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How to report on SEO in 2018 #BrightonSEO


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It's time to rethink reporting - how useful are rankings anyway? How do we monitor SEO and convince the boss we're doing a good job? How much of this can we automate? This talk is from BrightonSEO April 2018.

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How to report on SEO in 2018 #BrightonSEO

  1. 1. Stephen Kenwright BRANDED3 How to report on SEO in 2018 @stekenwright
  2. 2. @STEKENWRIGHT “All measures suck, and they all suck in their own way.”
  3. 3. There are two types of SEO metrics @STEKENWRIGHT
  4. 4. @STEKENWRIGHT Performance metrics
  5. 5. @STEKENWRIGHT Predictive metrics
  6. 6. @STEKENWRIGHT PerformancePredictive These metrics are on each end of a scale
  7. 7. @STEKENWRIGHT PERFORMANCE METRICS Revenue This measure sucks the least
  8. 8. @STEKENWRIGHT PERFORMANCE METRICS RevenueConversion …but how do you track and value?
  9. 9. PERFORMANCE METRICS RevenueConversionTraffic 95% doesn’t convert?
  10. 10. @STEKENWRIGHT Click Through Rate PREDICTIVE METRICS “How are we doing?” becomes “what should we do next?”
  11. 11. @STEKENWRIGHT CTR PREDICTIVE METRICS Rankings Untrustworthy data
  12. 12. CTR PREDICTIVE METRICS Rankings Page Speed ¯_(ツ)_/¯ number of factors
  13. 13. @STEKENWRIGHT “Ranking factors” like Page Speed don’t cause ranking drops*
  14. 14. @STEKENWRIGHT …but they do predict them (long term correlation)
  16. 16. @STEKENWRIGHT LONGTERM Page Speed User metrics Bounce Rate, Time on Site…
  17. 17. @STEKENWRIGHT LONGTERM Page Speed Link metrics User metrics
  18. 18. SHORTTERM Rankings A ranking drop is a good predictor that traffic will be down this week/month
  19. 19. SHORTTERM Rankings Site health Redirects, error codes…
  20. 20. SHORTTERM Rankings Site health Indexing
  22. 22. SHORTTERM Traffic Conversion @STEKENWRIGHT
  23. 23. SHORTTERM Traffic Revenue @STEKENWRIGHT Conversion
  24. 24. @STEKENWRIGHT LONGTERM Technical SEO Crawl optimisation, indexing, response codes…
  25. 25. @STEKENWRIGHT LONGTERM Technical SEO Link profile
  26. 26. @STEKENWRIGHT LONGTERM Technical SEO Content quality Link profile
  27. 27. S H O R T T E R M P E R F O R M A N C EP R E D I C T I V E LO N G T E R M Indicators Warning Trading Tracker
  28. 28. D O E S N ’ T U N D E R S TA N D YO U R J O B C O N T R O L S YO U R B U D G E T D O E S N ’ T C O N T R O L YO U R B U D G E T U N D E R S TA N D S YO U R J O B UX IT Boss Manager / client
  29. 29. All 4 can be automated @STEKENWRIGHT
  30. 30. 4 1 2 3 1. WARNING @STEKENWRIGHT
  31. 31. Your boss should know about issues before the trading report @STEKENWRIGHT
  32. 32. @STEKENWRIGHT 2 free months:
  33. 33. Google Analytics alerts Create custom email alerts @STEKENWRIGHT
  34. 34. Schedule crawls (and email notifications) @STEKENWRIGHT
  35. 35. Share reports instantly in Slack @STEKENWRIGHT
  36. 36. Assign JIRA tickets automatically @STEKENWRIGHT
  37. 37. 4 1 2 3 2. TRACKER
  38. 38. Deliverables in trading reports say “we did this. You didn’t help.” @STEKENWRIGHT
  40. 40. Visualise multiple projects in Tableau @STEKENWRIGHT
  41. 41. Track progress with crawls / assign tasks @STEKENWRIGHT
  42. 42. @STEKENWRIGHT Pull Searchmetrics and Moz into your reports
  43. 43. @STEKENWRIGHT Monitor links going live using Buzzsumo
  44. 44. 4 1 2 3 3. TRADING @STEKENWRIGHT
  45. 45. @STEKENWRIGHT Use custom reports to reduce clicking
  46. 46. @STEKENWRIGHT Data Studio connectors exist for everything
  47. 47. 4 1 2 3 4. INDICATORS @STEKENWRIGHT
  48. 48. @STEKENWRIGHT Seasonality
  49. 49. PageSpeed Scroll depth Bounce rate @STEKENWRIGHT What metrics will affect us most in 6-12 months?
  50. 50. I want us to stop having this conversation @STEKENWRIGHT
  51. 51. £ Profit! ???+3ps3s We think loading 3s faster could mean +3 to our average position
  52. 52. My boss doesn’t value SEO @STEKENWRIGHT
  53. 53. ???+80%+3ps3s This will increase CTR by 80%
  54. 54. ??5,000+80%+3ps3s Which means 5,000 more visits / month @STEKENWRIGHT
  55. 55. ?1205,000+80%+3ps3s That’s 120 more conversions
  56. 56. £12k1205,000+80%+3ps3s That’s £12k more revenue @STEKENWRIGHT
  57. 57. Executive problems last longer than 1 month @STEKENWRIGHT
  58. 58. £432k1205,000+80%+3ps3s I can increase revenue by £432k over 3 years …by improving Page Speed by 3 seconds
  59. 59. So close @STEKENWRIGHT
  60. 60. I can increase revenue by £432k over 3 years with £2k of development @STEKENWRIGHT