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Pbm o2 nick_pestell

  1. 1. Can operators dominate permission-based marketing?Nick Pestell – Head of Agency Sales@nickpestell
  2. 2. Agenda1 2 3 4What is O2 Media Think Data not mobile What ‘s worked so far? 2012
  3. 3. Our strategy Helping our Customers ConnectO2 company to the people and things that are important to them, vision in a way that is simpler, easier, better, whenever, wherever, and however they want O2 Twice as many fans as our leading rivals company goal Helping our customers connect O2 media to their personal passions, interests and needs, vision in a way that’s simpler, easier, better, for them to build/grow mutually beneficial relationships with brands O2 media Build the market leading personalised media business mission Our Using data for our customers’ benefit, as individualsdifferentiator
  4. 4. Million O2 customers
  5. 5. Million O2 Morecustomers
  6. 6. Million O2 More customersby the end of the year
  7. 7. By reaching six million customers O2 More now has greaterreach than many traditional advertising channelsIncluding the first episode of Channel 5’s Big Brother1 and two issues of The Sun2 .1 5.1 million viewers (BARB)2 2,821,618 average circulation (July ABCs)
  8. 8. Built on reach & targeting Age, gender, region, handset O2 Audience segment, ACORN Basic targeting Preferences (O2 More) Tariff, payment method Location Roaming, countries called, mobile web use, Advanced targeting Matching to client customer base Segmentations: Drivers, Commuters, Bespoke audience segmentation, Advanced modelling – inferred preference/behaviour Complex targeting Location call data look-up
  9. 9. Footfall driverUtilising Data via offers, events & promotions Distribution platform for Drive sales video content through mobile websites O2 More Awareness, and reach alongside 6.5 million other media customers Driving App Downloads Research & Analysis Driving to Social Media
  10. 10. Agility of mobile Mobile works effectively with other media channels such as TV , outdoor and online. Mobile can be used to launch a brand campaign or as a quick and cost effective way to increase momentum once a campaign has launched. Morning, on the Lunchtime Afternoon Journey home Evening Bed time Wake up & Rest of the journey to morning, at work breakfast school/workMobile Is Always OnAmplifies other media
  11. 11. What’s workedso far?
  12. 12. Benefits to customers Once per day 9% 4–6 times per week 9% 79% want 2–3 times per week to receive Offers/messages Once per week 35% weekly or more often Once per fortnight 8% Once per Month 9% Less than once per month – 4%
  13. 13. Location based messaging Special Offer You Are Here 60% message recall for ‘You Are Here’ location based messages 90% message recall for fast food brands 46% on average increased likelihood to visit a store and was over 50% for retailers 25% purchased after receiving You Are Here alert 83% of participants give You Are Here positive rating
  14. 14. Video MMS generates high recall 84% recalled the Lynx message90% Would you like more of this type of video advertising? 77% who watched the video would like to80% receive more of this type of media70%60%50%40% 77%30%20%10% 23%0% Yes No
  15. 15. Starbucks location based messaging results Econometric modelling results 14% redeemed the offer • 39,200 customers redeemed the offer • £110,000 of incremental sales during the 3 month period • 93% recall of message.23% said theywould redeem • 1/3 said increased purchase intent the offer • 77% positive rating for O2 More
  16. 16. Building an audience through data ESPN wanted to communicate to football fans Solution: O2 iphone customers who have attended a Premiership match identified through cell sites for each of the premier league football grounds
  17. 17. Lynx: A game changing campaignEvolves the role mobile can play within the media mix,amplifying traditional media channelsInnovative use of location basedmessaging around Victoria Station toencourage the target audience to engagewith the experiential outdoor posters82% recall of message89% associated brand slogan to product24% purchased the product, 18% intended to30% engaged either through purchase or via FacebookHigh impact on non purchasers with 34% having an increased likelihood to visit a storeand 23% visiting Facebook
  18. 18. Impulse Diaries– Social Media Integration 250k unique engagements over 3 SMS & MMS O2 More executions CTR of 2.9%
  19. 19. And we can make it simple for businesses to participate– as well as consumers Mobile advertising example Today mobile is a costly medium to use ... – Today it takes advertisers on average 2-4 days to plan & book a mobile campaign Operator fragmentation makes this worse Multiple booking points Different opt-ins & customer policies Inconsistent formats & pricing models No common measurement
  20. 20. ‘If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a strategy’Messaging is part of digital, but unique in its own way.Mobile is the connecting tissue, key to amplifying traditional mediaThe time to test and learn is now!
  21. 21. Thank you