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Legal and ethical use of social media


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Legal and ethical use of social media

  1. 1. How student midwives can use social media and not get into trouble! Sarah Stewart Australian College of Midwives 2013
  2. 2.  The good stuff about social media What can go wrong Tips about professional use of social media
  3. 3. The good stuff about social media
  4. 4. Keep up to date
  5. 5. Link up with midwifery gurus
  6. 6. Join national and international conversations about midwifery and birth
  7. 7. See other points of views
  8. 8. Get connected
  9. 9. Develop a professional profile
  10. 10. Join campaigns
  11. 11. Access professional development opportunities
  12. 12. What can go wrong?
  13. 13. Student shares picture of her posing with a placenta on Facebook facebook.html
  14. 14. Doctor calls delivery suite “birthing shed” & intensive care “cabbage patch”
  15. 15. Paramedic boasts on Facebook that he groped a patient’s breasts misconduct-daily-mail-uk/ Image: LAS 7934 2
  16. 16.  Radiographer congratulating a woman on Facebook on their pregnancy having seen it in the womans records Hospital porter adding a patient as a friend on Facebook after seeing the persons details on hospital headboard Hospital employee making comments on Facebook that brought the hospital into disrepute Midwife blogs about a client in such a way that the woman can be identified American midwife gives inappropriate advice to pregnant woman in New Zealand Paramedic slams midwife on Facebook but says its his sense of humour
  17. 17. Tips about professional use of social media
  18. 18. Be mindful ofthe universityspolicies, as wellas professionaland legal codesand standards
  19. 19. Build a professional profile
  20. 20. Be careful about thepersonal details you make available online
  21. 21. Be mindful of your security/privacy settings on your social media accounts
  22. 22. Make professional connections
  23. 23. Be mindful about who you add asfriends – do not add women who are in your care
  24. 24. Do not publish anything that you wouldnt want on the front page of a newspaper
  25. 25. Be respectful at all times
  26. 26. Do not talk about clients/women or colleagues without their permission, which includes photos
  27. 27. Do not give advice to pregnant women or clients
  28. 28. Be careful about copyright – do not use materialswhose copyright belong to others
  29. 29. Remember the 3 golden rules of online communication Six degrees of separation – the world of social media is a small one Once on the Internet, always on the Internet If in doubt......dont do it!
  30. 30. Sarah Stewart*Http://*Twitter: @SarahStewart*Facebook:*LinkedIn: SarahStewart*Slideshare: