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Social Media & Digital Marketing 2017 presented to the Exploits Regional Chamber of Commerce

Learn the basics of digital marketing to promote your small business. From the SEO to social media marketing:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Pinterest
- LinkedIn
- YouTube

For more info, please visit

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Social Media & Digital Marketing 2017 presented to the Exploits Regional Chamber of Commerce

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA & DIGITAL MARKETING Presented to the Exploits Valley Chamber of Commerce
  2. 2. GRAY PRESS MEDIA INC. We are a digital creative firm, crafting and designing innovative ways to grow local businesses! We specialize in web design, graphic design, social media marketing and digital advertising. We work with large national firms, small businesses and local services
  4. 4. TODAY’S CHALLENGES Strengthen our local economy by creating an environment where local businesses can thrive, not simply survive. Local businesses want to build better relationships with customers and keep them coming back! Lack of consumer awareness on the impact of local spending vs the impact of taking dollars to other markets (or online). Internet convenience doesn’t have to mean leaving the local market. Local businesses are online too.
  5. 5. Put Your Money Where Your House Is! Chamber started a “Shop Local, Shop Exploits” campaign to boost local sales dollars and educate consumers about the benefits of supporting local businesses. SHOP LOCAL, SHOP EXPLOITS!
  6. 6. KEEP YOUR MONEY LOCAL SHOP LOCAL, SHOP EXPLOITS! MULTIPLIER EFFECT: For Every $100 spent, $45 at a local store stays in your community, but only $13 from out of area spending will trickle down. Local spending helps: - Create employment opportunities - Increase municipal revenue - Charitable support and community groups - Local infrastructure - Public services Why does “Going Local” matter? It’s about: - Building communities that are healthier and more sustainable. - Keeping money local and communities vibrant. - Creating more high-quality local jobs - for our neighbours, our families and ourselves. - Recognizing that we can’t just do it alone and that, in the end, we’re all better off when we’re all better off!
  7. 7. THE LOCAL SEARCH 1 in 3 searches on Google is a local search. 4 in 10 people do a local search EVERYDAY. 70% of online searches will use local search to find offline businesses. HOWEVER: 1 in 4 small business owners report not spending any money on digital marketing.
  8. 8. THE LOCAL SEARCH The first place consumers go for online information is a SEARCH ENGINE (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  9. 9. IMPROVE YOUR LOCAL SEARCH RANKINGS Using the Right Keywords and Local Identifiers (SEO). Listing your business in Local Directories. Blogging and being active on Social Media Building a Steady Flow of Customer Reviews Online Monitoring. Your customers are online NOW!
  11. 11. COMPLETE YOUR LISTINGS Make sure the following are correct: Business Name Address, Phone, Email Website Photos (Google listing)
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn Youtube
  13. 13. FACEBOOK Why Local Businesses Should Use Facebook? Raise awareness, drive demand, boost sales. Facebook business tools help you do it all. You can Interact and stay top of mind with your customers. It’s affordable. You can promote your products and services. Facebook AD Targeting - Age, sex, location, education, religion, interests, politics, job title, marital status, etc. - can be used as a filter for your marketing efforts.
  14. 14. FACEBOOK Social ROI -is an analysis of how well your audience engaged with your ads, and it’s measured by a number of metrics. These include: • Impressions - The number of times your ad was seen • Reach - The number of individual people your ad was shown to • Likes - The number of people who liked your ad • Shares - The number of people who saw your ad and shared it • Comments - The amount of comments on your ad • Frequency - The number of times your ad was shown, on average, to a user. • Click Through Rate - The percentage at which a consumer saw the ad and click through to the landing page. • Page Likes - The number of likes generated for your Facebook page because of the ad.
  15. 15. FACEBOOK Small Business Facebook Page Tips • Use keywords in the “About” section (SEO / Google Rankings) • Claim a vanity URL ( • Choose the correct category • Get customer reviews • Choose appealing pictures • Facebook Cover and Profile Picture • Add the Facebook icon wherever you can • Ask people in person • Ask people online
  16. 16. FACEBOOK What to Post on Facebook (Visual Content) • Use pictures • Focus on customer benefits • Offer a deal • Promote an offer • Post an interesting article • Ask a question • Ask people to tag a friend • Post an inspirational/funny quote • Post a video Track Which Facebook Posts are Doing the Best (Facebook Insights)
  17. 17. FACEBOOK
  18. 18. FACEBOOK Facebook Ad Marketing Objectives
  19. 19. FACEBOOK Reach - 41,000 FB Users within 50 miles of GFW.
  20. 20. FACEBOOK Specific - Jewelry Store Example
  21. 21. Break When we come back we’ll jump on to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, New social media channels, Customer Reviews, Online Monitoring plus Q&A’s.
  22. 22. TWITTER The building blocks of Twitter. You’ll need to understand the language and terminology used so that you’re able to interact with customers and engage in conversations seamlessly. Here are some definitions to get you started: TWEET REPLY RETWEET LIKE HASHTAG MENTION
  23. 23. TWITTER Twitter Tips for Small Business Marketing • Choose an Appropriate Username • Create a Brand-centric Profile • Become a Good Listener • Interact and Respond • Tweet Often • Keep Tweets Short • Retweet and Mention Others • Create a Content Plan • Find Influencers • Follow Relevant Users • Focus on Follower Needs and Interests • Use Hashtags • ‘Like’ Tweets • Integrate Twitter into your Website • Advertise on Twitter
  24. 24. TWITTER
  25. 25. TWITTER Twitter’s Best Kept Secret • Twitter Search
  26. 26. INSTAGRAM Why your business should use Instagram • It’s not just the “trendy” thing to do • Visual marketing • Enhance your branding • Show your personality • It’s not just for product based businesses • Take advantage of user generated content • It’s marketer friendly • Drive traffic and grow your business • It’s fun!
  27. 27. PINTEREST Why your business should use Pinterest • Investing in Pinterest pays off long-term • Pinners are open to your marketing • Pinterest influences purchase • Pinterest drives significant referral traffic • Pinners have larger shopping carts • Pinterest informs you of emerging trends • Pinners have more purchasing power than non-Pinners • Pinterest can help your brand fit into someone’s life • People check their Pins while shopping in your store
  28. 28. LINKEDIN LinkedIn for Small Business • Fill out your page completely with all the important details of your business. • Highlight your expertise. • Create a call to action. • Include a photo. • Optimize your profile for search. • Post consistently. • Create and participate in LinkedIn groups. • Be savvy about who you connect with (and who you don't) • Make your messages personal. • Dive deep with trending content tools.
  29. 29. YOUTUBE
  31. 31. CUSTOMER REVIEWS 88% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews as much as Personal word of mouth (Source: Local Consumer Survey. All respondents are from the USA (90%) and Canada (10%). Facebook, Yelp, Google, Foursquare and YP
  32. 32. CUSTOMER REVIEWS Jungle Jim’s Clarenville Reviews (Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor, Yelp)
  33. 33. KEYWORD MONITORING Google Alerts Want to track a particular topic and have all information that is newly available be automatically delivered to you in any time frame you might specify? You can do this quite easily with Google Alerts, a simple way to set up automatic delivery notices to yourself on any topic you might be interested in. For example, say you want to be notified every time your business or competitor is mentioned online.
  34. 34. KEYWORD MONITORING Hootsuite Filter by Keyword to conveniently cut through unrelated search results and focus on a particular user or topic. This is ideal when monitoring specific subjects and even prospecting for new customers. For example: you own a marketing agency in NS so you would likely set up a search stream monitoring for mentions of “Social Media Halifax as well as Marketing & Halifax”.
  35. 35. Shhhhh! Another Insider Tip SHOP LOCAL, SHOP EXPLOITS! •
  36. 36. Personal Branding SHOP LOCAL, SHOP EXPLOITS! Personal branding is so important that everyone should spend time and effort building it. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee of a company, having a strong brand will open more doors for you and help you make more money.
  37. 37. Questions & Answers

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Learn the basics of digital marketing to promote your small business. From the SEO to social media marketing: - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Pinterest - LinkedIn - YouTube For more info, please visit


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