Developing A Blog As A Tool For Reflective Practice

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This is a presentation I gave at the 14th International Reflective Practice conference, Rotorua, New Zealand in September 2008.

This is a presentation I gave at the 14th International Reflective Practice conference, Rotorua, New Zealand in September 2008.

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  • 1. Developing a blog as a tool for reflective practice Sarah Stewart September 2008 Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand
  • 2.
    • Journaling Critical thinking Cognitive learning Reflection Creative writing
  • 3.
    • A blog can be an online journal
  • 4. Perez Hilton Samual Pepys
  • 5. Text Video Audio Images
  • 6. Examples of audio & video blogging
  • 7. Links can be made to other blogs, websites and resources
  • 8.
    • Comments can be made by readers Discussion Information sharing Critique of ideas
  • 9. Further extends own thinking and learning
  • 10. Privacy and security
  • 11. Risks of public reflection Litigation Employment Mistakes Unprofessional Statutory Professional Standards Ownership
  • 12. Being open creates an opportunity for dialogue and gaining a different perspective on a situation or problem
  • 13. Different way of looking at things
  • 14. Reader sees how the blogger has approached a situation and learns from that reflection
  • 15. Reflection and deep learning
  • 16. Mixed evidence
  • 17. My experience
  • 18.
  • 19. Themes
    • Relationships with students: personal vs professional
    • Online identity
    • Midwifery burnout
    • Direction of my future career
    • Making mistakes
    • Professional online behavior
  • 20. Example of reflective blog post and interactions with readers
  • 21. Challenging to people who are unfamiliar with reflective practice, and are uncomfortable with open, online reflection
  • 22.
    • The interactions I have with the readers of my blog help me process my ideas, and supports me when my reflections are painful and challenging
  • 23. References:
    • Michele Martin: Becoming a more reflective individual practitioner . The Bamboo Project. March 8, 2008. Merrolee Penman: The use of blogging to support professional learning . Healthcare and Informatics Review Online. June 2008. Paul Trafford: Mobile blogs , personal reflections and learning environments . 2005. Ariadne. Issue 44.