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Greatiful fin2

  1. 1. NEWS CONTENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMSThe brief description of project for the investors and the partners
  2. 2. Introduction. The market. Traditional media publishers continue to face a difficult financial outlook due to dwindling readership and advertising revenues. At the same time, new technologies and social media are having a major impact on consumer behavior. Increasingly, users expect to be able to access content anytime, anywhere, on devices of their choosing. As with other types of digital content such as music and games, members of Gen Y (ages 18-34) exhibit an early-adopter profile when it comes to the number of advanced consumer electronics they use for reading publications. While tablets, smartphones, and eReaders open new distribution channels, publishers face challenges in maintaining and monetizing customer relationships that have been fragmented by countless platforms, devices, and services.[ MANY PEOPLE SHOW WILLINGNESS TO PAY FOR DIGITAL MAGAZINE AND NEWSPAPER CONTENT, BUT MOST HAVE NOT YET STARTED DOING SO. ] Years of ad-supported free websites and discounted subscriptions have accustomed consumers to pay little or nothing for digital content. In a competitive media landscape, publishers need to innovate like never before to reach prospects and supplement advertising revenue with user payments. With few bona fide successes to look to for guidance, publishers must explore a variety of monetization strategies to find combinations that resonate with target audiences. Magazines and newspapers that gain a deep understanding of target audiences through qualitative and quantitative research will stand a better chance than most of crafting differentiated content, solutions, and services that consumers value with both their time and their money.
  3. 3. While nearly half of US adults now read at least some digital magazine and newspaper content, print remains the dominant format. Almost 8 in 10 US adults have read print newspapers or magazines in the past month. Of those who read print publications, 33% spend 3 hours or more per week doing so. Unsurprisingly, older adults (55+) tend to be the heaviest consumers.DURING AN AVERAGE WEEK, HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU SPEND READING THE FOLLOWING,%: 64 Over 5 hours 3-5 hours 35 30 27 26 27 1-2 hours 20 17 13 11 Less than 1 hour 6 10 5 4 5 None Print magazines Magazines or newspapers online Magazines or newspapers or newspapers (e.g., using your computer via a dedicated application or mobile web browser) (e.g., Wired magazine iPad app)
  4. 4. Which of the following devices do you regularly DIGITAL FORMATS HAVE YET TO BEuse to read newspapers and magazines CONSUMED AS MUCH AS PRINT(online or via dedicated application)? Laptop or desktop computer Smartphone 13% 57% 49% 47% of adults have read publications online in the past month. (e.g. iPhone, BlackBerry, Android) 11% iPad or 6% other tablet computer MAGAZINE AND NEWSPAPER 6% APPLICATION ARE ON THE RISEeReader (e.g. Amazon Kindle, 6% Barnes&Noble Nook, etc.) 6% 19% None of the above 37% 45% of readers use them regularly (at least one hour per week). [ YOUNGER CONSUMERS (AGES 18-34), PARTICULARLY MEN, ARE SIGNIFICANTLY MORE LIKELY THAN AVERAGE TO READ DIGITAL CONTENT ONLINE AND THROUGH DEDICATED MOBILE AND PC APPS. ] In a competitive media landscape, newspapers and magazines clearly are facing an uphill battle to maintain and monetize customer relationships. Years of ad-supported free websites and discounted subscriptions have accustomed consu-mers to pay little or nothing for digital content.
  5. 5. The phenomenal popularity of smartphones, iPads, and eReaders has led to a rapid rise in media applications and, subsequently, to an increase in reading across multiple devices. As with other types of digital content such as music and games, members of Gen Y (ages 18-34) exhibit an early-adopter profile when it comes to the number of advanced consumer electronics they use for reading publications. They are more than twice as likely as the general population to consume newspaper and magazine content on smartphones, tablets, and eReaders. To reach these early technology adopters (and their even more connected younger siblings) publishers must go beyond simply offering multi-platform access to fully exploit the capa- bilities of small screen devices and bring new experiences to readers. With Apple and Google both announcing subscription paymentFor the last decade, publishers have intensely debated services, there has been a renewed interest in monetizingwhether or not consumers will pay directly for newspaper digital content using a subscription model. Providing a layer ofand magazine content. While most consumers have yet to free access can eventually entice readers into subscribing tomake a purchase, many show willingness to pay for access paid services. The key is to accommodate different audienceof some type – whether by the article, through all access segments with quality content they get any kind ofplans, or for ancillary services. With few bona fide succes- advertisement free. This monetization model is the basis forses to look to for guidance, publi-shers must explore a the Greatiful.comvariety of monetization strategies to find those that resonatebest with target audiences and then refine them iteratively.Using monetization strategies in tandem can offer custo-mers more choice. The most demanded monetizationmodel is the “Free mium/tiered subscriptions” project.
  6. 6. PLEASE INDICATE WHETHER THE FOLLOWING FEATURES WOULD OR WOULD NOT BE LIKELY TO ENCOURAGE YOU TO BUY ONLINE OR DIGITAL NEWSPAPERS OR MAGAZINES? 38 35 3 12 11 Lower price than the print version 31 Free trial or promotional offer (e.g., 20% off regular price) 36 3 18 13 Ability to clip and organize interesting content for later 28 36 2 18 16 use(e.g., recipes) 26 35 3 19 16 Access to back issues included in the price 23 38 2 21 15 Personalized content based on my location, interests etc. 26 33 2 23 16 Ability to share your issue or subscription with a friend or family member16 35 3 27 21 Recommendation from friends, colleagues etc.17 31 4 28 20 Editorial content not available elsewhere 20 3 Ability to read on multiple devices 26 24 27 (e.g., laptop, smartphone, iPad etc.)15 5 Interactive experience with video interviews, community, 27 28 25 Q&A etc. Very likely Somewhat likely Not very likely Not at all likely Unsure
  7. 7. About Greatiful. Greatiful project is an open system for news distribution, subscription and conve- nient delivery. Greatiful service offers quick news delivery from a publisher (news media, a blogger, etc.) and news distribution among the subscriber of the news channel. QUICK ACCESS ABSENCE OF ADSQuick access to news content is not limited to a One of the unexceptionable advantages of Greatifulsingle source. News can be viewed using a web is the absence of ads in news text or near it.interface of Greatiful Reader or any of mobile Greatiful users receive only the content they aredevices including Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, interested in.Windows Phone 7, and many others.
  8. 8. Greatiful is a tool for content monetizationtargeted at publishers.Greatiful offers publishers and bloggers an automated system for paid or donated content distribution.Greatiful service is a tool set for monetizing existing news content in three different ways. A CONTENT OWNER CAN SET THE MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION If a publisher choose to adhere to free THE PRICE FOR EVERY RATE FOR THE CHANNEL distribution scheme, THE CONTENT CONTENT UNIT SET THE DONATE RATES FOR CERTAIN ENTRIES AND THREE RECOMMENDED DONATE RATES FOR THE CHANNEL ITSELF Other issues including arrangement of payment reception, subscrip- tion, donate payments, obtaining and delivery of the content to dif- ferent devices are entirely handled by Greatiful. The commission of the system makes only 30 percent from Greatiful delivers comprehensive statistics for yourtotal payment volume. Greatiful is open for collaboration both channel on traffic, subscriptions and financial results. Toto individuals and companies. Payment funds may be credited start raising money on the content right now, the publisherfrom the publisher’s account to the PayPal or MoneyBookers should just register with the Greatiful service as a Publisheraccounts, or to the bank account in any country of the world. and confirm the RSS channel.
  9. 9. Content distributions system.
  10. 10. Single point of accessto the whole variety of content.Greatiful is a single source of latest news on the Internet. With Greatiful, the subscriber will be ableto get news from every corner of the world and from every source possible to follow it convenientlywith a single tool. News reading has never been this easy as it has become with Greatiful! Collecting information from news sites and blogs automatically, Greatiful then stores it in its data base. At Greatiful web site, any person can subscribe to the news groups he needs by specifying categories and languages actual for him. Here he will find a list of news channels presented in the channel catalogue. The subscriber can follow the news with the help of a convenient Greatiful Reader or to subscribe to usual RSS feeds or he can find a handy app for news reading presented in the Greatiful applications catalogue of applications for convinient reading of news offers options for anyone’s liking! And new apps continue to appear.
  11. 11. Business model. Content owners Developers Greatiful have have Have from 70% 50% 0* to 30% of content price of Greatiful profit of price value or donations *Only in App Store. Apple takes a 30% of turnover.
  13. 13. Marketing strategy. FIRST STAGE SEO Google SMM Adwords + SECOND (LONG) STAGE Blog National PPC Banners Offline PR Online PR Special events reviews systems and in thematic and social networks places conferences
  14. 14. Sales strategy. DEVELOPMENT more than APPLICATION 10 000 subscribers iOs registrations Android Blackberry MONTHLY WP7 TURNOVER >$10 000% TRANSLATION Chinese Japanese French more than German Arabic 5 000 Portuguese channels Korean Italian Russian
  15. 15. Apple Googlesubscription Cashes In Greatiful TIME TO SETUP > 2 week > month 5 minutes APPLICATION FOR ALL OS None, only iOS Yes Yes NO NEED TO DEVELOPING APPLICATION? No, you must No, you must Yes NO NEED TO PROMOTE? No, you must No, you must Yes SUPPORT STANDART BLOGS? No No Yes SUPPORT SITES? No Yes Yes COMMISSION 30% 10% 30% RANGE >150 >20 >300 POTENTIAL, NUMBER OF NEWS CHANNELS >1000 >500 >1 000 000
  16. 16. The Greatigul system is based on the web framework Django and is written in python. It uses postgreeSQL, mongoDB databases and Its server Nginx is based in the USA. WE’VE ALREADY SPENT FOR NOW WE SPEND ABOUT 3 400$ 34 000$ 8 400$ 5 000$ 2 400$on the web design on the program on the support on marketing on the mobile development application
  17. 17. Co-founders.ALEXEY KREKHALEV KONSTANTIN TIMOKHINCEO CTO Education: Education: Novgorod State Novgorod State University, engineer University, engineer programmer programmer More than 12 years in More than 12 years in internet and internet and development sphere. development sphere. Last 5 years he is Now he working in Owner and CEO of VideoInterneshnl on HiddenMarketing (first Technical coordinator social media marketing position. agency in Russia).
  18. 18. THANK YOU! Mail: Skype: foteevanton Tel: +79166186992