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Mentoring and leadership


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Using mentorship as a tool for leadership - check out the information in the notes section of the presentation.

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Mentoring and leadership

  1. 1. Mentoring and Leadership Program Australian College of Midwives Sarah Stewart Midwifery Adviser, Policy Unit, ACM, 2016
  2. 2. Plan for this morning • The Mentoring and Leadership program • What is mentoring? • Why mentoring? • Roles and responsibilities • Working with your mentor • Getting started • When it doesn’t work out • Ending the mentoring relationship
  3. 3. Mentoring and Leadership Program ©Sarah Stewart
  4. 4. What is mentoring? ©Sarah Stewart
  5. 5. Why mentoring? ©Sarah Stewart
  6. 6. Roles and responsibilities
  7. 7. How to get started
  8. 8. Community of Practice ©Sarah Stewart
  9. 9. What if the mentoring doesn’t work out
  10. 10. How to end the relationship
  11. 11. Evaluating the success of the relationship