Afrikaans market internet usage


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Afrikaans market internet usage

  2. 2. The Afrikaans market at a glance • There are 5 million Afrikaners in South Africa earning an average HH income of R12 359 per month . • The potential income value of this market is 24.9 billion a monthWhere does their money go to?• Financial security is a high priority for the Afrikaans market segment, their tendency towards financial security puts them above average in support for financial services such as life insurance, medical aid and car insurance. This market segment is also contributing more than third of the countrys car instalments and home security.• In terms of debt and credit spend, they are more likely than other language groups to be reluctant to buy on credit, spend without thinking and being in debt.• Afrikaners are mostly influenced by price, advice from an expert ,establishing relationships compared to the general population.• They are willing to invest in their future and retirement. Being financially aware and educated, they are more positive than other language groups towards owning stocks, showing that they may be more open to investment opportunities.• Afrikaners are more likely than other language groups to have financial products, especially when considering having wills, mortgage bonds, pension funds and household insurance.TGISA 2011C
  3. 3. Afrikaners• Great sponsorship opportunities exist within the Afrikaans market, especially pertaining to rugby as this market is more likely than the general population to attend rugby matches as spectators.• Over time, it seems that soccer is becoming increasingly popular amongst Afrikaners• Afrikaners are also starting to send their children to English schools which may expose them more to other types of sports.• Afrikaners are more likely than the general population to be medium television watchers, indicating that they may be more selective on the programmes that they choose to watch. It is therefore necessary to understand the content Afrikaners are interested in when watching television to effectively target them.TGISA 2011C
  4. 4. How to talk to this market segment? • Afrikaners are more likely than other language groups, except for English groups, to be heavy users of the internet. Google is the most visited website by Afrikaners, indicating that Afrikaners are educating themselves and are being exposed to a variety of information. • Afrikaners are also more likely to visit online banking websites compared to the general South African population, once again indicating their orientation financial security. • To successfully capture the attention of this market, companies need to break away from the traditional and stereotypical depiction of the Afrikaans consumer and understand that the Afrikaans consumer is in a process of change.TGISA 2011C
  5. 5. Internet in South Africa • A recent study by World Wide Worx revealed that Internet penetration in SA is approaching 20%, with the countrys Internet user base growing a substantial 25%, from 6.8 million in 2010 to 8.5 million at the end of 2011 • Globally there were approximately 2.3 billion Internet users, representing a 32.7% penetration rate. • According to research by the UNs agency for information and communication technologies, IWS and World Wide Worx, over a 10-year period in SA: Internet users grew 309% - from 2.75 million at the end of 2001, to 8.5 million at the end of last year.World wide Worx , May 2012
  6. 6. Language % of people that access the internet Total P7D - Accessed internet/WWW 28.4 22.8 23.2 18.4 17.9 14.3 14.7 10.8 10.9 9.2 8.0 4.8 English Afrikaans Zulu Sotho Xhosa TswanaInternet usage in the past 7 days was significantly higher among the English speaking population at28%, compared to the other home languages. Afrikaans speakers had the second highest Internetpenetration at 23%.Among Tsonga speakers, only 5% had accessed the Internet in the past 7 days.TGISA 2011C
  7. 7. The Afrikaans market The majority of Afrikaners continue to access the internet from PC but they are also using mobile, PDA and tablets daily PDA iPad, 65,000 (personal digital assistant, 20 989 Mobile phone, 517 • 1.3 million (32%) access the ,660 internet daily • 537 000 pay more attention to advertising on the internet than any other medium PC (laptop or desktop), 6 20,917TGISA 2011C, Amps 2011AB
  8. 8. Online Advertising Advertising in Afrikaans newspapers and on their 1200000 sites builds awareness for the advertised product 1150000 and drives the reader online. 1100000 1050000 1000000 950000 900000 I tend to feel more positive Online advertising I am more likely to I tend to trust towards brands advertised encourages me to learn purchase a brand advertisements more when online more about a brand advertised online they appear in a website that I likeTGISA 2011C
  9. 9. Online Reading Advertising in newspapers and on their sites builds awareness 1600000 AFRIKAANS for the advertised product and drives the reader online. 1400000 1200000 1000000 800000 Afrikaans readers would pay for convenience, to make life 600000 easier and for enjoyment 400000 200000 0 Reading an online Reading an online Reading an online Online publication I would pay to read a publication publication publication (newspaper or publication (newspaper or (newspaper or (newspaper or magazine) are more (newspaper or magazine) is magazine) easy magazine) is up to date with magazine) online convenient enjoyable breaking news than traditional publicationsTGISA 2011C
  10. 10. Online Shopping AFRIKAANS Internet is It is safe to enter your personal details online mostly used for researchOnline shopping is more pleasant than conventional shopping It is safe to do internet shopping transactions To do my shopping by Internet makes my life easier I can save money when I shop online The internet creates a more convenient shopping experience It is important for me to trust the retailer I purchase from online The internet allows me to compare prices before I purchase… The internet allows me to research products before I … I would do my shopping by Internet if there was a safe way…The internet gives me more choice and variety of things to buy You have to be careful about the quality of things you buy… I prefer the in-store experience than shopping online 0 400,000 800,000 1,200,000 1,600,000TGISA 2011C
  11. 11. Social networking AFRIKAANS Afrikaans The internet puts me in control of my life speaking people use social I go online to seek advice on any topic networking Meeting people online is a good opportunity websites for I like to share my ideas with other online readers various personal reasons The internet makes my life easier overall Online channels are important for socializing Social networking sites are good for personal relationships The internet helps me keep in touch with family I like to hear the opinions of others and / or share my own Social networking online is a waste of timeSocial networking sites are a good place to meet new people I do most of my research online The internet helps me rekindle old friendships Its important to keep you profiles updated I do not surf the internet but rather use it for specific searches I am confident to use the internet 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800
  12. 12. ADDRESSES Johannesburg Cape Town DurbanAds24 Ads24 Ads24Tuscany office Park 16th Floor Media HouseBlock 9 Naspers Building 43 Imvubu Park Place3 Coombe Place 10 Heerengracht, Foreshore Riverhorse Valley Business EstateRivonia Cape Town DurbanTel: (011) 259 1700 Tel: (021) 406 2566 Tel: (031) 533 7600Fax: (011) 259 1750/1 Fax: (021) 406 2975 Fax: (031) 533 7935PO Box 311 PO Box 2271Auckland Park Cape Town —2006 8000