Social Media 106 How to Write Effective Facebook Ads That Get Clicks!

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Learn how to write effective Facebook ads that get clicks!

Learn how to write effective Facebook ads that get clicks!

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  • 1. Social Media 106: How To Write Effective Facebook Ads That Get Clicks
  • 2. Michelle Hummel CEO of… Thanks for joining me today!
    • Web Media Expert: Social Media Agency
    • Like Social Media: Business Directory & Ranking Tool
    • Send Social Media: Social Media Management Dashboard
    • Social Media Matcher:   Social Media Applications Directory
    • Web Media University: Social Media Training and Certification
    • My book: The Social Media Magnet “ Everything you need to know to attract customers with social media” by Michelle Hummel
  • 3.
    • 2 nd most visited website
    • 800,000,000 users worldwide
    • 57% female 47% male
    • Fastest growing demographic 35+
    Facebook Overview Do you have a Personal Facebook Profile? Credits: Amodiovaleria Verde
  • 4. Facebook Ads Versus Google Ads etc.
    • Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Bing Search Ads – Ads targeted by keyword search
    • Facebook Ads – Ads targeted by users interests Favorite movies, books, hobbies, passions and interests.
    Have you advertised on Facebook or Google?
  • 5. Facebook Targeting Options
    • Location - city, state or country
    • Demographics – birthday, relationship status, age, gender or language spoken
    • Likes and interests
    • Education and work - specific company, college or level of education
    • Connections - target or exclude users who like certain pages, events, groups and/or apps
    What is your target audience?
  • 6. Facebook Ad Approval Process
    • Facebook approval team works on Pacific standard time (PST).
    • Ads are typically approved during the hours of 8am to about 8pm
    • Takes between 1-6 hours to get an ad approved
    • If you are having trouble getting your ad approved be sure to read the guidelines:
    How many ads have you placed on Facebook?
  • 7. Facebook Advertising
    • Set a daily advertising budget
    • Decide how long the ad will run
    • Determine timeframe to be published
    • Turn your ad on and off at anytime
    How many ads have you placed on Facebook?
  • 8. Defining CPC
    • Short for cost-per-click, advertisers pay based on the number of clicks on their ad
    • Set your CPC at $0.50/per click
    • 1000 impressions (views) were served with 50 clicks on your ad
    • 50 clicks X $0.50 = $25.00
    • Your ad campaign costs $25.00
    How much can you spend per day on Facebook?
  • 9. CPC Marketing Tips
    • Start your CPC bid low
    • More targeting = more expensive
    • Pay more = your ad targets a very specific demographic example: women, age 30, Ohio, married
    • Pay less = your ad targets a broad demographic example: women from the United States
    How many ads have you placed on Facebook?
  • 10. Determine Ad Performance, CTR
    • CTR = Click Through Rate
    • Total clicks, divide by the number of impressions (views), expressed in percentage. 
    • Average CTR is 2%
    • PPC at $0.50
    • 1000 impressions were served with 50 clicks on your ad
    • 50 clicks/1000 impressions = 5% CTR
    What is your average CTR on Facebook?
  • 11. Getting Started With Facebook Ads, Best Practices
  • 12. Headlines That Say YES!
    • 25 max characters available
    • Are you Single? Recently Engaged? Getting Married? 30 and single?
    • New to Cincinnati?
    • Like Motorcycles? Like Massages?
    • Birthday Today?
    • FREE gift on your birthday, printable coupon, redeem in store only
    What engaging “yes” headlines can you write?
  • 13. Hypnotic Headlines
    • Evoke Emotion: Need a laugh?
    • Ask Why : Why I lost weight
    • How to : How to sleep soundly
    • Numbered lists : 101 ways to smile
    • Best or worst : Best US Beaches
    • Rhyme: No delay, start today
    • Hypnotic words : Amazing, Free, Secret, Killer, Awesome
    What hypnotic ad headlines can you write?
  • 14. Good Headline Examples GOOD AD – qualifies “like” BAD AD - too general
  • 15. Images With a Human Touch Ads with people, and especially close ups of faces and eyes tend to get a higher click through rate. Give your ads a human touch!
  • 16. Maximize Your Image Space It’s best to upload horizontal (landscape) images to ensure you’re maximizing the space available, which is 110×80 pixels
  • 17. Transparent Image Backgrounds Eliminate unnecessary surroundings either by giving it a transparent background or a white one. You don’t want to distract people from what you want them to notice.
  • 18. Give a Reason to Click LIKE Give a compelling reason to click: access to promotions (deals, coupons, sweepstakes, contests, giveaways) is the number one reason people become fans
  • 19. Copy Relevant to Target Audience
    • 135 max characters for body copy
    • Tie your target details (likes, interests or demographics) into your title and/or body copy
    • An ad targeting users living in the “Bay Area” should use “Bay Area” in the ad copy
    • More relevant ad copy to audience = more clicks
  • 20. Targeting Success Story
    • CM Photographics
    • Strategy: Targeted 24-30 yr old women who indicated they were engaged
    • Results: Over 12 months they generated $40,000 in revenue from a $600 investment on Facebook!
  • 21. Targeting Success Story
    • StorQuest Self Storage
    • Strategy: Targeted college students at 21 campuses prior to summer break
    • Results: 50% increase in total rentals versus prior year at same store
  • 22. Test Multiple Ad Targets, Optimize
    • Target College Students
    • Late night hours
    • Target Parents
    • Children discounts
    • Playdates
    • Targets Geo
    • 10 miles from shop
    • Flavors of the week
    • New products
  • 23. Promote Facebook Group, Event or App Do you have an event you could promote?
  • 24. Break Out For Learning Session
    • Pick a partner
    • Learn about their business
    • Define their PPC targets
    • Create an engaging PPC AD Headline and Body Copy
  • 25. PPC Marketing Techniques
  • 26. Promote Your Facebook Fan Page
    • Keep users in Facebook for best results, click to fan page
    • Target users who “don’t already like your fan page” to get new fans
    • Create a custom landing page with a strong offer, coupon or sweepstakes entry
    • Provide an email signup form offering a free guide
    • Setup email auto-responders to make additional offers
  • 27. PPC Ad & Landing Page Techniques 2,181 coupons were redeemed and more customers in the door
  • 28. PPC & Landing Page Technique “ Your Song in a Movie” Contest on Facebook
  • 29. Facebook Reveal Tab Technique Before the LIKE After the LIKE
  • 30. Create Facebook Ad Example
    • Destination: External URL
    • Title: Recently Engaged?
    • Body: Enter to win a $1,500 Live Webcam Wedding! Guests unable to attend? We make it easy to share your big day with everyone.
    • Targets: US,18-35, Women, Engaged
    • Budget: $10.00 per day
    • Timeframe: 2 weeks
    • Pay for Clicks (CPC): $0.50
    • Contest Example – 53 entries in 7 days!!
  • 31. PPC References
    • Create your Ad
    • http:// /ads/create/
    • Webinars, Case Studies
    • http://
    • Images For Your Ad
    • http://
  • 32. Keys to PPC Success
    • Define Your Target Market
    • Create An Attention Grabbing Headline
    • Follow Through With A Consistent Landing Page
    • Optimize Your Campaign For Better Results
  • 33. Takeaways
    • What product or service can you giveaway?
    • Do you have an email database to collect leads?
    • How many leads would make this ad campaign a success?
    • How do you plan on staying educated about social media?
  • 34. Social Media Enthusiasts
    • Introducing Social Media Enthusiasts
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    • Social Media Book Giveaways
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  • 35. Web Media University
    • Introducing
    • 8 Modules of Social Media Training
    • Social Media Case Studies Library
    • Social Media Book Reviews
    • Social Media Matcher Toolkits Directory
    • Social Media Enthusiasts Recorded Training
    • Social Media National Events Calendar
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    • Constantly updated with fresh Social Media Training
  • 36. Special Limited Offer Today Only
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    *4 month minimum membership required
  • 37. Questions and Answers
    • What questions can I help answer?
    • Thank you for participating!
    • Michelle Hummel
    • Web Media University
    • Phone: 513-204-9324
    • [email_address]