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Reputation Management - Giliian Muessig


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Reputation Management - Giliian Muessig

  1. 1. Managing Reputations In a Digital World Gillian Muessig Co-founder & President, SEOmoz Click Asia Summit – Mumbai 01-2011 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. The Gatekeepers
  3. 3. The Gatekeepers
  4. 4. The Size of Your Reputation
  5. 5. Wiki Circularity* Something untrue is posted to Wikipedia You’re screwed! Journalist uses Wikipedia as factual resourceWikipedia uses/references Powerful newspaper posts powerful newspaper the untrue content *Coiined byTom Critchlow
  6. 6. SERP Strategy – Own them• Sub-domains / new domains• Professional Affiliations• Local• Shopping• Hosted content: • Profile pages / twitter • Video* / Images *Turn off comments on YouTube Videos
  7. 7. Tactics: Keyword ResearchTarget • Brand + scam, con, hoax, etc. • Long tail • Related issues / news
  8. 8. Tactics: Content DevelopmentTop Rankers - • Video content • Local listings / content • Timely content (news-related) • Social media content
  9. 9. Redress Strategy: Fight BackLegal options - • Libel / slander • Copyright infringement • DMCA
  10. 10. Redress Strategy: Fight BackLook at all costs - • Lost sales, referrals, existing customers vs. • Attorney fees & staff costs • Loss of focus
  11. 11. Redress Strategy: Turn Tables• Repeat the offending phrase used and turn the tables website reports: XYG Corp scam! XYG Corp warns about scam site
  12. 12. Black Hat: NOT Recommended!• Build black hat links to offending page; report• If a site is down and the page is returning an error message, you can request its remove the page (lasts ~6 mnths)
  13. 13. Direct Response Strategy• Monitor your brand• Respond instantly• Own your errors; solve problems• Let your community manage trolls
  14. 14. Social RM Strategy: Engagemonitor assess decide engage review
  15. 15. Pro-Active Strategy• Develop a culture of transparency
  16. 16. Pro-Active Strategy• Build community around your brand
  17. 17. Pro-Active Strategy• Empower your power members
  18. 18. Thank You!
  19. 19. No… REALLY! Thank You!Use the code: omslondon201145-day free trial SEOmoz PRO