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BBCON 2016 - Using Google Analytics as a Fundraising Powerhouse


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Presented at the 2016 Blackbaud Conference, Jen Boland and Sara Hoffman presented on combining Luminate Online and Google Analytics together to better track online donations and transactions. The presentation builds from Campaign Tracking into standard eCommerce, into enhanced eCommerce and Internal Promotions

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BBCON 2016 - Using Google Analytics as a Fundraising Powerhouse

  1. 1. Jen Boland Sara Hoffman Google Analytics as a Fundraising Powerhouse
  2. 2. Nonprofit Marketing & Fundraising UX & Visual Design Web & Mobile Development Our Services Partnering with Leading Nonprofits Since 2001
  3. 3. About Us Lead Digital Analyst @jenboland Lead Digital Analyst @salsus Jen Boland Sara Hoffman #gafundraising
  4. 4. Agenda • Identifying How Users Came To Your Site • Basic Donations Tracking • Learning More About Conversions • Learning More About Tracking Non-Converting Traffic #gafundraising
  5. 5. Identify how users are coming to your site Google Campaign Tracking
  6. 6. Acquisition = Traffic Sources
  7. 7. Default Channel Grouping • URL typed directly into address bar, used a bookmark. Direct Traffic • Followed a link from another site Referral Traffic • Searched by typing in a keyword and clicking on a result (organic or paid). Search Traffic Your Marketing Efforts = Your Campaigns
  8. 8. Your Friends, Query String Parameters Donation2?df_id=12362&12362. donation=form1&s_src=FY17_ABC
  9. 9. Meet Your NEW Best Friends utm_campaign utm_medium utm_source utm_content #gafundraising
  10. 10. Definitions: Source / Medium • The channel through which they came: referral, direct, search (organic or cpc), others Medium • Where they came from: the site with the link, the search engine Source #gafundraising
  11. 11. Elements of Campaign Tracking Links in emails should all contain these URL parameters in order for Google Analytics to be able to identify email traffic. Otherwise, traffic would come in from as a referral, for instance. Campaign Medium Source Content Broad channel, method, publisher Specific “place”, website, email campaign in Luminate, “Who is delivering readers” Optional Variant, test information, date/time, name of URL redirect #gafundraising
  12. 12. giving-tuesday email thanksgiving engagement membership social cpc Google Bing Paid Ads
  13. 13. Where these naming conventions and concepts came from – Google AdWords made the rules AdWords - Auto Tagging Google AdWords will write your URLs for you… but Auto-tagging is turned off by default. #gafundraising
  14. 14. #gafundraising Definitions: Campaign < insert definition here >
  15. 15. #gafundraising Definitions: Campaign direction, big idea, meet larger goal why are we targeting these sources through these channels? for what purpose?
  16. 16. #gafundraising Using a “URL Builder” alone can lead to inconsistency
  17. 17. Create A Framework Campaign Medium Sources bbcon2016 social bbcon2016 email progressive-exchange bbcon2016 print coaster Bbcon2016 cpc #gafundraising
  18. 18. Internal Documentation Is A MUST Google Campaign Name Internal Name Status Start / End Goals/Action /Content renewal Default Renewal evergreen - Identify series in content. year-end End of Year Fundraising annual Oct-Dec YOY Links should land on Donation Forms. giving-tuesday Giving annual 1st Tues after Thanksgiving Links should land on Donation Forms. #gafundraising
  19. 19. #gafundraising Even Hillary Does It today/?amount=200&utm_source=sp&utm _medium=email&utm_campaign=201609 27hfa3_fr&utm_content=26634326- 20160927-HFA2-qd%20(1)
  20. 20. Gage Skidmore/Flickr
  21. 21. Do Not Use Internal Links High Dollar Low Ask #gafundraising
  22. 22. Do Use Vanity URLs for: Direct Mail Offline Ads PSAs #gafundraising turns into =yearend&utm_source=aquisition&utm_medium= directmail&utm_content=AQ1234
  23. 23. #gafundraising
  24. 24. Find Reports Standard Reports - As Primary or Secondary Dimensions Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns Advanced Segments #gafundraising
  25. 25. Create Segments In Google Analytics #gafundraising
  26. 26. Apply Segments To Reports #gafundraising Find Trends
  27. 27. Plot Rows To See Dimensions #gafundraising
  28. 28. Campaign Tracking Recap • Redefine “Campaign” for YOUR organization • Document and Follow a Framework • Create and Use Segments in Google Analytics #gafundraising
  29. 29. Track Your Donations eCommerce Tracking
  30. 30. #gafundraising
  31. 31. #gafundraising
  32. 32. Think of Your Donation Form as Store How do you report on Donations today? • By Form (Name - ID)? • By Issue Area? • By Designee? $$$$$ • Product Name • Product SKU • Product Category #gafundraising
  33. 33. • Donation Form Name • Source Code Product • Donation Form Id • One-time vs Monthly • Center or Security Category Id Product SKU • One-time vs Monthly • Join, Renew Product Category Configuration Options #gafundraising
  34. 34. How the users arrived at the site Revenue from these users #gafundraising
  35. 35. #gafundraising Form Id – giving level - frequency 3104-Bronze-Onetime 3104-Gold-Onetime 3104-Other-Onetime 3104-Bronze-Monthly 1234-Other-Onetime 3104-Silver-Onetime 3104-Bronze-Onetime 6868-Bronze-Onetime 3114-Gold-Onetime 5487-Bronze-Onetime Transactions
  36. 36. #gafundraising Can you figure out which of these donation forms could be a monthly form?
  37. 37. #gafundraising Can you figure out which of these donation forms could be a monthly form?
  38. 38. Setting It Up Go to Community for Code Samples - classic ga.js - GTM #gafundraising
  39. 39. Find Reports What channels are converting more/less? Ecommerce > Overview > Change Top Revenue Sources to Source / Medium What Donation Forms have the most conversions? Ecommerce > Overview > Product or Product Performance #gafundraising
  40. 40. #gafundraising Key Takeaways: To sync up a “donation form/product” to a transaction, each use S120 tags to populate Google Analytics' Transaction ID. It is searchable in Luminate Online.
  41. 41. Tracking Donations Recap • Think About Your Donation Forms as Product in a Store • Consider how to use Product Name, SKU and Category to provide meaning for you and your org • Make sure to identify one-time vs monthly gift to help calculated fields make sense • Bring in the Luminate Online Transaction Id for additional ways to look up transaction information
  42. 42. Learn More About Your Users and Donations Enhanced eCommerce Internal Promotions Shopping Behavior Checkout Analysis
  43. 43. #gafundraising Makes adding eCommerce code easier Tag One Analytics Tag Three AdWords Tag Three Remarketing Tag Four Facebook Installed into your website through one tag snippet Google Tag Manager
  44. 44. 2d995UL or Google : enhanced ecommerce tag manager #gafundraising
  45. 45. #gafundraising Revenue & Transaction Tracking • Security Category • Center or Chapter Affiliation • Event Type • Donation Effort Brand • One-time vs Monthly Variant • Join v Renew • Registration v Donation Category
  46. 46. Helpful Enhanced Ecommerce Reports #gafundraising What onsite elements are driving users to donate or provide their email address? Which promotions received the most clicks or conversions, on what pages? Marketing > Internal Promotions What donation forms are visitors reaching? What are the conversion rates on each donation form? Product Performance Are my visitors reaching donation forms? What is my overall conversion rate? Where are users falling out the funnel? Shopping Analysis > Shopping Behavior How far are users making it through the donation form? Shopping Analysis > Checkout Behavior
  47. 47. Internal promotion tracking allows you to see what content is driving clicks and conversion on your website. #gafundraising
  48. 48. #gafundraising Promotions work beyond fundraising!
  49. 49. #gafundraising Dig into Traffic Sources What language could work best?
  50. 50. Requires helper script that looks for a specific class or ID on your ads or URL parameters that specify the ad’s name, creative, or position. Ex: ?promo_name=MatchingGift& promo_creative=hero_space& promo_position=main Use with a gtm event, ex: ‘event’ : ‘promotionImpression’ #gafundraising Promotion Impressions
  51. 51. Check out step 1 Check out step 2 Check out step 3 Fire AddtoCart when user interacts with any donation form field
  52. 52. Product (Donation Form) Views #gafundraising Pass the Donation Form Name and ID in the donation form to make it easier to see which donation form is which.
  53. 53. #gafundraising Apply Segments
  54. 54. #gafundraising New Calculated Metrics appear with Enhanced Ecommerce
  55. 55. Gift Info Payment Info Billing Info
  56. 56. Checkout Behavior Analysis #gafundraising
  57. 57. Form View to Conversion
  58. 58. Solving Problems Form Analytics and Error Messaging Tracking #gafundraising
  59. 59. Capturing Errors var $errors = $('.form-error'); var labels = []; if ($errors.length > 0) { $errors.each(function(){ var $this = $(this); var label = $this.find('label').text().replace(/:/g,''); labels.push(label); }); dataLayer.push({ 'event' : 'formError', 'errors' : labels.join('|') }); } #gafundraising
  60. 60. Measuring Completion Use JavaScript Or… Google Tag Manager #gafundraising
  61. 61. Session Recap • Campaign Tracking identifies traffic on your website related to your marketing efforts • eCommerce Tracking makes it rain $$$$$ in Google Analytics • Enhanced Ecommerce, Internal Promotions and Event Tracking help you dig in to problems. • By Traffic Source • By Behavior #gafundraising
  62. 62. Thank You! @jenboland @salsus Jen Boland Sara Hoffman #gafundraising
  63. 63. Did that leave you inspired, wired, or fired up? Tell us in a session survey on the mobile app, and you’ll be entered to win a complimentary pass to bbcon 2017 in Baltimore! #gafundraising