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Using Data-Driven Decisions to Enhance Cross-Channel Marketing

As digital communication evolves so does the need to reassess how online and offline data work to achieve long-and-short-term goals. Hear tips and tactics on how to strategize and execute a cross-channel campaign.

* Kevin Akerman, Director, Global Product Development, Experian Marketing Services

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Using Data-Driven Decisions to Enhance Cross-Channel Marketing - Experian Marketing

  1. 1. Online Marketing Summit San Francisco| August, 2010 Using Data-Driven decisions to Enhance Cross-Channel Marketing: Kevin Akerman Sr. Director Experian Marketing Services 1
  2. 2. Marketing in the digital world  Today we’ll cover how today’s consumers:  Interact with digital media  Data availability  Emerging challenges  Best practices – how you can reach them with the right message
  3. 3. The growing U.S. mobile marketing market Mobile facts • 250 million active mobile phone subscribers • 90% of active mobile phones capable of text • 155 million of these subscribers use text ► 71% consumers 13-17 text weekly ► 76% consumers 18-24 text weekly ► 65% consumers 25-34 text weekly ► 52% consumers 35-44 text weekly ► 42% consumers 45-54 text weekly • 40% of text messages are sent by those ages 30 and up • $75,000 Average annual income of text users ages 30 and up • For consumers under 34, Cell phone is viewed as more important than TV, land line phones, and iPods ► Consumers 34-55 find cell phone to be equally as important as the computer MMA 2007 A&U data 2006 CTIA – The Wireless Association
  4. 4. Spending for mobile advertising growing U.S. mobile advertising spending ($ millions) Source: eMarketer, February 2009
  5. 5. Media consumption preferences  Internet is the most Media they can’t live without, by age important digital media channel  Email is the most preferred messaging channel across all age groups  Older groups continue to look to traditional media (television, books) while young consumers rely on their mobile phones
  6. 6. Channel preferences by age group  Email is top messaging channel across all ages – but there is a difference by age group:  Young adults use all channels, with TXT MSG being the most popular  Adults aged 50+ clearly prefer email messaging  In 2009, emails promoting in-store visits increased by 50 percent YOY
  7. 7. Consumer attitudes on online shopping  Online shopping is now a mainstream Attitudes towards online shopping and the Internet, by age activity for adults ages 25-49  This age group is most comfortable shopping online and indicate that the Internet has changed the way they shop  Interestingly, younger consumers appreciate emails about new products and services more than older consumers
  8. 8. Direct mail volume changes  Most companies still get true gains from direct mail Change in volumes by mail class (Indicated by the United States Postal Service)  Understanding offline trends, utilizing data acquisition/ cleansing/storage best practices can prove valuable for even the most digitally attuned businesses  USPS study indicates consumers who received a catalog spent 28 percent more on the retailer’s site than those who did not receive a catalog
  9. 9. There is a lot of data available…. 62 million consumers with strong 7.9 million international travelers 5.1 million young consumers green behaviors between 18-20 years old 8 million golfers 72,500 weekly new 18.8 million gardeners homeowners 14.4 million do-it-yourselfers 21 million charitable 89.9 million married donors individuals 17 million weight- 39.9 million blue-collar conscious consumers working adults 10.3 million low-priced 16.7 million Irish adults 235 million consumers woman’s apparel 113 million households transactions 999,200 teachers / educators 27 million retirees 32 million email addresses 5.5 million graduate students 58.8 million homeowners 360,000 average new 34 million consumer that do not parents each month think or behave green 26.4 million households with income between $75,000 and $99,999 40 million consumers with little or no credit
  10. 10. Respecting the individual - Permission-based marketing • Internet – Able to target, but need to be aware of the “big brother” feeling • Email – Permission based – opt in / opt out – what is the cost of opt out? • Mobile – Permission based – Opt in / opt out
  11. 11. Why data collected offline still matters • Offline data is very predictive when used in both offline marketing and online for email and digital targeting • Physical address is key to accurately assigning demographic and geo-summarized data attributes that fuel targeting and segmentation • Long-time history with our data sources – data inconsistencies and anomalies are quickly recognized during the compilation process • A consumer’s notice and choice is easily traced back to source, date, and time it was given 8/16/2010 11
  12. 12. Data collected offline is powerful Consumer research shows that consumers are 423% more likely to purchase a digital camera in the first six months of having a baby Consumer goes online and researches digital cameras Consumer first appears Consumer appears Consumer goes online OR to a on Experian’s pre-natal file on Experian’s physical store and buys a digital New Parent List camera JAN FEB MAR APRIL MAY JUN JUL AUG SEPT Consumer has a baby Offline data can be an early indicator of future online behaviors
  13. 13. Channel focus is shifting 8/16/2010 13
  14. 14. = Cross channel confusion 8/16/2010 14
  15. 15. 8/16/2010 15
  16. 16. Targeting levels – power of the address You can establish your preferred view which can be adjusted based on regulations, targeting precision needs and marketing channel Consumer Household ZIP+4™ ZIP® Census Level Level Level Level Level Zip+4 Starting at the physical address level ensures all the demographic and geo-based data in accurately reflected in the ConsumerViewSM
  17. 17. Key to leveraging data is to understand the Targeting Levels available to you … Targeting Levels Unique targets Mosaic ® 60 Segments ZIP Code TM 43,000 ZIP + 4 TM 43,000,000 Addressable 120,000,000 Household units Individual 295,000,000
  18. 18. Business Problem: partial information is being collected across the various customer touch-points Issue 1: causes fragmented views of customers and prospects Data Collection Points  Same customer may exist multiple times customer/ prospect databases  Different customers might be part of the same household  Data availability for targeting can vary based on level of identification collected (geo-level, household, individual, etc…) 8/16/2010 18
  19. 19. Cross Media Linkage Gives you the ability to identify and link partial customer data and reconcile your customer and prospect databases 8/16/2010 19
  20. 20. Cross Media Linkage Linking partial information together and delivering back new data views for targeting, and additional channels to market to that consumer based on their preference and your ROI 8/16/2010 20
  21. 21. Business Problem: A marketer only captures a consumer’s mobile number at point of sale, but no other data is available on who that customer is or what would motivate that customer to respond to future offers. 8/16/2010 21
  22. 22. The power of enriching your data view Married She is a frequent buyer Ages 30-35 of high-end women’s New homeowners apparel spending over Income: > $250,000 $3,000 in the past 12 months Los Angeles, CA They spent $2,000 on Green consumers A 360° view BASE DEMOS home improvement products in past 4 months of consumers powered by Married Despite a high household transactional & Ages 30-35 income, she frequently buys behavioral data New homeowners low-priced woman’s apparel Income: > $250,000 They spent over $4,000 on home furnishings in the past Los Angeles, CA 12 months Green consumers
  23. 23. Business problem: If you only have a consumer/ customer’s name, address, phone, your marketing options are limited to channels that have a lower ROI on average. 8/16/2010 23
  24. 24. Email marketing  Data, segmentation and targeting analytics are greatly under-utilized in email marketing today Channel concerns:  easy for consumers to opt-out  email clutter is getting worse  email filters are getting better Segmentation Techniques that Marketers Worldwide Plan to Use in Upcoming E-Mail Marketing Campaigns: 8/16/2010 24
  25. 25. Modeling can increase email performance metrics Problem: Wanted to better target customers by offering the products that each segment was most likely to buy Solution: Used in-house collected data and appended Experian ConsumerView consumer demographic data to model which products each segment was most interested in, then included these products in emails Result: Anticipated customer behaviors and buying trends, cross-sold more effectively, developed new products and services and modified customer contact strategies  In tests, modeled dynamic content lifted transactions by 8%  Emails with modeled dynamic content had higher initial total opens and clicks than standard emails
  26. 26. Leveraging the Internet to acquire customers Visitors coming directly to your Web site Unknown Identification information Matching available scheme Browsers ZIP CodeTM IP address match Visitors Limited personal information (name, Individual HH or Leads ZIP CodeTM match address, phone, email) Customers Individual or Personal and account information (name, account match Known address, phone, email, account number) The more information obtained, the more precise the ability to serve with relevance
  27. 27. Real-time marketing for customers: Providing relevant offers, messages, and content at the customer level Customer visits Citi website Jane Doe 123 Broad St New York, NY 12345 We know you are a Acct#: 1234567 young adult who has an existing card relationship with us and enjoys traveling. We display offers and creative's that are relevant to her Real Time Marketing Enhance Act Data Append & Modeling & Scoring Enhancement  Client models /  Demographics segmentations  Life events  Experian models /  Behavioral data segmentations  Individual data  Offer / Content  Household data recommendation  Geographic data
  28. 28. Real-time marketing Real-time marketing can deliver “real time” recommendations for relevant offers and messages that encourage visitors to convert Query: Who am I ? IP# Real-time marketing Recommendation on relevant content and offer to serve Under 10 m/s leveraging: response time IP Address:  Member segments  Product propensities  MOSAIC® group  TrueTouchSM touch-point  Other custom segments and data
  29. 29. Using segmentation tools/data Mosaic Segmentation • Classifies all 113M consumer households into one of 60 60 Mosaic lifestyle types, aggregated Types into 12 over-arching groups Zip4 Level • Provides complete understanding of the demographic, socio-economic, lifestyle, behaviours and cultural diversity of all US consumers IP Address Zip4 8/16/2010 29
  30. 30. Using segmentation tools/data 8/16/2010 30
  31. 31. Using segmentation tools/data Their favorite leisure activities include:  attending live theatre and operas  frequenting restaurants and antique shows  visiting gambling casinos.  their preferred sports are golfing and boating. 8/16/2010 31
  32. 32. Mosaic® and discretionary spend Lifestyle segmentation No Kids Mix of kids ages Toddlers/ Preschool kids 58.6 million households 29.8 million households 19.1 million households Discretionary Avg. $15,452 Discretionary Avg. $15,548 Discretionary Avg. $11,596 Mosaic® Lifestyle Segmentation can help marketers drill down well beyond the demos to understand the perspectives, priorities and influencing factors within households that have a dominant affinity for travel and entertainment activities. Professional Urbanites Dream Weavers Prime Middle America 2.6 million households 2.3 households 4.1 households Discretionary Avg. $21,000 Discretionary Avg. $34,056 Discretionary Avg. $14,987 They might have a fashionable They travel often and look to relax in They are families who manage their incomes lifestyle that includes their travel beach and tropical getaways that help to afford vacations to fit their entire and entertainment budget. Gain them enjoy activities such as sailing, household. They prefer the advantages that a their attention by learning more scuba diving and pure beach lounging cruise can offer. Providing everything from about which activities they prioritize young children activities, entertaining. in their lives to get their attention. 8/13/2010 32
  33. 33. Targeting and segmentation
  34. 34. Summary • Marketers are moving to the digital world quickly – Growth is phenomenal • The competition is moving to the digital world – Marketing dollars are pouring in • We can help marketers be successful by leveraging our key assets – Data – Analytics – Knowledge
  35. 35. Thank You Kevin Akerman • • 714-830-5981 Website Twitter Facebook 35
  36. 36. Thank You Visit for more information Follow us @OMSummit 36