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What is Qponomics?

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Qponomics Power Point 11 27 Pdf[1]

  1. 1. What is Qponomics? [que-pon-om-iks], noun: a free mobile coupon application available for all major Smartphone platforms including iPhone/iPod Touch, Android (Google), BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile devices. Utilizing GPS technology built right into the phone, Qponomics sends electronic coupons to users in their geographic location in real time. In today's “on the go” world, your customers are never without their mobile phones. Shouldn’t your coupons be with them as well?
  2. 2. So, who uses Qponomics? Today, approximately 85% of households in America own a mobile phone. By the year 2013, it is estimated that number will reach 100% and the overwhelming majority will have Smartphone capabilities. • With an estimated 150 million potential mobile coupon users right now and much more on the way, the ability to reach Qponomics customers is unprecedented. • Over 30 Million iPhones and over 21 Million iPod Touches currently in use with quarterly iPhone sales now approaching 9.5 Million Units. • Nearly 50 Million Blackberries have been sold to date. • By the end of 2009, 12 Million Android based phones will be sold. • Palm sold over 1 Million Pre units in the first 3 months since its introduction. • Microsoft Mobile based phones numbered over 20 Million at the end of 2008 with millions more being distributed across multiple providers. The science of saving you money.
  3. 3. Why Consumers Love Qponomics!  Free application and easy to download  Automatically uses their GPS location to give them offers near them  Awareness of businesses they didn’t know existed! (Whether in their own neighborhood or while travelling!!)  No clipping  They will never forget their coupons at home  Ease of use  They receive text notifications whenever “Favorite” merchants have an offer  They save money!
  4. 4. The answer is in the numbers. Smartphone shipments grew at a 32% annual pace from • The mobile device presents an exceptional 2003 to 2009 with total users expected to reach 150 marketing vehicle for today’s marketers. million by the end of 2009. Going forward, forecasters Analysts estimate that almost “3 billion believe that in less than 5 years, virtually every mobile coupons will be issued to Mobile household in America will have a Smartphone in use. Users by 2011” – Juniper Research • Mobile Campaign targeting loyal customers drove a 69% opt-in rate resulting in 15% of net sales generated by digital marketing during the same period. • The millennial generation of “digital natives” are expected to drive up the demand for internet applications and e-commerce • Over 2 Billion applications have been downloaded to date and with the introduction of applications across all platforms, that number will continue to skyrocket.
  5. 5. The answer is in the numbers. What do people use their mobile phone for? • Consumer adoption and usage of mobile and multimedia has reached critical mass. Any brand that interacts with consumers needs to develop a mobile strategy. • Leaders in retail and other industries are shifting business models to increasingly adopt web applications as the heart of their multi- channel customer interaction platform. “The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” - Rupert Murdoch, Chairman News Corp. Source: North American percentages Technographics Retail Online Survey, Q3 2008
  6. 6. The answer is in the numbers. “Consumer usage of mobile coupons are forecast to generate close to $6 billion globally in retail redemption value by 2014.” Mobile Coupons are expected to be one of the biggest winners of the current global recession. Juniper Research forecasts that the redemption value of mobile coupons will increase by over 30% by 2010 Coupons delivered and redeemed via mobile phones are forecast to be used by some 200 million mobile subscribers globally by 2013, according to a new study by Juniper Research
  7. 7. Why Qponomics? • Supports ALL major Smartphone platforms • Targets customers in your specific geographic areas • Direct promotions to specific subgroups • Ability to alter campaigns as often as necessary after implementation • Allows you to track your offers, do detailed demographic profiles and plan your campaigns in real time, 24/7. • Mobile coupons have a much higher redemption rate than traditional paper coupons. • User friendly. Our web- based interface is all point and click. Anyone with Internet access can manage your own offers 24/7 • Environmentally friendly. No more paper coupons contributing to landfills and fewer trees lost to deforestation. And most of all… Qponomics is incredibly cost effective!
  8. 8. An easy to use interface built just for you. • Easy to view dashboard of all offers available and information such as: • Offer Code • Offer Name • No. of Coupons • Available Coupons • Start & End Date • Coupon Image
  9. 9. An interface just for you. Managing Your Locations • Ability to add an unlimited number of locations • Ability to assign Location Numbers to each specific location • Editable in real time
  10. 10. An interface just for you. Submitting a Coupon • Ability to customize Offer Name • Ability to assign an offer code that works for your systems • Enable the coupon for one, many, or all of your locations • Customizable and editable start and end dates for your coupon campaign • Ability to limit the offer to a specific number of people
  11. 11. An interface just for you. Account Details • Ability to upload logo image • For security, you choose your unique and exclusive User ID • Editable in real time
  12. 12. An interface just for you. Reports • Easy to view snapshot of all offers available and information such as: • Offer Dates • Offer Redemptions • Avg. Age of User • Percent Male • Percent Female • Avg. Household Income • Ability to drill down to a specific offer • Ability to drill down to a specific location and see what offers are effective and which locations
  13. 13. What’s in it for you? Let’s face it, traditional coupon delivery methods just don’t work anymore. Unused paper coupons fill drawers and landfills. Tradition is the problem. Qponomics is your solution. So, what’s in it for you? •Target specific groups such as the coveted 18-34 year old demographic •Happy customers with access to your most current promotions at all times. •Stop wasting valuable advertising dollars on junk mail •Be green •Upload offers with your logo, barcode, and coupon code •Track viewings in real time •Track redemptions in real time •Design campaigns around very detailed demographic profiles including age, gender, zip code and household income
  14. 14. A word about the environment. At Qponomics, we believe in social responsibility and care about the environment we all share. By definition, our technology is green. By eliminating paper coupons, we can make a real difference in curbing deforestation and the buildup of our nation’s landfills. In an effort to give back, Qponomics donates a portion of our profits to worthy environmental organizations across the country. By supporting locally, we can all make a difference globally. If you know of a local organization that we should be aware of, please do not hesitate to contact us at so that we can look into including them in our efforts.
  15. 15. Get Qponomical. Become a part of the Qponomic™ revolution today. Visit us at Or call 1-888-699-0023!