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Faction Media Digital Media Workshop


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Learn how to make marketing dollars work harder in difficult times by understanding the dynamics of the digital media shift and using this knowledge to drive your marketing mix

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Faction Media Digital Media Workshop

  1. 1. Digital Media Workshop CBS 5 & Faction Media
  2. 2. Faction Overview WHAT IS FACTION Smart people doing smart things—that's Faction Media. Innovation is our business and our mission is to build long lasting, profitable relationships between our clients and their customers. We've built our reputation on our ability to successfully combine progressive thinking, great creativity, and cross-channel marketing expertise.
  3. 3. About Faction The Leaders in B2B Digital Marketing The Agency ABOUT FACTION - Technology partners with the leading digital pioneers including - Based in Denver, Colorado Google, Yahoo, MSN, Omniture, SilverPop & Atlas - Office in Phoenix - Regular contributors to Marketing Sherpa, DM News, Target Market Magazine and BtoB Magazine - Founded in 2005 - 5 Fortune 1000 clients - Over 40 national & international digital marketing awards - 12 soon to be Fortune 1000 clients - Serve as judges at multiple digital marketing awards shows
  4. 4. LEVERAGING DIGITAL MEDIA Make Marketing Dollars Work Harder
  6. 6. DIGITAL MEDIA Shifting Communication Models
  7. 7. Traditional Information Theory Shannon/Weaver sender/receiver model TRADITIONAL COMMUNICATION THEORY • Communication was characterized as a passive systemic process • Penetration within the marketplace awareness would rise to the level of brand/product awareness and/or subsequent purchase intent • The incremental costs associated with generating awareness are no longer relevant, nor feasible, for most marketers in our economic business environment SENDER MESSAGE TRANSMISSION NOISE CHANNEL RECEPTION RECEIVER
  8. 8. The New Information Theory Active Engagement and Participation by the Consumer • Marketers must provide pathways to Brand/Product/Service information through multi-cross- channel strategies and tactics THE NEW COMMUNICATION THEORY • Audiences participate becoming the Media (Advocacy) with unlimited access to contextually relevant information NOISE • Direct touchpoints with the Brand allowing for unique experiences customized to audience segments • Conversation, Dialogue and Transparency are critical to developing a genuine relationship with your audience(s) NOISE RECEIVER RECEPTION MULTIPLE CHANNELS TRANSMISSION MESSAGE SENDER MEDIA FRAGMENTATION
  9. 9. MEDIA SHIFT Dynamics of the Digital Media Shift
  10. 10. Growing Maturity of the Web Building a 50 Million People Audience: DIGITAL MEDIA SHIFT • Radio took 38 years • TV took 13 years • World Wide Web made to the 50 million person audience mark in 4 years • Facebook has attracted 300 Million users in 5 years • Twitter is currently around 60+ Million users
  11. 11. The Web Today @ 5200 Days Old 2009 Digital Landscape • Worldwide Digital Population 554,618,961* "The Internet? We are not interested in it" • Number of US Internet users will reach nearly 200 million in 2008** - Bill Gates, 1993 • Consuming 1600 Web pages during 37 Sessions per month per person while visiting • Over 185 Million Web sites / Over 1 Trillion web pages found by Google in 2008 • 72.5% of US Households have Broadband DIGITAL MEDIA SHIFT Diversity of Online Audience • 56.7 million Baby Boomers users online • 23 million Hispanics, about 52% of the US Hispanic population • 17 million Matures 62+ is online spending more than an average 44 minutes per day • 12.1 million adult GLBT Internet users in the US in 2007, representing 7.9% of online adults Rise of Networked Individualism • Endless choices of interests: Professional, Personal, Social, Political, Sub-Cultural.... • All connected through Digital communications instantaneously accessible to advertisers • Understanding your audience intimately is critical *Nielsen NetRatings **eMarketer / ClickZ (complied)
  12. 12. DIGITAL MEDIA SHIFT Local Digital Media spends expected to double by 2013. *Kelsey Group Information - Local ad forecast
  13. 13. Digital Media Spend on the Rise DIGITAL MEDIA SHIFT *Forrester Research 2009 Interactive Marketing Forecast Survey/ Interactive Marketing Models
  15. 15. MEDIA SHIFT Media Consumption
  16. 16. The Shift is ON Average Hours per week that consumers spend doing these activities Gen Y Gen X Younger Boomers Older Boomers Seniors (18-27) (28-41) (42-51) (52-62) (63+) Using a PC at Home 10.9 9.0 8.4 8.7 8.6 MEDIA CONSUMPTION Watching TV 10.4 11.3 12.5 13.7 14.3 Using a Mobile Phone 8.9 5.8 4.7 3.4 2.3 Using the Internet for personal use 9.0 7.5 6.5 6.5 5.8 Listening to the Radio 7.0 6.9 7.4 6.2 5.3 Watching DVD/ VHS 5.8 4.3 3.6 3.3 2.8 Playing Video Games 4.3 2.0 1.1 1.1 1.1 Reading offline Magazines 1.7 2.0 2.1 2.4 3.1 Reading Offline Newspapers 1.2 1.7 2.8 3.6 5.1 *Forrester Research 2008 US Online Consumption
  17. 17. Americans multi-task their media The Changing Video Experience • 57% of TV and Internet homes simultaneously use the Internet and TV at least one time per month. • As of June, 28% of consumer’s time using the Internet is also spent simultaneously watching TV. • Short form video (such as YouTube clips) still makes up the lion’s share of online video viewing — 83% in May 09 — while name-brand TV network content comprises the majority of mobile video viewing. MEDIA CONSUMPTION • Every minute there is more than 20 hours of video content uploaded to • Over 15 million Americans report watching mobile video in Q2 2009. This is an increase of 70% versus last year. Localized Advertising • Local online advertising, defined as display, search, and classifieds, will be worth $8.9 billion in 2012. • Local search is $2.5 billion of that total, according to Jupiter. *Nielsen NetRatings **eMarketer / ClickZ (complied)
  18. 18. Digital Advertising Drives Behavior It’s Interconnected • People Search concepts from TV, Display • Search drives telephone calls MEDIA CONSUMPTION • Local Ad’s drive store visits • Social Media drives Research, provides reviews, forms opinions Ford's Kermit the Frog Intro to hybrids at the Super Bowl was leveraged by GM with them buying the puppet's moniker as a keyword and running ads for its hybrid program under sponsored results. Text in GM's paid listing read "Live Green, Go Yellow," and encouraged people to learn about GM FlexFuel vehicles. The link led to, a microsite where the carmaker promotes its approach to alternative fuel.
  19. 19. LEVERAGING DIGITAL Strategic and Tactical Implementation
  20. 20. DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM Digital EcoSystem While the toolsets available to marketers are the same the strategy behind the campaign coupled with precise execution is the key to success.
  21. 21. The Digital EcoSystem DIGITAL ECOSYSTEMS
  22. 22. LEVERAGING DATA Understanding Measurement Tools & Analytics
  23. 23. Digital Media is highly insightful Through this media you can understand: •How people arrive at a website •How they navigate LEVERAGING DIGITAL •How they find information •How they value content •How they respond to alternative offers •How they react to email/search/display marketing •How they interact in the buying process •How they manage customer service
  24. 24. But you have to take Measurements What Metrics Are Not.... Clicks, Page Views, Hits Metrics Are Business Intelligence that provide your business a competitive advantage... • Increase efficiency of Marketing Budgets/Spend LEVERAGING DIGITAL • Competitive Intelligence • Pathway to understanding your customers behavior = Increased Sales Engage Metrics • Pick a analytics platform to capture and measure data (online/offline). • Pick a metric, develop a scorecard, and use it. • Consistently measure and interpret data for campaign optimization. • Measure performance and kill what isn’t working Further Improve Your Current Online Marketing Efforts • Gather/Analyze any existing marketing/customer data. • Concentrate on Audience Segmentation to reach your Niche(s)
  25. 25. Metric Framework Drives Analytics Tool Selection Identify your needs • Immediate • Long Term LEVERAGING DIGITAL Pick a platform • Sometimes free is good enough • But it can cost you July 2009 Forrester Wave Web Analytics
  26. 26. LEVERAGING DIGITAL Practical Applications
  27. 27. Season Dreams Launch Demand Generation
  28. 28. Finding an audience, the challenge to driving sales •Create online retail brand for importer •Identify niche audiences for niche products FINDING THE NICHE •Identify tactics for: •Driving immediate sales •Creating brand recognition for future
  29. 29. Artificial Tree Niches Sara - Patricia - Vera - First Time Tree Purchaser Convert from Fresh Trees Decorative Purchaser Females, 25-40 (Young co-habiting couples) Individuals/Families who have decided not to Females 25-50 Aesthetic appeal in the selection of longevity of product continue to purchase fresh tree More affluent Research products in store prior to purchase Females, 30-50 Disposable income to enhance surrounding for Not first-time online shoppers Looking for convenience and service holiday season Like the convenience of internet commerce Less mess and hassle Looking for selection FINDING THE NICHE Often supplements a fresh tree or additional artificial tree
  30. 30. Digital Tactics Sell Trees • Search - Paid and Organic • Shopping Portals (PriceGrabber,NexTag,, Shopzilla) FINDING THE NICHE • Display Ads/Email Sponsorship ( • The Digital Effect ....1+1=3 • Email leading to Blogs to spike in Organic Search • 180 days exceeded projected sales in Q4 2007
  31. 31. tw telecom Lead Generation Lead Generation tw telecom SMB/Enterprise Revenue Genertation Effort
  32. 32. tw telecom background/profile tw telecom provides managed network services, specializing ABOUT tw telecom in Ethernet and transport data networking, Internet access, local and long distance voice, VoIP, VPN and security, to enterprise organizations and communications services companies throughout the U.S. As a leading provider of integrated and converged network solutions, tw telecom delivers customers overall economic value, quality, service, and improved business productivity.
  33. 33. Building solid relationships through better network connections. Your lifeline to the world outside your office and your most powerful ally at work - your computer - has had enough. Your unreliable network connection THE CONCEPT has driven it to seek help, and it’s left a trail for you to follow until the issue From the beginning the is resolved. campaign was purpose- Designed to be subtly humorous, this concept takes a “before and after” built for active approach to depict how people grow their relationships with their PCs through their networks. The underlying message and tie-in to tw telecom: we have engagement, and we’ve experience in establishing strong network connections; we provide a human coined the term “Active touch typically not associated with telecom companies. Interaction Campaign” This concept would tap into tw telecom’s personalization message, while to describe it. conveying other messages associated with the brand, including simple, flexible, reliable, and quality services delivered from a single source.
  35. 35. Email Meant to Tease and Entice The email was the introduction to the campaign and the first touch point with prospects. Two different emails to a N2 sample of 500 prospects. • One that took half of the recipients directly to the landing page: 5.71% CTR • One that prompted the other half of recipients to Google their name: 14.04% CTR The results was a significant difference in the number of click-throughs from the direct link email to the Google your name email. EMAIL Given the almost three times more impressive performance of the Google email, all campaign materials were adjusted to ensure the Google component was included in all emails and direct mailers to prospects.
  36. 36. Search Campaign The Search portion of the campaign included keyword set- up and management. Following SEARCH receipt of the email/direct mail, the respondents searched their name in Google and find a sponsored link with their name and a personalized message from tw telecom.
  37. 37. 8”x5” FOLDED SELF-MAILER Direct Mail The direct mail was a self-mailing DM piece with a Post-It Note inside – DIRECT MAIL designed for reinforcement of the email by prompting and enticing the targeted recipient who had not responded to the email.
  39. 39. Web Portal The Web portal is the central hub of the campaign. All Search traffic was LANDING SITE be directed to the site from which the targeted user we able to view a variable-data video and interact with offers and incentives.
  40. 40. SUMMARY Optimization Process & Results
  41. 41. Performance Optimization As the campaign progressed, real time data was gathered and yielded critical insight to the overall performance of the campaign. Ultimately is defined a funnel for lead qualification, and provided data useful for followup efforts based on user engagement throughout the process. OPTIMIZATION • Re-Targeted Non-Responders based on A/B test results • Adjusted e-mail creative based on initial performance • Google component proved to be challenging given the number of names and unforeseen variables: (Athletes, Authors, Copyright Issues, Famous Figures / Charlie Brown, etc.) • Increased a lift in response rate of 21.5% in sales.
  42. 42. Campaign Metrics Email Send: 7860 Campaign Results Email Deliveries: 6389 Email Open Rate: 19% CAMPAIGN RESULTS Ultimately the success metric for the Email CTR: 14% campaign was the total “meet rate” generated. Based on the average sale and Search Names Purchased: 4976 historical close ratios it is estimated that the Search Impressions: 37,063* Active Interaction Campaign generated an Search Clicks: 276 impressive net ROI representing first year in Search Response Rate: 5.5% contractual reoccurring revenue. Landing Page Visits: 353 Visit Length: 5.7 minutes Phone Response: 85 Meet Rate: 7%
  43. 43. DIVING INTO DIGITAL Ten Digital Marketing Take Aways
  44. 44. Ten Digital Marketing Takeaways: • Don’t assume you know your audience • Allow for unique experiences for your target audiences • Use technologies when appropriate DIVING INTO DIGITAL • Integrate, Integrate, Integrate - offline/online • Measure only what you’re able to act upon • Don’t comprise on the quality of your Web site (it’s your main hub) • Localize digital campaigns to your market - local portals, sites, geo-targeting search • Leverage cost effectiveness of e-mail to attract and retain customers • Find your Niche and own it - dominate the space • Understand your failures and leverage them for improvement
  46. 46. Contact Us Dave Greves Steve Riegel Kurt Greves 303.339.0206 303.339.0206 480.275.8448 1730 Blake Street Suite 200 Denver, CO 80202