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When GA just isn't enough


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This is my talk from Measurefest (November 2016). Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool but it can't do everything. This talk outlines a few areas where I feel GA is not the right solution and recommend alternative tools that can work very well in addition to GA.

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When GA just isn't enough

  1. 1. Dara Fitzgerald Analytics Director @measurelab When GA just isn’t enough...
  2. 2. • Free product is incredibly powerful (EE, Data Import, MCF, etc.) • Very intuitive interface • Regular improvements • Integration with other Google products (AdWords, GTM, Sheets...) • Well documented (not just by Google) What I like about GA.
  3. 3. • Session Recording • Real-time Monitoring and Live Chat • Identifying Users (No PII allowed in GA!) • Retroactive Events & Funnels • Business Reporting But even the mighty GA has its limits.
  4. 4. Session Recording.
  5. 5. Session Recording. Track Hotjar User IDs in GA
  6. 6. Session Recording. Search for specific users, based on GA behaviour, in Hotjar.
  7. 7. Session Recording. Then watch sessions for those users!
  8. 8. Real-Time Analytics with Live Chat.
  9. 9. Real-Time with Live Chat.
  10. 10. Real-Time with Live Chat. Discreet chat CTA with auto-prompt. Users choice to interact or ignore.
  11. 11. Real-Time with Live Chat. Quick, real contact Engages the user Identifies user Helps conversion :)
  12. 12. Real-Time with Live Chat.
  13. 13. Identifying Users.
  14. 14. Identifying Users.
  15. 15. Identifying Users.
  16. 16. Retroactive Events & Funnels.
  17. 17. Retroactive Events & Funnels. Goal flow is retroactive in GA but it can only use page URLs, not events :(
  18. 18. Retroactive Events & Funnels. GA Segments are retroactive and can use Events & pages BUT they can only use data actively being collected!
  19. 19. • Single JavaScript Snippet • Captures Every User Interaction • Retroactive From Day One • Very User Focussed Retroactive Events & Funnels.
  20. 20. Retroactive Events & Funnels. “Visualizer” makes defining events as easy as point & click!
  21. 21. Retroactive Events & Funnels. Remember, these events have not been coded onsite. They can be defined on the fly and have data from day one!
  22. 22. Business Reporting.
  23. 23. Business Reporting.
  24. 24. Power BI. Data Studio.
  25. 25. Forecast based on historical data using R with Power BI Power BI.
  26. 26. Power BI. Using the “web” connector, you can even scrape the content of web pages!
  27. 27. • Google Analytics is great BUT not for everything! • Use the right tool for the job. Don’t shoehorn all data into GA. • GA can tell you what is happening but not necessarily why. • GA is good for reporting & analysis but NOT for real-time action. • Right now, Google is still very Google focussed. Making success measurable In Summary.
  28. 28. Thanks for listening! :) Dara Fitzgerald @darafitzgerald Analytics Director @measurelab