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Applying Best Practices in Digital Marketing to Drive Social Change #SIS13

Presentation for a workshop I led at the Social Innovation Summit (NYC).

This deck focuses on an interactive session around a "A Digital Marketing and Communications Timeline Worksheet"
5 Digital Marketing Trends To Jump On (Before It’s too late)

*This deck can be viewed alone, but really is meant for attendees of the session who heard the "talk track" as a take home.

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Applying Best Practices in Digital Marketing to Drive Social Change #SIS13

  1. 1. Adam Hirsch, SVP Emerging Media and TechnologyEdelman DigitalA Digital Marketing and Communications Timeline Worksheet+ 5 Digital Marketing Trends To Jump On (Before It’s too late)
  2. 2. About @AdamHirsch
  3. 3. About Lisa XiaFromChinaMulberryChildInternationalRelationsBusiness+ SocialPurposeDigitalCenter ofExcellenceTravelExpertAnd speak three languagesFamily story in a book andfull-length documentaryVisited more than 40 countries;travel blogger for HuffPo andother publicationsManaged Chicago-Chinarelations under Mayor’sOffice of InternationalRelationsAmong the first membersof Chicago’s CSR &Sustainability group inChicagoBuilding stronger integrationbetween B+SP and Digital
  4. 4. About YouWhat Companies/Organizations do you work for?How many of you have experience in…• Paid Social Media?• Search Engine Optimization?• Community Management?How many of you have heard about…• Converged Media?• Native Advertising?
  5. 5. Converged Media
  7. 7. Let’s Begin!Why a Marketing and Communications timeline?Let’s get organized!1.Strategy2.Planning3.Execution
  8. 8. Your GoalNot a goal, but your ultimate goal….Shares, Likes,Clicks are nice… but what’s the goal?Awareness(Conversion) Sign-ups or Registrations?Donations?
  9. 9. AudiencesDemographics & PsychographicsSegmentation & Personalization
  10. 10. The TimelineYour marketing and communications timeline is not just about the“Launch”… There’s much more to every campaign:• Pre-Launch• Day before Launch• Launch Day Morning• Launch Day Afternoon• Launch Day Evening• Day After Launch• First 5 Days After Launch• Weeks 2 – X• Final Days• Final morning• Final afternoon• Wrap-up*We’ll come back to this…
  11. 11. Transmedia CloverLeaf
  12. 12. Choosing Your ChannelsTraditional and Hybrid Channels:TargetingIncluding: Demographic Geographic Interests Based Competitive Mobile Device Look-a-Like Re-targeting Professional CRM / EmailSocial Channels
  13. 13. Paid – Owned - EarnedOwned Tactics:•Internal Communications•Create Content: Blog posts, Images/infographics, videos, etc.•Events Earned Tactics:•Social Media•PR and Media Support•Media Hits Paid Tactics:•Social Media•Search•Media Partnerships•Content Distribution•Display
  14. 14. New Paid FB & Twitter Tactics FB Custom Audiences• CRM matching: Utilize first party data to re-target brand’s customers• Look-a-like: Utilize CRM data to build look-a-like segments of the top 1%and 5% of users who are the most similar to your audience FBX – Facebook Exchange• 1st party data: Place a pixel on brand’s owned properties to build cookiepool of users• 3rd party cookie data: Leverage off Facebook user activity to segment andtarget users on Facebook FB Partner Categories• Leverage 3rd party offline audience behavior data to find users on Facebook Twitter Lead Gen Cards• Community members can sign up in one click – no long forms to fill out,optimized for mobile• Ability to target relevant communities for maximum precision
  15. 15. Creating Content1. Focus on the Goal2. Establish the Voice3. Evoke an Emotion4. List the Channels5. 50 Dates Before You Can…6. List the Content by Channel by Tactic7. Add to Timeline
  16. 16. Evoke an Emotion Inspirational Funny/Humor Awareness/Serious Facts Beautiful Imagery Powerful Imagery Surprise and Delight Thought Leadership Nostalgia
  17. 17. 51stDate Before ProposingYou wouldn’t propose on the first date. You have 50chances to make an impression:50 tweetsper person500 postsper year50 postsper person1,500 tweetsper year10%3%DEEPENENGAGEMENTCAPTUREINTERESTTotal ContentPer ChannelConsumptionPer PersonAttentionRate
  18. 18. Break it All DownThis is what I call “Converged Channel Marketing”
  19. 19. Break it All Down(Example Starting Graph)  ChannelTactic/ContentOwned Earned Paid (Amplify)Target Audience A PR Support  Press Release    Pay to Distribute PressRelease Target Audience A Influencer Outreach  Email Email Outreach     Target Audience A Blog  Content forAudience A Blog Posts  Distribute throughOutbrain Target Audience A Twitter  Tweets forAudience A Promoting Blog Post   Promote the Tweet(target)Target Audience A Facebook Post for AudienceAImage/Creative Post on Facebook Promote thePost (Target A)Target Audience A SearchOptimize resultsfor Audience ASEO  -Search EngineMarketing Ads Target Audience B Facebook Post for AudienceB Image/Creative   Post on FacebookPromote thePost (Target B)  Target Audience B LinkedIn Content forAudience BContent Post on LinkedInGroup or CompanyPage Target on LinkedInAds Target Audience B Media Relations Pitch Journalists - Article/Media HitDistribute throughOutbrain    Target Audience B InternalCommunications Email Email Outreach     
  20. 20. The Timeline• Pre-Launch• Thought Leadership• Day before Launch• Launch Day Morning• Launch Day Afternoon• Launch Day Evening• Day After Launch• Share UGC/Stories/Reviews/etc.• First 5 Days After Launch• Continue to share stories• Create new content based on initial launch feedback• Weeks 2 – X• Be sure to include a surprise and delight or big marketing campaign mid-stream to re-excite the audience• Final Days• Final morning• Final afternoon• Wrap-up
  21. 21. But wait… There’s more!5 Digital Marketing TrendsTo Jump On(Before It’s too late)
  22. 22. #5: Paid Content Marketing Through Social Start with sponsored/promoted posts on Facebook Twitter now has self-serve for small businesses as well Marketplace Sponsored Stories Sponsored Results Newsfeed Premium FBX Credits Mobile CRM Targeting Promoted Accounts Promoted Tweets Promoted Trends Custom applications Mobile Sponsored Stumbles Premium Stumbles Mobile Stumbles Social Ads Follower units In-Stream Video Custom Videounits Mobile Facebook Mobile Twitter Mobile Stumble Mobile Gaming Mobile Video
  23. 23. #5: Paid Content Marketing Through Social Facebook Promotion is Not Expensive*Juniper Networks $100 Promoted Post Test
  24. 24. #5: Paid Content Marketing Through Social Quick Tip: You can’t promote a post with a picture/graphic withmore than 20% text
  25. 25. #4: Content Distribution Marketing Shifts
  26. 26. #4: Content Distribution Marketing ShiftsDistribution & Promoted Discovery PartnersWhat We DistributeWe optimize, create andrepurpose existing contentMedia HitsArticlesReviewsImages & GraphicsVideo &Audio AssetsMobile AssetsBlog PostsCONTENT Distribution Promoted DiscoveryBenefits to Paid Content DistributionBe in the right place at the right time with the right call to action, content mix and social engagementto fully capitalize on a key moment in time.Boost consumption and interaction by aligning around relevant editorial content that creates a morenatural and seamless digital experience that opens the user up to corporate storytelling.Bring digital dimension to stories, announcements and eventsPlace content into amplification-rich environments
  27. 27. #4: Content Distribution Marketing Shifts
  28. 28. #3: Social CRMs Become Integrated Social CRM is a CRM that includes social data about a person CRMs used to just be for sales or vendor relationships, now being used formarketing and customer service Social CRMs are now being integrated into SMMSs (Social MediaManagement Systems)
  29. 29. #2: Influencers & Advocates Programs Via Social CRMs we can identify and engage with influencers Knowing who and how someone has engaged your brand andmarketing directly to them Enterprise to small business platforms are integrating influencer andadvocate tools
  30. 30. #1: Smobile = Social + Mobile Social media networks and technologies are going mobile and “mobilefirst” The mobile photo and video sharing boom is already here Smartphone adoption in the US is the largest and fastest growingconsumer electronic category in history
  31. 31. Thanks!Feel free to Contact