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Modern SEO Players Guide



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Modern SEO Players Guide

  2. 2. This is you.
  3. 3. This is Google
  4. 4. You’ll face all types of obstacles to try and beat Google
  5. 5. Only to find out your effort was for nothing.
  7. 7. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Let’s catch a warp zone into some tactics. That’s it.
  9. 9. Because we take an audience focused approach, there is no hacking keyword research.
  10. 10. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK We build segmented Content Strategies
  11. 11. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Persona-driven keyword research is where you should start research
  12. 12. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Align with the User Journey “Multichannel custom publishing.” You’ll want to developtheright KPIs tomatchup withtheright types ofvideos. Topof funnelvideos should bemeasuredby awareness KPIs, whereas bottomfunnelvideos likehow-tos and guides aremorelikely toleadtoconversions that areclosertothebusinessobjective.
  13. 13. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK This Requires Content Strategy
  14. 14. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK There are only 4 SEO tools that still give you whole number search volumes
  15. 15. SEMRush
  16. 16. GrepWords – though it’s hard to know how often they update
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Ahrefs
  19. 19. CONTENT HACKS Topic Modeling
  20. 20. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK TERM RELEVANCE There’s also been a lot of talk about co-relevance, topic modeling and TF*IDF. This is a great opportunity for technical elements to influence content creation.
  21. 21. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK TERM RELEVANCE This has been shown numerous times to be one of the biggest content ranking factors. We’ve seen sites improve rankings by optimizing for TF*IDF with no improvements to authority
  22. 22. Ryte’s Content Success tool is great for this.
  23. 23. The Content Success editor helps you identify what keywords you need to use as you write.
  24. 24. It will also show you the weighting of those terms as you write.
  25. 25. LOG FILE ANALYSIS Understanding crawlbudget opportunities
  26. 26. Crawl Budget is the name of the game. Compare downloadsize from SF with downloadsize in logs
  27. 27. Kibana
  28. 28. Excel – Change your .log to .csv and do Text to Column where the delimiter is the space
  29. 29. Verify Googlebot reverse-lookup-in-excel/
  30. 30. Combine with other data and slice and dice until you find what you want.
  31. 31. ScreamingFrog Log File Analyser does a lot of this for you
  32. 32. Identify Crawled URLs based on verified Googlebotvisits
  33. 33. Identify Low Value-add URLs based on query parameters
  34. 34. Most vs Least Crawled based on number of events
  35. 35. Crawl Frequency of Subdirectories
  36. 36. Crawl Frequency by Content Type
  37. 37. Crawl Frequency by User-Agent
  38. 38. URLs Crawled Per Day, Week or Month
  39. 39. Discover Crawl Errors
  40. 40. Find Inconsistent Responses
  41. 41. View Errors by Subdirectories
  42. 42. View Errors Experiencedby User-Agent
  43. 43. Audit Redirects throughout the site
  44. 44. Identify Bots & Spoofed Search Bot Requests
  45. 45. Verify Search Bot IPs
  46. 46. Identify Large Pages
  47. 47. Identify Slow Pages
  48. 48. Find Orphan Pages
  49. 49. Discover Uncrawled URLs
  50. 50. Find Spam Bots to block
  51. 51. Analyze Crawl Frequency By Depth & Internal Links
  52. 52. Crawl Frequency By Meta Robots & Directives
  53. 53. Crawl Frequency By Link Data
  54. 54. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Botify is Next Level Though
  55. 55. Botify is the crawl + log file power tool.
  56. 56. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Log files give you deeper insights into Google
  57. 57. I had a client come last year that was unsure whether it was Penguin or changes in their offline media buying habits had led to the downturn in traffic. Layering the Googlebot logs made it clear. Log Files Help You Spot What Really Happens 0 50000000 100000000 150000000 200000000 250000000 0 500000 1000000 1500000 2000000 2500000 Unknown organic organic home organic dyor organic er organic home,dyor,er organic cushion organic net of home organic ritani organic diamonds direct home paid brand sessions tv spend web sessions (as reported by adaptv) Top 800 Monthly SV impressions Googlebot Visits Penguin Update
  58. 58. 0 1000000 2000000 3000000 4000000 5000000 6000000 0 100000 200000 300000 400000 500000 600000 700000 Googlebot Visits Links Social Shares FB Twitter G+ We find that there is a higher correlation with crawling and social shares than crawling and links. Commonly held SEO knowledge would make you believe this is entirely dictated by links. Social Shares Influence Crawl Patterns
  59. 59. AUDITING JAVASCRIPT SITES There’s no way you won’t run into one of these at this point
  61. 61. Inspect Element is the computedDOM
  62. 62. You need to compute the diff between the view source and the inspect element versions of the page to understand what Google may or may not see.
  63. 63. Use Screaming Frog – Crawl in text mode and in JavaScript mode then compare the hash columns. Those that are different have rendering disparities.
  64. 64. Nothing that requires a user action to be displayed will ever be indexed.
  65. 65. @justinrbriggs has a good step by step on how to do this. seo/
  66. 66. SERP OWNERSHIP TACTICS How do you get more real estate?
  67. 67. On Stacking… Domain stacking in the SERPs mostly only works now if the results in the SERP are weak. The play is owning positions in other result types.
  68. 68. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Featured Snippets Rule!
  69. 69. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Question based queries heavily feature featured snippets. h/t @statrob more-things-win-more-snippets/
  70. 70. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK You Don’t Have to be #1
  71. 71. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Make Explanations “Snip-able”
  72. 72. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Researchthe Query Space Put the Query in a HeaderTag Placethe right structured text in closeproximity Fetch and Render in Google Search Console Watchthe Magic Happen How to get Featured Snippets
  73. 73. INTERNAL LINK BUILDING Distributing the site’s link equity
  74. 74. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK These Companies have Proven the Value of Internal Links
  75. 75. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Internal Linking Structures Internal Linking Structures are stillan incredibly powerfulasset. I’d like to see moretools likewhat Portent has built to visualize them and understand where there is opportunity.
  76. 76. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Searchmetrics Does a Great Job of This I wish all the link indices had a stronger focus on internal linking structure and visualizing where there are opportunities to flow more link equity throughout the site. Searchmetrics’ Site Structure tool does this well.
  77. 77. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Paul’s Method is Good for Rolling Your Own
  78. 78. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK @willcritchlow has some new thoughts on how to approach internal linking better-ways-to-think-about-internal-linking/
  79. 79. Quick Win Look at your pages with the most internal link equity and build links from those pages to target pages.
  80. 80. SPEED HACKS Let’s speed things up a bit
  81. 81. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Code Order Matters. It impacts site speed dramatically.
  82. 82. Critical RenderingPath ormance/critical-rendering-path/analyzing-crp?hl=en
  83. 83. Check out the Code Coverage report to see what code isn’t be used and delete it from your pages.
  84. 84. Check out Critical and CriticalCSS. Hat tip @basgr
  85. 85. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK HTTP/2 speeds up some of HTTP 1.1 performance issues.
  86. 86. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK However Googlebot is not there yet
  87. 87. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Pre-browser hints
  88. 88. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK PreBrowsing Directives Browsers have preloading directives which allow the page to download elements in the background for later viewing or within the same session.
  89. 89. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Rel-Preconnect Rel-preconnect will resolve the DNS, start the TCP handshake and negotiate the TLS tunnel beforehand, effectivelyshaving hundreds of milliseconds to several seconds in page load.
  90. 90. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK When to Use Rel-Preconnect When you see a long time for connections to happen or a lot of idle time, it’s a good idea to use rel- preconnect.
  91. 91. <link rel=“preconnect” href=“domain name”>
  92. 92. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK How Rel-Prerender Works It loads the page in an invisible tab to make the page appear instantly.
  93. 93. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Google Uses It in the SERPs This could potentially be a way to definitively identify navigational queries. h/t @yoast
  94. 94. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK I Sent Thousands of Headless Visits
  95. 95. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Rel-Prerender’d Pages Generally Perform Better
  96. 96. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Use it With the GA API Get the pageviews of the ga:pagePath based on the ga:previousPagePath set to the current page that you’re on. You’ll get a list of the pages your users are most likely to visit next. Set one of these as the rel-prerender.
  97. 97. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Code. Inject rel-prerender into the page programmatically. You could also session the URLs the user is going to to ensure you are always prerendering a new page.
  98. 98. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK It Improved Our Site Speed 68.35% One line of code did this magic.
  99. 99. Don’t use it on mobile. Analytics packages aside from Google Analytics may show fake sessions.
  100. 100. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Defer JS Load with Page Visibility API …
  101. 101. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Rel-Preload for Same Page Preloading of Resources
  102. 102. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Get more accurate using R + OpenCPU + GTM
  103. 103. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK OpenCloud allows you to create an API from interfacing with your R scripts
  104. 104. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Deploy a Markov Chain based model in R via OpenCPU and get more accurate guesses at what the user’s next page view is e.html
  105. 105. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Anticipate next page based on the mouse
  106. 106. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK You can shave off ~1s in load time by preloading based on mouse deceleration towards a link
  107. 107. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK FutureLink
  108. 108. INDEXATION HACKS Let’s see where we stand
  109. 109. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK You can get Google to ramp up the crawl rate
  110. 110. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK If you file a request for the crawl team to ramp up the crawl rate, they will comply.
  112. 112. FORECAST MODELING As it pertains to OrganicSearch
  113. 113. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK FORECAST MODELING IS QUESTIONABLE AT BEST There is no accurate to size the impact of recommendations or expectations from a collection of keywords
  114. 114. Use your own data from Search Console for Forecast Modeling
  115. 115. It doesn’t get much better than this Traffic = Search Volume x CTR Number of Conversions = Conversion Rate x Traffic Dollar value = Traffic x # Conversions x Avg Conversion Value
  116. 116. Pull performance data from Search Analytics on the keyword level
  118. 118. LINK ANALYSIS How do we get a better idea of where we stand with links?
  119. 119. Aside from indexation, there’s no way to know what links Google is counting.
  120. 120. CognitiveSEO – I like this tool for spam analysis and visualizinglink profiles for clients.
  121. 121. LinkDetox – I like this tool for spam analysis.
  122. 122. LinkResearchTools – Disavow File Audit tool – People tend to overdo it when they create disavow files. Spend the time to review
  123. 123. Pitchbox - Link Removal Outreach. Combine with Link Detox and automate your link removal outreach.
  124. 124. OUTREACH HACKS Scalinglink outreach
  125. 125. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Video Outreach with BombBomb Perform video outreach to which has inherent proof that you are an actual person rather than just a spammer. Use Bomb Bomb
  126. 126. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Tactic – Reach Out About Most Popular Content Use Buzzsumo to identify the most popular post on a domain and use that in your email because it’s natural that someone would reach out to talk about something people are already sharing.
  127. 127. Outreach and link building are exactly like sales though.
  128. 128. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK John-Henry Said it Best
  129. 129. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK We Build a Funnel
  130. 130. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK We Optimize the Funnel
  131. 131. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK But, Let’s Talk about Machine Learning You often hear these terms conflated by the media
  132. 132. Ok. So, What Is Machine Learning? “Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.”
  133. 133. It’s Really Just Using Math to Guess and Check
  134. 134. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Supervised or Unsupervised Segmentation
  135. 135. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Predictive Modeling
  136. 136. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Natural Language Processing
  137. 137. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Chatbots
  138. 138. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Training Chatbots Training chatbots is similar to training ML classifiers in that you take a knowledge base and run it through NLP then tune it with regard to conversations.
  139. 139. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Sales Software Has Solved Many of Outreach’s Scale Issues
  140. 140. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Lead Qualification / Scoring
  141. 141. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Close Prediction
  142. 142. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Prospecting
  143. 143. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Lead Intelligence
  144. 144. If outreach is like sales and many sales tools have solved this, how can we apply the same to outreach?
  145. 145. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANKMost machine learning is done in R or Python, but those are programming languages, but you’re marketers so let’s figure out some things you can use without too much coding.
  146. 146. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK 3 Things Machine Learning Can Help Scale in Outreach Prospecting Overcoming Objections Initial Outreach Research
  147. 147. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Orange Canvas is a Visual Machine Learning Tool
  148. 148. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK It Allows You to Drag & Drop and Perform Analyses
  149. 149. We’re going to perform supervised machine learning to predict which sites are worthwhile prospects based on our previous research.
  150. 150. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Collect, Clean and Setup Whatever Data You Have If it’s a prospect you used, mark it as a , if it was disapproved, mark it as a 0. If there are rows that are missing data remove them.
  151. 151. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Import Your Data Specify the column where you have marked a site/page as approved as your target attribute. Skip any text- based attributes.
  152. 152. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Take Your Prospect Lists and Data
  153. 153. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Use the Model that Performed Best to Predict
  154. 154. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK The Output is a Segmented Prospect List Tada!
  155. 155. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Research – CrystalKnows This tool is an example of user segmentation based on social media data
  156. 156. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Research – PeoplePattern People Pattern is an enterprise tool that accomplishes similar goals, but could allow you to segment outreach targets
  157. 157. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Research – Text Summarization Tool
  158. 158. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Improve My BuzzSumo Tactic Scale the tactic of reading the prospect’s most popular post using text summarization.
  159. 159. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Automate Overcoming Objections with an Email Chatbot
  160. 160. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Generate your Chatbot with API.AI
  161. 161. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Setup your Responses with Key Variables Basedonwhat the user might sayintheir response to you, set up your ownresponsesanduse variablessothose responses arecontextual and logical. The bot will continue to learn based onthe emailsit gets.
  162. 162. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Connect Your Bot to Email Using Zapier You can avoidthe coding element bysetting upa trigger inGmail for new email, connecting to the API withthe POST actiona ndsending an emailonce theresponse is returned
  163. 163. WHO AM I? Thought you’d never ask.
  164. 164. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK I’M #ZORASDAD First and foremost.
  165. 165. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK MY NAME IS MIKE KING Razorfish, Publicis Modem alum Full Stack Developer Full Stack Marketer Moz Associate
  166. 166. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK I Run a Better Marketing Agency Called iPullRank
  167. 167. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK We Do These Things Content Strategy SEO Paid Media Machine Learning Marketing Automation Measurement & Optimization
  168. 168. IPULLRANK.COM @ IPULLRANK Also Launching an Initial Coin Offering called Skratch
  169. 169. THAT’S ALL I’VE GOT