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Google Ad Grants: Become A Pro In 1 Hour


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This presentation was originally delivered at TechConnect 3.0 in Mountain View, CA.

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Google Ad Grants: Become A Pro In 1 Hour

  1. 1. | @MediaCause, @GoogleAdGrants Google Ad Grants Beginner to Pro in 60 minutes Eric Facas @EricFacas
  2. 2. What is a Google Ad Grant?  A Google Grant is a $10,000 in-kind grant given to nonprofits EVERY MONTH for free advertising on Get started IMMEDIATELY by signing up at
  3. 3. Benefits and Limitations • $10,000 a month in free exposure on worlds largest search engine • Strategic tool to drive new highly targeted supporter • Insight into market interests  • $2.00 Max CPC • Ads shown below paying Adwords advertisers, if applicable • It’s not easy - Adwords takes time and expertise! 
  4. 4. What’s your average monthly Google Ad Grants spend?
  5. 5. The average Google Ad Grants account spends approximately $330 a month 96.3 %
  6. 6. $40K/mo - Free Ads  Existing Google Ad Grants recipients  Spent $9900/mo in at least 2 of the last 6 months  Account level click through-rate (CTR) of 1% or higher for the last 6 months  Must have Google Analytics conversion tracking installed  Someone managing the account on a bi-weekly basis Grantspro is Back!
  7. 7. Roadmap 1. Beginner – Adwords/Grants Fundamentals 2. Intermediate – How to Spend Your Grant 3. Advanced – How to Get the Most Value 4. Case Study
  8. 8. 8 Getting Started: The Fundamentals
  9. 9. How are the Ad Positions Determined?  Max CPC x Quality Score = Rank Score  Rank Score is calculated per keyword  Quality Score is Comprised of the Following: - Click through rate (CTR) - Quality of landing page - Relevance of ad text - Historical keyword performance - Other relevancy factors (machine learning)  You only pay the CPC necessary to have a rank score higher than that of the advertiser below you  Minimum CPC can be as low as $0.01
  10. 10. Relevancy is EVERYTHING! Bad News  You can’t run on keywords if you don’t have the precise content the user is looking for Good News  You can build content to make yourself relevant for anything
  11. 11. Search Is Only As Effective As Your Website If your website doesn’t have a ton of content, inspire action, and give people an easy way to get involved, don’t bother investing in Google Ad Grants. Vs
  12. 12. Your #1 Goal is Donation Acquisition… There are two exceptions: Brand terms & Disaster relief …but No one is searching for a place to give their money away.
  13. 13. What Are People Searching For? Monthly Google Search Volume “About The Rainforest” – 5,000,000 “Deforestation” – 457,000 “Save the Rainforest” – 33,000 “Rainforest Charities” - 880 Interest Intent Donation Awareness Information!
  14. 14. Information based searches - Email capture strategies About the Rainforest Deforestation Save the Rainforest Charities Match Ads & Landing Pages to Mindset Sign an online petition - Get email, social engagement Get Involved, volunteer, share Donations, membership
  15. 15. Optimization 101 – 3 Levels to Pull Keywords  Create a robust keyword list. You never know what users will respond to  Leverage all variations of your organizations brand, services, programs, missions, etc., as keywords  Include issue and solution-oriented keywords Ad Copy  Always run 3 variants at a time  Remove the poorest performer each month (lowest CTR & conversion rate)  Keep ads fresh, test test test. Landing Pages  Send traffic to the most relevant pages on your website  Install Google Analytics and obsess of what people do when they land on your site  Test sending traffic to different pages, A/B test different messages and designs
  16. 16. INTERMEDIATE: 5 Account Optimization Tips for Unlocking Google Ad Grants’ Potential
  17. 17. 58% of searches use between 2-4 words Average Global Search Phrase Length SOURCE: Experian Hitwise – Oct 2009 Tip #1: Build Your Keyword List w/ the Long Tail
  18. 18. Use a Google suggestions and a thesaurus to find keywords similar to the ones that are performing well Add Keywords Without Hurting Relevancy Quality score is calculated at the keyword level. Use all 4 match type options: broad match, “phrase match”, [exact match] & - negative to grow keyword list and increase precision.
  19. 19. Test different combinations of ad copy and landing pages if you think keywords with low quality score are relevant. If that doesn’t work, remove them. Tip #2: Relevancy is Everything
  20. 20. Ad Groups should have 15-30 similar keywords that align to a specific page on the website. The more focused the ad group, the better the ad targeting. Campaigns should align with goals: donations, volunteers, events, email collection Tip 3: Account Structure Matters
  21. 21. Get Noticed LOOK AT ME! I have 1.26s to grab your attention and convince you to CLICK HERE! Tip #4: Ad Text
  22. 22. Family Abuse Facts 22 Family Violence Learn More - Get the latest family violence facts here. 3.32% CTR Family Abuse Get the facts on family abuse here & learn how you can help stop it. 5.56% CTR
  23. 23. 23  Headline should be hyper relevant to the query – include the exact keyword  Include an informative and empowering call to action  Test 3-4 variations at all times  Remove the worst performer every month   3.32% CTR 5.56% CTR Family Abuse Get the facts on family abuse here & learn how you can help stop it. Family Violence Learn More - Get the latest family violence facts here. How to Write Effective Creative
  24. 24. Digital Asset Optimization 24 Tip #5: Drop users on the most relevant & effectives page on your site Landing Pages
  25. 25. Conversion Rate = 0% 0 emails collected Conversion Rate = 12.59% 1,000 + email address / mo Homepage Vs Targeted Landing Page
  26. 26.  Is all this information necessary at this point in the relationship?  Most users are reluctant to divulge personal information  4 fields is the ideal length Conversion Rate = 50% Conversion Rate = 74.6% Keep Forms as Short as Possible
  27. 27. 25% of Clicks 75% of Clicks 25% of Clicks 75% of Clicks  Official Google Adwords Certification (  Google Ad Grants Help Forum (!forum/grants)  Google Ad Grants Whitepaper by Media Cause ( Great Resources for DIY SEM Want More? You’re Not Alone
  28. 28. Building Strong Relationships 28 Pro Tips PRO LEVEL TIPS: Email Capture and Community Building Techniques Transform Website Traffic Into New Donors
  29. 29. What is an Email Worth?
  30. 30. Prominent Placement for Newsletter Signups Tip: highly visible, above the fold; test different call-to- action messages and button colors
  31. 31. Footer Signups / Messaging Matters Tip: Test alternative messaging for “newsletter signup”
  32. 32. Promote Petitions and Pledges Throughout Tip: Encourage participation/email capture from your most trafficked pages.
  33. 33. Slide-Ins / Pop-ups for Engaging Content Tip: Foster sense of community with email capture on your most engaging content pages (blog).
  34. 34. Tip: Use Adwords and Google Analytics to determine what content is the most popular. Email Gate for Best Digital Content
  35. 35. Advanced Email List Building Tip: Segmentation and precision targeting lead to greater success.
  36. 36. Case Study #DoingItRight
  37. 37. Case Study – Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  38. 38. Previous Strategy Googled “screech owl” and landed on the species account Saw a picture, maybe listened to the owl call, then left
  39. 39. Community Building Strategy Web Visitors Leads w/ email Donors • It’s all about email capture and turning anonymous traffic into supporters • Create lead capture opportunities based on what visitors are looking for… pull them in for more information
  40. 40. Create Targeted/Segmented Offers Landing Page Download Page
  41. 41. Nurture New Supporters (Leads) A “Welcome Series” triggered by filling out a form: • Immediate - thank you email, acknowledging their love for Owls • 3 days later – More Owl Sounds, Macaulay Library “Voices of North American Owls” • 6 days later – NestWatch Build an Owl Nest Box, YouTube Eastern Screech Owl and Barred Owl videos • 12 days later – Invitation to Join the Lab Monthly communication: • New leads are added to monthly eNewsletter • Fundraising campaign appeals and membership drives (periodic)
  42. 42. Community Building Strategy in Action Google “screech owl” and land on the species account Donate/Join for the first time via email Begin receiving monthly eNews and email solicitations Learn more about the Lab through triggered emails See offer to download owl sounds in exchange for email address Don’t forget to say THANK YOU!
  43. 43. Year One Results • Increased email capture rate from 0.2% to 5.98%. • Increased our email file by 56% (522k as of 4/1) • Doubled online fundraising over prior year • 60% of first-time donors are coming from online • 54% of online revenue was in response to email solicitations • Average “sales” cycle – 78 days from lead to donor
  44. 44. Eric Facas @EricFacas Thank You! Questions? Media Cause @MediaCause @GoogleAdGrants