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Building an SEO Exponential Growth model by closing your content gaps

  1. SLIDESHARE.NET/razvan_gavrila s Building an SEO Exponential Growth model by closing your content gaps Razvan Gavrilas // cognitiveSEO // @cognitiveseo
  3. We’ll Talk About Keywords
  4. Content Gap Your competitors have content that you don’t, creating a gap COMMON KNOWLEDGE
  5. The content gap analysis is the process of reviewing and then identifying the content opportunities needed to fill the “gap” between the current state and the desired state.
  6. Gaps can be filled by both optimizing your existing content as well as by creating new content.
  7. Eating our own dog food
  8. What’s the Content Performance™
  9. Not All Keywords are Equal
  10. THREE Important Metrics
  11. No.1 - Search Intent QUERY buy mackbook air how to do content marketing amazon site time in london now car synonym Informational (Research) KNOW Transactional (Commercial) DO Navigational (Brand) GO Quick Knowledge STOP
  12. No.2 - Keyword-Links Difficulty
  13. No.3 - Keyword-Content Difficulty
  14. How Links Influence Rankings Domain Performance™
  15. How Links Influence Rankings Page Performance™
  16. How Content Influences Rankings Content Performance™
  17. An Innovative & Transparent content gap analysis framework
  18. Step 1 Collecting the Keywords
  19. Google Search Console
  20. Google Search Console Export Limit
  21. Google Search Console Search Analytics for Sheets
  22. Google Search Console Full Export
  23. Google Search Suggestions
  24. Google Keyword Planner
  25. Google Keyword Planner
  26. Extracting the real search volume directly from Google GIMMICK
  27. Search Volume via Adwords
  28. Various sources and many others
  29. Combine & Deduplicate
  30. Step 2 Crunching the data
  31. 82,819 SERPs & 1,654,567 URLs crawled and analyzed
  32. Source: Keeping it Human, Inc. / Kathy Klotz-Guest
  33. Search Intent Profiling
  34. Links Difficulty Profiling
  35. Content Difficulty Profiling
  36. Step 3 Spotting the golden ranking opportunities
  37. I. Searching for Opportunities in Existing Content Google Search Console Data 56,519 keywords
  38. Current Ranking Distribution
  39. Picking the Winner Opportunities
  40. Picking the Winner Opportunities Volume > 500 searches via Search Intent
  41. 359 Winner Opportunities Narrowed down from 56,519 ranking keywords
  42. II. Discover New Ranking Opportunities Analysis on 26,300 keywords
  43. Quick Opportunities
  44. 337 Quick Opportunities Narrowed down from 26,300 new keywords
  45. Step 4 Implementing the ranking opportunities
  46. Reoptimization of Existing Content „technical seo checklist”
  47. Rank Tracking History „technical seo checklist”
  48. Content Performance™ Before
  49. Content Performance™ After
  50. Request Indexing Speed up the Google re-ranking
  51. Ranking Growth Cross-validation „technical seo checklist”
  52. Winning a New Ranking Opportunity
  53. Create & optimize the content How to create content that stands out ? Be Better! Be different! Provide higher value for searcher+intent match. Validate Links & Content Difficulty Check ranking content types. What does the searcher really need? Identify the exact intent.
  54. „Google Easter Eggs”
  55. Validate Links & Content Difficulty
  56. Writing Optimized Content
  57. Ranking & Organic Growth
  58. Quick Recap 1. Content Gap Analysis a. Google Search Console b. Keyword Planner & other sources 2. Large scale Keyword Profiling 3. Filter & Narrow down the Opportunities 4. Create content for Search Intent 5. Optimize for Content Peformance™ 6. ↻ Repeat
  59. Start filling your content gaps TODAY!
  60. Agencies & Brands that work with us
  61. Thank You! @cognitiveseo