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BVU Technology and Communications Summit Plenary Powerpoint


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A think tank for nonprofit management, technology, fundraising and communications professionals.

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BVU Technology and Communications Summit Plenary Powerpoint

  1. 1. Become A Networked Nonprofit: Leading on Social Platforms Beth Kanter Master Trainer, Author, Speaker, and Blogger September, 2016
  2. 2. Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Author, Speaker and Blogger @kanter
  3. 3. Three Digital Revolutions Mobile Broadband Social Networks
  4. 4. How has online connectivity enabled us to activate our social networks for social change?
  5. 5. Before Social Media and Social Networks
  6. 6. Leveraging Networks As Part of Digital Strategy
  7. 7. CRAWL WALK RUN FLY How Networked Is Your Nonprofit? Leader and employees use social sporadically but is not connected to strategy or objectives Does not use outsiders Socially Engaged Leaders/Staff but not a formal or consistent strategy or presence connected to objectives. May use outsiders linked to campaigns. Lack of social media ambassadors, inside or outside Formal Ambassadors Strategy that uses both insiders/outsiders and is strategically connected to objectives. Provides training, support, collateral materials, and measures results.
  8. 8. Share Pair: Where’s Your Organization Now? • Is your organization at crawl, walk, run, or fly? • What do you need to do to improve to get more impact?
  9. 9. If they are already using social media, why not leverage? The Brand Presence Is Not Enough!
  10. 10. Objective Value Increase employee engagement by x% by end of fiscal year Improves internal communications, collaboration Improves loyalty, buy-in to mission Decreases burnout and turnover Recruit XX number of social media ambassadors by launch of campaign Free up communications staff time for more strategic planning versus doing More gets done Less burden on existing volunteers or staff Change in attitude and increased trust in your organization xx% by the end of the fiscal year Percentage likely to volunteer or donate increases Improve engagement with stakeholders xx% by the end of the fiscal year Better feedback and ideas for innovation Better understanding of attitudes and perceptions of stakeholders Why Have Board and Staff Use Personal Brands on Social Media
  11. 11. Target Different Audiences Audience: Supporters, Donors, Advocates
  12. 12. Audience: Influencers, Journalists, Policy Makers, World Leaders
  13. 13. Given all the benefits, what is holding leaders back? Why run from leading on social?
  14. 14. Personal Professional Private Public Personal Professional Private Public Worlds Collide: Identity and Boundaries Before Social Media
  15. 15. Turtle • Profile locked down (or not present) • Share content with family and personal friends • Little benefit to your organization/professional Jelly Fish • Profile open to all • Share content & engage frequently with little censoring • Potential decrease in respect Chameleon • Profile open, curated connections • Engagement Strategy: Purpose, Audience, Persona, Tone • Increased thought leadership for you and your organization Based on “When World’s Collide” Nancy Rothbard, Justin Berg, Arianne Ollier-Malaterre (2013) What Kind of Social Animal Are You?
  16. 16. Purpose Audience Persona Tone Personal Brands Be A Chameleon on Social!
  17. 17. The Social CEO: In Service of Strategy
  18. 18. I have work to do! Can finally tweet about our programs from my personal account! SOCIAL MEDIA IS PART OF EVERYONE’S JOB!
  19. 19. Social Media Policy – All Staff Participate
  20. 20. Small Nonprofits Can Increase Reach and Capacity
  21. 21. Board Members As Social Media Ambassadors: Support, Activate • Survey of social media use • Review guidelines • Training sessions • Stories • Brand collateral • Brand social media • How to support with personal social media accounts • Fun Contest • Activate and Support for specific campaigns
  22. 22. Steps 1: Buy In 2: Guidelines 3: Support 4: Activate Insiders
  23. 23. Summary: Leading on Social Media • Success happens by taking the right incremental step to get to the next level, but keep moving forward • Use social media as a part of your organization’s leadership strategy • Scale your organization’s social culture with a living social media policy • Allow staff to leverage their personal passion in service of your strategy
  24. 24. Thank you! Learn More
  25. 25. 43 Content as a Digital Asset Using Data and Analytics to Better Communicate With Your Audience Jeff Leo Herrmann @JeffLHerrmann
  26. 26. 44 For the love of data…
  27. 27. 45 Who’s Your Favorite YouTube Creator? Anyone with Passion, Commitment and a Unique POV can Build a Global Audience
  28. 28. 46 Passion, Commitment and a Unique POV
  29. 29. 47 Trained us to be Impatient | Easily Frustrated | Quick to Move On Google has changed the dynamic and reset expectations!
  30. 30. 48 (Content) Marketing in the Driver’s Seat People want information, not (sales)people. Marketing can teach when customers are learning
  31. 31. 49 How Do We Prepare for Digital Transformation? Good news, you have a passionate audience
  32. 32. 50 What Business are you In? Passion, Commitment and a Unique POV Think Like a Publisher
  33. 33. 51 Transformation Case Study Peloton Cycle SECTION 1
  34. 34. 52 Look Familiar? Does LifeFitness Approve of this Use?
  35. 35. 53 Manufacturing Exercise Equipment or Changing Lives? What business is Peloton in? DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION
  36. 36. 54 Passion, Commitment and a Unique POV DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION
  37. 37. 55 What Business are you In? Passion, Commitment and a Unique POV DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION
  38. 38. 56 Community Engagement Builds Raving Fans Social reinforcement to drive accountability
  39. 39. 57 What are the cool kids wearing in SoHo? Opens, Clicks and Purchases DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION
  40. 40. 58 Consistent Tracking of Engagement and Progress Intelligent Rewards and Reinforcement
  41. 41. 59 Congrats on Your 100th Ride! Intelligent Rewards and Reinforcement
  42. 42. 60 Multiple Revenue Streams Driven Across Platforms via Content Equipment, Apparel, Content Subscription
  43. 43. 61 1. Every company/org. is a media company 2. Build loyal audiences with shared values 3. Content helps you understand interests and intent at scale 4. Insights are everywhere 5. We are the product 6. Diversified revenue streams feasible What can we learn from this case study? Content is a digital asset which drives engagement and insights.
  44. 44. 62 What’s next? Applause?
  45. 45. 63 Drive Engagement and Gain Insights with Content SECTION 2
  46. 46. 64 Model to Build Relationships at Scale Understand Interests and Intent Content Engagement Insights
  47. 47. 65 7 Steps to Help You Think Like a Publisher Position Your Content as a Digital Asset 1. Set goals and document your strategy 2. Develop a (Content Marketing) mission statement 3. Select editorial theme and stick to it 4. Develop content asset(s) and channel(s) 5. Make an appointment with your audience 6. Schedule, share and repurpose 7. Measure and optimize
  48. 48. 66 Let’s Focus on Four Passion, Commitment and a Unique POV 1. Set goals and document your strategy 2. Develop a (Content Marketing) mission statement 3. Select editorial theme and stick to it 4. Develop content asset(s) and channel(s) 5. Make an appointment with your audience 6. Schedule, share and repurpose 7. Measure and optimize
  49. 49. 67 2.) Content Marketing Mission Statement (think like a publisher) Passion, Commitment and a Unique POV 1. Who’s the Target? 2. What’s Delivered? 3. Outcome for the Audience?
  50. 50. 68 3.) Stick to an Editorial Theme Consistency of Message is Key!
  51. 51. 69 Strong Opinions and Original Research It’s the only thing that matters! Source: Andy Crestodina, CMWorld 2016
  52. 52. 70 4.) Develop Content Asset(s) and Channel(s) Go all in on…my strong opinion
  53. 53. 71 Live Video Streaming Elevates Engagement Source: Marketo Infographic,How to Captivate Your Audience and Broadcast Your Brand with Live Video Based upon Research
  54. 54. 72 Equipment List Anyone with Passion, Commitment and a Unique POV can Build a Global Audience
  55. 55. 73 7.) Measure and Optimize: Insights are Everywhere What’s working? Milennials
  56. 56. 74 Insights are Everywhere: YouTube Look at view time to see what’s working
  57. 57. 75 Insights are Everywhere: Understand Your Best Prospects from LinkedIn Understand Who’s Responding
  58. 58. 76 Live Testing to Understand What Resonates Twitter Analytics Helps Your Refine Messaging
  59. 59. 77 1. Every company/org. is a media company 2. Build loyal audiences with shared values 3. Content helps you understand interests and intent at scale 4. Insights are everywhere 5. We are the product 6. Diversified revenue streams feasible Key Takeaways Content is a Digital Asset
  60. 60. 78 “It happens around the edges” Seth Godin THANK YOU! Jeff Leo Herrmann @JeffLHerrmann
  61. 61. Tales from the Dark Side… [ Things Nonprofits Should Know RE: Tech Funding ] Leon A. Wilson; Chief Technology & Information Officer
  62. 62. Technology Support for Social Mission?
  63. 63. “Board Members” Technology Support for Social Mission?
  64. 64. “Funders” Technology Support for Social Mission?
  65. 65. “Chief Influencers” Technology Support for Social Mission?
  66. 66. What are “board members” common perceptions about IT and technology needs? What about Technology?
  67. 67. Nonprofit Board Challenges / Deficiencies: • Few Sr. IT Leaders sit on a board • In the for-profit sector just 1% of directors have any technology background at all. Imagine what the percentage is for nonprofits? • Act as if all the operational efficiencies, cost savings and organizational empowerment seen in for-profit orgs don’t apply to nonprofits. What about Technology?
  68. 68. • Boards aren’t used to spending much time on tech issues • Traditionally, they’re more concerned with financial, legal exposure, executive activities and public policy / relation matters What about Technology?
  69. 69. • When there is discussion regarding technology around the board table how often is it at the strategic level rather than operational level? (i.e. requesting permission to spend money for tech, such as new workstations; fiduciary focus) What about Technology?
  70. 70. So what’s your board’s IT IQ? Let’s take a test! What about Technology?
  71. 71. Board IT IQ Quiz: 1. What percentage of board members have a technology background? 2. How much time is spent strategically discussing technology at board meetings? 3. Does your board have a committee who’s responsibility is to explore the use of technology for the nonprofit? 4. Is technology only viewed as a operational overhead budget line item or a strategic initiative? What about Technology?
  72. 72. Board IT IQ Quiz: 5. Do board members as a whole have access to technology subject matter expertise when needed? “Board IT IQ” What about Technology?
  73. 73. What about Technology? Is their a technology illiteracy or deficiency issue in your board?
  74. 74. What about Technology? What can be done to increase a Board’s IT IQ? 1. Board Development: • Explore opportunities to diversify the board’s cumulative skillset by recruiting new board members with technology backgrounds • Conduct annual / semi-annual board training opportunities on pertinent technology topics 2. Board Structure: • Establish a technology committee focused on exploring the strategic and operational use of technology for the nonprofit
  75. 75. What about Technology? What can be done to increase a Board’s IT IQ? 3. Board Access to Expertise: • Retain the expertise of a external technology consultant / firm that board members can consult with as needed. 4. Strategic Planning: • Develop a technology strategic plan for the board to govern and track initiatives 5. Map Technology to Mission: • Speak mission language; tie technology to the org’s mission in a more relevant manner
  76. 76. What about Technology? What are “Funders” common perceptions about technology grant requests?
  77. 77. What about Technology? How is this supporting social impact? Isn’t this just part of doing business?
  78. 78. What about Technology? Like serving steak on a trash can lid verses on a platter….It’s all in the presentation!!!
  79. 79. • When technology grants are being presented as an operational initiative rather than a strategic social impact- driven initiative (i.e. upgrading a website, implementing a CRM or hardware) then how is that aligned with the yours’ and the funders’ social mission? What about Technology?
  80. 80. What about Technology? To approaching funders
  81. 81. All about improving the operational, programmatic, financial and /or organizational capacity of an organization.
  82. 82. For example: • How is this grant increasing your capacity to meet the needs of the community you’re serving? • How is this grant positioning your nonprofit to handle and increase demand on your services or address a projected uptick in work? • How will this grant position your organization for expanding into new lines of services / programs valuable to the community?
  83. 83. The Million dollar Question: • How is this grant aligned with the funders existing community interests? That is, making demonstrable impact in their funding areas?
  84. 84. What about Technology? What does technology really mean to nonprofits?
  85. 85. What about Technology? “While technology may not feed the hungry”
  86. 86. What about Technology? “It can provide nonprofits new and innovative way to collect food and monetary donations”
  87. 87. What about Technology? “While technology may not coach an inner city sports team or conduct an after school program”
  88. 88. What about Technology? “It can assist staff and volunteers with registration, program management and communication with participants and parents”
  89. 89. “While technology cannot rebuild a distressed neighborhood” What about Technology?
  90. 90. What about Technology? “It can be used to collect data on communities for municipalities and neighborhood revitalization orgs to develop strategic plans for improvements”
  91. 91. What about Technology? “While technology cannot perform community outreach services”
  92. 92. What about Technology? “It can unchain outreach workers to work directly in the field servicing their communities while still having access to information and information gathering”
  93. 93. What about Technology? “It can also provide easier access to client records and intake processing”
  94. 94. What about Technology? “Or easily and quickly serve as a communication lifeline between nonprofits and their community for important and informative information dissemination”
  95. 95. The better you’re at with answering this question, the better off you’ll be!
  96. 96. Cloud Solutions: HowThey areTransforming the Way Nonprofits Work
  97. 97. ABOUT US Providing high impact services to nonprofits since 2003 Tech Impact Philosophy & Team
  98. 98. OUR MISSION Empower communities and nonprofits to use technology to better serve our world.
  99. 99. • Just like you, we are a 501c3 Nonprofit • Capacity building organization • Workforce development in technology for at-risk-youth • Providing IT Services to Nonprofits since 2003 • Serving 100+ NGO’s with Managed IT Services nationally • Network engineering and implementation nationally • 600+ Office365 Assessment & Implementations globally • VoIP Phone Services nationally • Data Analytics and Support Services Solutions.Integration.Support.
  100. 100. DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Linda Widdop I manage all aspects of client relations for Tech Impact including educating nonprofits about technology solutions. I work with local, regional and national partners to provide the nonprofit community with increased knowledge of technology through speaking engagements. I have been using Office 365 since it was first introduced and have helped over 600 nonprofits get on board with it. I’m an obsessed birdwatcher and head coach for a women’s ice hockey team when I’m not helping nonprofits get on board with cloud computing.
  101. 101. Typical Needs Solutions for Nonprofits
  102. 102. 124 Making the Case for Cloud
  103. 103. Non Profit Technology Adoption Over Time 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 2000 2005 2007 2010 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Nonprofit Business
  104. 104. Why The Sudden Spike? 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 2000 2005 2007 2010 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Nonprofit Business Hint: it’s in the sky, puffy and looks like this
  105. 105. • Nothing to own • Low cost • Rapid deployment • Ability to scale • Availability • Mobility • Security • Backup/Disaster Recovery • Ability to use less powerful clients How Does Cloud Impact Nonprofits? 127
  106. 106. How can Cloud be Affordable? One Word - Competition –Internet bandwidth, speed, pricing –Data Center Infrastructure in place –Cloud solutions developed for commercial use –Vendors want market share –Philanthropic commitment 128
  107. 107. Moving from In-house to Cloud • Hardware/software/licensing – CAPEX: – Major expense – Can be funded – Capitalized/Depreciated • Using Cloud – OPEX – Constant subscription cost – Adjusted based on usage – May not be funded (considered same as utilities)
  108. 108. IT Expense Example Expense IT Support Hosted Cloud Server Purchase $2,000+ $0 $0 Server $100+ per month $300+ per month $0 Server outages Varies Rare Never Email Exchange support $100+ per month, spam filter $2/mailbox/month, backup $100+/month Exchange support $100+ per month, spam filter $2/mailbox/month, backup $100+/month $0 File storage $0, plus backup costs $1/GB/month $0 - ?? Depending on volume
  109. 109. Cloud Cloud Solutions for Nonprofits
  110. 110. Grow& Transform Run Focus on evolving the business Focus on maintaining the technology Maintain Evolve  ReduceTCO  ExtendCapabilities  ReduceTimetoMarket = IncreasedITROI IT ROI
  111. 111. Why Does Cloud Advance Nonprofit Performance? 1. Mobility – users gain access to information hosted on cloud, accessed by wifi or mobile device 2. Agility – subscribe to cloud systems paying for usage. Vendors upgrade and adapt to customer requests eliminating the need to replace in- house server and systems. 3. Metrics – data systems tuned to provide dashboards and flexible reporting
  112. 112. Benefits of Cloud Computing • Availability – Access from anywhere – Host provides SLA – Business Continuity and Disaster recovery • Security – Provider responsible for physical hardware, operating system, application security – User/group permissions set by admin – All information stored in one location – not emailed around • Reduces Capital Expenses – No more server purchases! • Scalable – Add users and data on the fly 134
  113. 113. Benefits of Cloud Computing • Eliminates or reduces maintenance costs – No more servers to maintain! • Better collaboration – Work on the same doc/data with coworkers • Agility – Ease of adoption – Pay as you go, move when something better comes along • Access to Cutting Edge Technology – Vendors are faster to market – Competition drives down pricing – Initial investment is reduced 135
  114. 114. Inside the Cloud
  115. 115. Microsoft Data Center Dublin Ireland 137
  116. 116. Inside the Cloud 138
  117. 117. Scalability: Microsoft’s Global Footprint
  118. 118. Q A Questions?
  119. 119. How Tech Impact Can Help • Strategic Technology Planning – work with your team to create a plan that aligns tech with mission/business goals • Tech Consultation – specific to cloud solutions available through Techsoup • Office 365 Implementation • Ongoing Support • Analytics and Report Generation
  120. 120. Thank You! Contact Linda Widdop, Director of Technology Services for more information | (215) 557-1559 x 111
  121. 121. TechSoup: Leveraging Product Donations & Services Kathryn Svobodny TechSoup Program Director
  122. 122. © TechSoup | All rights reserved.144 About TechSoup Our mission is to build a dynamic bridge that enables design and implementation of technology solutions for a more equitable planet.
  123. 123. © TechSoup | All rights reserved.145 Our Work Builds local communities for people working in social good technology. Simplifies international giving for grantmakers and grantees. Provides NGOs with technology, products, services, and education at low or no cost. Connects philanthropy programs with validated NGOs around the world. Creates apps that help communities solve critical problems. Provides an information system for NGO reporting and transparency. NGOsource NGOk GuideStar International Caravan Studios NetSquared
  124. 124. © TechSoup | All rights reserved.146 Technology is shaping the behaviors and expectations of your supporters, beneficiaries and staff Big data Analytics Casual programmer Digital engagement Are your digital strategies integral to your program and mission strategies?
  125. 125. © TechSoup | All rights reserved.147 Technology leadership is not just for techies.  Internal team researches technology and picks products for their office to test based on a set of criteria  Their entire office tests each potential type of tech and votes on their favorite  Not about saving money but also about other benefits (e.g., flexibility)
  126. 126. © TechSoup | All rights reserved.148 Start with the problem you want to solve, the person you want to help rather than with the technology.  Use design thinking principles to maintain a focus on beneficiary (client) needs.  Check for blind spots – are you enamored with the technology and losing sight of your beneficiary’s needs?  Clearly define your goals and then explore how tech can help you achieve them.  Don’t implement for technology sake. It needs to serve a purpose and add value. Extreme listening
  127. 127. © TechSoup | All rights reserved.149 TechSoup Webinars and Forums
  128. 128. 150 Get the Most Out of TechSoup
  129. 129. © TechSoup | All rights reserved.151 Our Product Donation Program • Donated technology, training, and community forum resources for NGOs save costs, magnify impact, and extend reach.
  130. 130. © TechSoup | All rights reserved.152 Our Corporate Partners • Acclivity • Adobe • Alpha Software • Atlas Business Solutions • Atomic Training • Autodesk • Azavea • BetterWorld • Bitdefender • Blackbaud • Bloomerang • Box • Brocade • Bytes of Learning • Caspio • CauseVox • CDI Computer Dealers • Cisco • Citrix • CitySoft • CleverReach • ClickTime • Closerware • Comodo • Connect2Give • Dell • Dharma Merchant Services • Digital Wish • Dolby • DonorPerfect • Efficient Elements • FileMaker • GoDaddy • GrantStation • Guide By Cell • • Horizon DataSys • HR Solutions Partners • Huddle • Idealware • InFocus • Informz • InterConnection • Intuit • JourneyEd • Litmos • Little Green Light • Mailshell • Microsoft • Mobile Beacon • NetSuite • Nielsen • NonProfitEasy • O&O Software • OneNFP • PayAnywhere • PC Rebuilders & Recyclers • People-OnTheGo • PhilanTech • Pitney Bowes • Quickbooks Made Easy • Reading Eggs • ReadyTalk • Red Earth Software • Sage Software • Shopify • Simple Charity Registration • Skillsoft • Smart Business Savings • Society for Nonprofit Organizations • Sparrow Mobile • Symantec • Tableau • TechBridge • Tech Impact • Teespring • Telosa • Tint • Ultralingua • Western Digital • Zoner
  131. 131. © TechSoup | All rights reserved.153 Key Subscription Benefits • Zero admin fee items • Special hardware discounts • Expert advice • TechSoup voucher and much more! Admin Fees start at $79 for one year for small nonprofits TechSoup Boost
  132. 132. © TechSoup | All rights reserved.154 Let’s Connect
  133. 133. Questions?
  134. 134. Kathryn Svobodny Program Director 435 Brannan St. San Francisco, CA 94107
  135. 135. Helping Nonprofits Make Smart Technology Decisions
  136. 136. Many Nonprofits are Struggling with Technology
  137. 137. Idealware is Here to Help! We offer impartial, practical, research-based knowledge resources.
  138. 138. Filling an Urgent Need As a non-techie, it is great to find such depth of information written in easy-to-understand—but not oversimplified—language. I trust that the folks at Idealware will present all the angles I need to consider in an unbiased and honest way. -Rachel I. Crossot, United Cerebral Palsy "Idealware is filling an urgent need in the sector by giving organizations unbiased and well-researched information on the tools available to them." -Ami Dar, Executive Director, Idealist
  139. 139. Introducing Idealware We’re a nonprofit that provides information and tools to help other nonprofits make smart technology decisions.
  140. 140. Three Kinds of Resources Approachable, yet not over-simplified. Articles comparing tools and offering tips and insights Detailed reports and workbooks Online and live training
  141. 141. “A Few Good Tools” and Expert Series Articles • Websites • Managing Constituents • Email • Social Media • Graphics & Multimedia • Events & Meetings • Collaboration • Fundraising • Advocacy • Back Office & Operations • How to Choose Software
  142. 142. Free Detailed Comparison Reports In-depth reports provide detailed, research based comparisons of different software packages
  143. 143. Hands-On Workbooks Workbooks to guide staff through complicated strategy creation. •Donor Management Systems •Social Media Policy •Social Media Strategy •Data Driven Decisions •Peer to Peer Fundraising •Integrated Communications
  144. 144. The Concepts You’ll Need
  145. 145. With the Help of a Huge Contributor Base Hundreds of nonprofit technologists have contributed to Idealware articles and research
  146. 146. Upcoming Seminars 10 Tips for Measuring Programs Through Data November 2, 1:00-2:00pm Eastern | Free Data Management Toolkit 5 Tuesdays starting November 8, 1:00-2:30 Eastern Tech Tools for Managing Virtual Teams December 8, 1:00-2:00pm Eastern | Free
  147. 147. Sign Up for our eNews to Hear About New Resources!