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  • Social media accounts for 7% of all referral traffic to www.hobsons.comTop Education Topics Trending @hobsonsincHigher Education MarketingEducation PolicyEducation Technology
  • Higher Education MarketingEducation PolicyEducation Technology
  • Our goal for social media is simple: we want everyone within the organization to be working on the same page. Currently we have 39 channels in which individuals and departments are not using the same rope. Meaning that we are creating create work, but not optimizing our resources to be the most efficient to ultimate deliver more results. We are at the turning point to where our good efforts can deliver great results but not without the guiding framework that everyone must use to build.Currently we have good stuff occurring with the department and great resources but all of this is sub optimal because we have strained resources (people) and no focused strategy for ALL Hobsons channels
  • Engaged and Informed- I am looking for someone who is willing to actively participate if interested. Interested means is sharing Hobsons info and news. We will post a social media playbook. Practices transparency- someone whose an brand ambassador is willing to publically post company infoJudicious- Adds valueProfessionalPassionate
  • How many think LI is for finding a job?I was speaking with SF on how he uses linked in? The New Business CardThe BasicsComplete that profile!Status updates & direct messagesLinkedIn groups
  • The Basics
  • Twitter for business:Thought leadershipClient supportBrand awarenessNetworking- events & conferences
  • Participate – write your own tweet.
  • How to ParticipateMention or @reply Hobsons Twitter handlesRetweet or share Hobsons-centric contentMonitor the web for thought leadership & lead opportunitiesGoogle AlertsTwitter ChatsHobsons Response Procedure
  • Monitor the web for thought leadership & lead opportunitiesTwitter ChatsGo to www.tweetchat.comEnter the name of our chat – lawjobchat – in the box at the top of the screen and clickThe tweets from the chat will appear on your screen.  Click Sign In so you can participate through your Twitter account.
  • Mention or @reply Hobsons Twitter handlesRetweet or share Hobsons-centric content
  • Social Media Workshop

    1. 1. 1Why “Sharable”and“Follow”are ImportantBy: Rachel DiCaro Metscher
    2. 2. Your Takeaways
    3. 3. Bonus: #FunFactFridayCurrent Social Media landscapeHigh Impact Social Networking sitesWhat a “Good” & “Bad” social media postHow best to promote Hobsons-centriccontentSocial Media Takeaways
    4. 4. Fun Fact Fridays: Hobsons #SocialMedia4
    5. 5. Greatest amount of social sharing (RT’s, mentions,Shares) occurs?MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday5#FFF with #SocialMedia Facts:Best Day?
    6. 6. Fastest Growing #SocialMediaNetwork Site for Hobsons?6
    7. 7. 7Trending Topics @hobsonsinc• Higher EducationMarketing• Education Policy• EducationTechnology
    8. 8. #SocialMedia Goals & Landscape8
    9. 9. AwarenessAlign goals with corporate initiatives of building onestrong brand, companyEngagement (Inbound Marketing)Social Media Team Goals
    10. 10. Where does #SocialMedia Fit?
    11. 11. 11New Social Media Funnel
    12. 12. How to Participate?
    13. 13. -Connects Hobsons staff for the purpose of exchangingsocial media best practices, strategies, tips, analytics,success stories, usernames and Hobsons-centric contentfor sharing.View13hiWire ShoutOut #SocialMediaGroup
    14. 14. 14How to be Hobsons #SocialMediaAmbassador?
    15. 15. 15LinkedIn- Share News?
    16. 16. Twitter16
    17. 17. Twitter- Why use it?17
    18. 18. 18Social Media: The Good, the Badand the UglyGoodBadUgly
    19. 19. 10%-15% Personal Funness50%-60% Valuable Info10%-15% High Value Content (white paper,infographic5%- 15% Build relationships with other folks5% Selling19Social Media: The Right Mix
    20. 20. Participate Tip #120
    21. 21. Participate Tip #221
    22. 22. Participate Tip #322
    23. 23. #Engage with #Corporate Comm
    24. 24. Corporate Blog24
    25. 25. 1) Follow, “Like,” Comment, Share, Mention, Subscribe,Retweet, @reply and all the above!• Social Media Resources (link to website)25Want to know about @HobsonsInc#News?
    26. 26. 26What’s expected.
    27. 27. 27What we’re not asking for . . .
    28. 28. If.. In the future we have a SocialMedia Need
    29. 29. Thanks for Listening!29About HobsonsHobsons helps educators, administrators, students, and familiesmaximize success through every stage of the learning lifecycle.Hobsons’ personalized learning, academic planning, post-secondaryenrollment, and student support solutions serve millions of studentsacross more than 7,500 schools, colleges, and universities worldwide.And your social media folks:@rachelmetscher@marlysa_lohr