• Encourage conversation• Encourage sharing / tagging• LISTEN! Respond!• Utilize photos and videos regularly
  19. 19. Outbound Marketing• Posts• Comments• “Likes”, Featured Likes• Grow your audience, business outreach
  20. 20. Fan Base Growth: Promote your page • On your web site -box/ • Email signatures • Signs in location, on vehicles • Stationary • All marketing – when in doubt of what to promote, promote Facebook
  21. 21. Facebook Ads• Powerful targeting• Like search marketing but different • Search = keywords, demand fulfillment • Facebook = interests, demand generation
  22. 22. 25 25
  23. 23. Twitter• Do I need to use it? It is powerful but not for everyone• Does my business need to be there now? Depends on your business. If you create and write a lot of content, Twitter is a fantastic tool. It works extremely well for searching, listening and communicating quickly with your customers
  24. 24. Twitter: What you should do
  25. 25. LinkedIn• Do I need to use it? If you would benefit from sharing your background, establishing your expertise, and showing who you are connected to professionally, yes.• Does my business need to be there now? It’s much more important for companies interested in hiring, and/or conducting b2b business, but can be a very powerful tool for establishing expertise as well
  26. 26. LinkedIn: What you should do
  27. 27. LinkedIn’s Guide to Small Business Success Series
  28. 28. Foursquare• Do I need to use it? If you enjoy showing businesses that you frequent them, and if you’re just a wee bit competitive, it is a fun tool to use. Great for deals or visiting new areas• Does my business need to be there now? It’s important to understand how Foursquare works and relates to your industry. It is a powerful tool to offer deals, recognize your best customers, and monitor what customers are saying about you on the Web.
  29. 29. Foursquare: What you should do
  30. 30. Pinterest
  31. 31. Pinterest: What you should do
  32. 32. Google+ (G+)• Do I need to use it? If you enjoy Facebook for the social aspect, or Twitter for the opportunity to see the news and content you should be reading, you’ll enjoy G+• Does my business need to be there now? We recommend businesses to strongly consider it because it dramatically increases search engine rankings/googleplaces, but can repurpose content
  33. 33. Google+ : What you should do
  34. 34. YouTube: 2nd largest search engineProfessionally designed page
  35. 35. YouTube: What you should do
  36. 36. Search & Reputation Management
  37. 37. The Web & Mobile have gone LOCAL • 1 out of every 5 searches has local intent • 1 out of every 3 mobile searches has local intent and mobile is up 40% from last year - For Bing, 53% of mobile searches have local intent - On average, 50% of users interested in local mobile couponsSource: Gregg Stuart 15miles
  38. 38. Search Engine Optimization• SEO = search engine optimization• Search engines are the primary way people find Web sites (and they primarily rely on first page of results)• Nearly 70% of people that research online pre-purchase use search**Harris Interactive
  39. 39. On page SEO Page Title: URL Important to Can contain tell search keywords that engines what search the page is engines will about pick up Headings: Search Site Copy: engines Is also understand important to they are more establish important relevance, than other particularly copy boldMeasure your page rank with Google toolbar
  40. 40. The key is Reputation Management… And you need it now more than EVER!
  41. 41. Listing Management • The backbone of search are a series of directories throughout the web What matters? • Accuracy: Ensure that business listings contain the correct information • Distribution: Disperse listings to multiple distribution channels • Signal Strength: Business listing is accurate and identical across multiple channels • Enrichment: Add additional information/features to listingsSource: Gregg Stuart 15miles
  42. 42. Content & Email Marketing
  43. 43. Content is king• One of the largest determining factors in how well your site performs on search is the quality, relevancy, amount of and freshness of your content – and keywords!!• Carefully consider your site content and how it incorporates words people will search for you by• Can you / should you blog?
  44. 44. Content is king• Can you establish yourself as an expert and/or resource?• Blog suggestions: • Top 10 FAQ about your business • Overcome objections • Consider – what do people type in to search engines that you can answer?• PLAN!
  45. 45. E-mail marketing• When done well (the right message, the right frequency), e-mail marketing can be an extremely effective tool to communicate with customers and prospects• Two main types of e-mail marketing: e- newsletters and e-offers• How can you be PERSONAL (birthdays?)• With either, content must be compelling, with calls to action
  46. 46. E-mail marketing• Tips: • Have a well-designed template: look professional • Keep it short & sweet: let people find what they want quickly • Build and cultivate your lists & relationships • Allow for opt-out WITH options• Several tools exist to make this simple – two we recommend: • •
  47. 47. Remember: New marketing tactics
  48. 48. Best way to learn how to master social media sites? USE THEM Watch peers or bring in some help
  49. 49. How are WE doing?
  50. 50. World Mapman SolutionsFans: 31Observations: Thepage is updated monthly,links to useful news, butdoesn’t have engagementOther SocialMedia: Twitter
  51. 51. Victoria Litho LimitedFans: 33Observations: It is anew page, but is not updatedfrequently and does not have acover photo.
  52. 52. Stella Nova Spa SalonFans: 1,674Observations: Uses afair amount of pictures,updated sporadically,occasional engagement.Other SocialMedia: Twitter, Youtube
  53. 53. Avenza SystemsFans: 25Observations:Page has few fans and useslinks as their main source ofposts which get littleengagement.Other SocialMedia:Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  54. 54. Butler Tanner and Dennis Ltd.Fans: 27Observations:Joined Facebook just this year,does not have a cover photoand the page is not updatedconsistentlyOther SocialMedia:Twitter
  55. 55. Department of Environment & Resource ManagementFans: 974Observations: Page isnot updated consistently andhas low engagement.Other SocialMedia:Twitter, YouTube
  56. 56. Benchmark MapsFans: 990 likesObservations: Usesphotos and links for most oftheir posts.Other SocialMedia:Twitter, Google, Pinterest
  57. 57. Frederic PrintingFans: 104Observations: Havemultiple posts in day, uses linksin their updates and utilizepost scheduler (Hoot Suite)Other SocialMedia:Twitter, LinkedIn
  58. 58. ITMB Publishing Ltd.Fans: 24Observations: UpdatesFacebook page twice a week,uses links and photos for theirupdates but gets lowengagement due to fan base.Other SocialMedia:Twitter, LinkedIn
  59. 59. GM Johnson MapsFans: 7Observations:Facebook page is not updated.It has no cover photo and lastupdate was mid-summer.Other SocialMedia:Twitter
  60. 60. HEMA MapsFans: 1,577 likesObservations:Facebook page is up to dateand uses photos for most oftheir postsOther SocialMedia:YouTube
  61. 61. Lightravels, LLCFans: 44 likesObservations:Facebook page is not updatedfrequently and needsengagement
  62. 62. Hugg-a-PlanetFans: 260 likesObservations:Facebook page is no longerupdated. Last post was June6th. But most of their postscontains photos and links.Other SocialMedia:Twitter
  63. 63. Tracks4Africa Ltd.Fans: 1,668Observations:Facebook page is updated.Uses links and photos and hasmultiple posts in a dayOther SocialMedia:Twitter
  64. 64. Best Practices
  65. 65. ESRIFans: 19,715 likesObservations: Doesn’tupdate page consistently, butsometimes has multiple postsin a day. They use links andphotos for their updates.Other SocialMedia:Twitter, LinkedIn
  66. 66. Bella Terra PublishingFans: 173 likesObservations: Doesnot updates Facebookfrequently.Other SocialMedia:Twitter, LinkedIn
  67. 67. William & Heintz Map CorpFans: 138Observations:Updated weekly,successfully usesphotos and hashigh engagement.Other SocialMedia: Google+,Youtube, Blog
  68. 68. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAPSFans: 1,703Observations:Facebook page is no longerupdated but their postcontains links and photos withminimal engagement.Other SocialMedia:Twitter
  69. 69. Maps.comFans: 1692Observations: Page isupdated a few times a weekand has good engagement –the posts are terrific and showthat they “get” social mediaOther SocialMedia: Twitter
  70. 70. U.S. Department of StateFans: 152,669Observations:Successfully uses pictures, getsa lot of feedback, and isupdated multiple times dailyOther SocialMedia: Blog, Twitter,Tumblr, RSS Feed, Flickr,Google+, Youtube
  71. 71. U.S. Forest ServiceFans: 45,503Observations:Updated daily, uses picturesand stories, has a high rate ofengagement.Other SocialMedia: Blog, Flickr, RSS,Twitter, Youtube
  72. 72. U.S. Geological SurveyFans: 32,225Observations:Updated frequently and usesphotos well and has highengagement.Other SocialMedia: Twitter, LinkedIn,Youtube
  73. 73. National GeographicFans: 11,536,415Observations: Veryhigh engagement,lots of pictures,updated multipletimes a dayOther SocialMedia: Twitter
  74. 74. National Geographic
  75. 75. Library of CongressFans: 75,747Observations:Facebook page is updated. Postcontains links and photos withhigh engagement.Other SocialMedia:Twitter, YouTube
  76. 76. U.S. Census BureauFans: 115,881Observations: Usesmany pictures, updates veryfrequently, has highengagement.Other SocialMedia:Twitter, Youtube,Flickr
  77. 77. One of the most common questions:HOW do I find the time?
  78. 78. Tools you can use• Sprout Social• Postling• Hootsuite• There are MANY others available - visit and search “99 tools to generate leads with social media”
  79. 79. Biggest tip for today:Have a clear content plan and online marketing strategy
  80. 80. What we do
  81. 81. Marketing online can be very effective and affordable and social media needsonly a moderate financial investment
  82. 82. However, it is not free…
  83. 83. …it does cost time and skilled people
  84. 84. Or, let us do it for you while you run your business!