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Metrics in the Real World | Online and Offline Analytics Tracking
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Metrics in the Real World | Online and Offline Analytics Tracking


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In the real world, marketing happens online and offline. What metrics matter? What is Google Analytics really telling me? How do I track offline data? …

In the real world, marketing happens online and offline. What metrics matter? What is Google Analytics really telling me? How do I track offline data?

Presentation from SchipulCon 2011.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Metrics in the Real World
    Are You Counting What Really Matters?
    Caitlin Kaluza
    Search Engine Marketing Manager at Schipul
  • 2. What We’ll Go Over
    Making Sense of Online Data
    Rank Isn’t Everything
    Defining Goals & Conversions
    Tracking Offline Data
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 3. A Perfect Scenario
    Bid on keyword “pay my TXU bill”
    Someone searches “pay my TXU bill” & sees an ad with a title “Pay your TXU bill online”
    Visitor clicks through to Landing page to pay TXU Bill - cost to you is $0.20
    You get $1.50 for every conversion - need to convert >13% to make a profit
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 4. Real World
    Public Speaking Leads
    Contact Forms
    Newsletter Signups
    Traffic from your Facebook Fan Page? Twitter? YouTube?
    Phone Calls
    Long Lead Time
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 5. Making Sense of Online Data
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 6. Definitions
    Visits # of instances of a visit
    Pageviews Total views of all pages
    Bounce Rate People who landed on one page & left without clicking anywere else (we like to see <50%)
    New Visits Based on a cookie in your browser (not computer)
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 7. Visit Trends
    Compare month over month AND year over year if possible
    Be aware of seasonal trends – think about the trends in your business
    Pages/Visit, Time on Site Measure Engagement
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 8. Traffic Sources
    Visits from Search
    Keywords – especially non-branded
    Traffic from Social Media, YouTube, partners, media, etc.
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 9. Geography
    Are you hitting the geography you expect?
    Where are the opportunities?
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 10. Mobile
    Mobile is 5-7% for average Schipul client
    iPhone vs. Android
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 11. Defining Goals & Conversions
    @qcait // #schipulcon
    Photo credit:
  • 12. What is the Goal?
    What is the goal of your website?
    What is a Conversion?
    Fill out contact form
    View a key page – contact, driving directions, menu
    Tip: Ask your Sales Guys
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 13. Goal Set Up
    Goals are located in Settings
    Allowed 4 sets of 5
    Three types:
    URL Destination (i.e. form confirmation page)
    Time on Site
    Adds a tab to all reports
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 14. Goal Set Up
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 15. Funnel Reporting
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 16. Goal Tab
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 17. Incremental Conversions?
    Filter by source, i.e.
    Paid Search
    Non-branded keywords
    Sites: Twitter, Facebook
    Test, Test, Test
    Try to test one thing at a time
    Test for at least 1 month
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 18. Online Advertising
    500 Pound Gorilla
    80% Market Share
    Quality Score x Bid = Placement
    10% Market Share
    Feeds Paid Ads to Yahoo
    Less expensive, Interface not as good
    More like a banner ad
    People don’t go to FB to click away
    Average CTR %0.10
    Good for Social or Personal
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 19. Online Advertising Tips
    80% people click Organic Search
    Good for new products, competitive markets
    SEO + PPC = More Clicks
    Be Straight Forward
    Use every tool
    Target – Location, Market, etc.
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 20. Set Up Campaigns
    @qcait // #schipulcon
    Photo credit:
  • 21. Set Up Campaigns
    You can essentially set up anything as a Campaign using Google URL Builder
    Add tracking code to any URL to notify Google Analytics what campaign it came from
    Allows for
    A/B testing
    Tracking data within one source
    Newsletter Tracking
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 22. Example Scenario
    Which Donate Link is Better?
    Set up each as a separate campaign
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 23. Results
    In Analytics:Traffic Sources > Campaigns
    Red Button gets 4x visits
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 24. Set Up Campaigns
    URL will look like:
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 25. Google URL Builder
    Start with URL
    Define Source, Medium, Name
    Term & Content are optional
    Generate URL
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 26. Be Consistent!
    Example Sources:
    Example Medium:
    Example Name:
    Tip: Include Year
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 27. Rank Isn’t Everything
    @qcait // #schipulcon
    Photo credit:
  • 28. Funnel of Search Engine Marketing
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 29. New GA Report: Keyword Impressions
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 30. Tracking Offline Interaction
    @qcait // #schipulcon
    Photo credit:
  • 31. Call Tracking Software
    Be wary of posting separate number – Google Places use Citations to rank
    Adwords Call tracking tool
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 32. Tips for Tracking Offline
    Train Sales/ Call Staff
    Ask prospects how they heard about you, ask what keyword they typed in if applicable
    Document in CRM or Google Doc
    Involve Sales in the SEO process – ask for recommendations on keywords, content, flow of site
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 33. Figure Out Cost/Conversion
    75% contact forms lead to a phone call
    50% phone calls lead to a meeting
    33% meetings lead to a proposal
    50% proposals close
    6% contact form lead to close
    Profit x 6% = Cost/Contact Form
    @qcait // #schipulcon
  • 34. Thanks! Questions?
    Caitlin Kaluza @qcait
    Search Engine Marketing Manager at Schipul
    @qcait // #schipulcon //