Facebook Pay Per Click Ads For Great Agents


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Facebook Pay Per Click Ads For Great Agents

  1. 1. Facebook Pay Per Click Ads For Real Estate Success
  2. 2. Should I Do PPC Ads? Yes….If…. •You have an appealing website or Facebook business page that will capture people •You have an event you want to draw attention to •You are committed to trying different ads and monitoring performance •You want more leads •You are going to cultivate and influence your “followers” regularly
  3. 3. What Is a Pay Per Click Ad? A highly targeted advertisement that shows up in the side bar when FB users are logged into their Facebook account.
  4. 4. What Is a Pay Per Click Ad?
  5. 5. What Is a Pay Per Click Ad?
  6. 6. What Is a Pay Per Click Ad?
  7. 7. Why PPC Ads?
  8. 8. People are on Facebook making Buying Decisions •Internet trend tracking firm comScore recently reported that Facebook and Twitter users spend more money online than non-socialites, and that some 23 percent of Twitter users follow businesses, buy goods online, and look for product reviews.
  9. 9. Advanced Targeting •The Facebook PPC program is built around user data, not keywords; so advertisers can select a target audience based on sex, age, marital status, education, group membership, and interestsIn this way, advertisers can prepare accurate promotional campaigns that focus on generating high quality site traffic. Put another way, Facebook can generate traffic that is very likely to convert.
  10. 10. In-expensive •For as little as $1 you can gain a long time Facebook follower.
  11. 11. Brand Impressions •The ads, which include a graphic, are analogous to Internet display advertising, which may have a lasting effect on brand perception. As a form of display advertising, Facebook and other social media sites generally outperform the alternatives, according to comScore.
  12. 12. Usability •Facebook's PPC service is also very easy to use. Paste a target URL into the system's "Create an Ad" tool, and it will propose ad copy and images based on page content. Advertisers can also create their own ads from the ground up. •Once ads are approved, Facebook offers adequate tracking data, and bills the advertiser every couple of days. Campaigns budgets can be set so you'll know exactly what you're spending.
  13. 13. What Do I Advertise?
  14. 14. What Do I Advertise? Listings • Your website •Your FB Fan/Business Page •Events – Open Houses – Seminars Etc •
  15. 15. Where Do I Start?
  16. 16. Sponsored Story
  17. 17. Sponsored Story
  18. 18. Sponsored Story •You can target people who are members of your page OR target people who are friends of your fans and followers •Draw attention to a post •Draw attention to friends of friends when they like your page
  19. 19. Sponsored Story
  20. 20. Sponsored Story
  21. 21. Sponsored Story
  22. 22. Sponsored Story
  23. 23. Draw Attention To a Post
  24. 24. Draw Attention To a Post
  25. 25. Draw Attention To a Post
  26. 26. Ad Created!
  27. 27. Ad Approved Email
  28. 28. Let’s Make a FB AD
  29. 29. Let’s Make a FB AD
  30. 30. For Help Go To FAQ
  31. 31. The Help Center
  32. 32. The Help Center
  33. 33. The Help Center
  34. 34. The Help Center
  35. 35. Pull From Past Ads
  36. 36. Point Your Ad
  37. 37. Destination
  38. 38. Write and Ad
  39. 39. Write and Ad
  40. 40. Location Targeting
  41. 41. Demographics & Interests
  42. 42. Connections on FB
  43. 43. Education & Work
  44. 44. Set a Budget
  45. 45. Don’t Run Continuously
  46. 46. Review Your Ad & Place Order
  47. 47. Created Successfully
  48. 48. FAQ’s
  49. 49. Can I Choose Where My Ad Appears? Marketplace Ads display in the right-hand column of Facebook pages. Up to five Marketplace ads may show at one time on any given page. Advertisers do not currently have the option to choose on which pages their ads appear. Ads are eligible to appear beside Apps, Photos, Groups, Pages, Profiles, etc.
  50. 50. How Targeted Should My Ads Be? Your ad is more likely to perform better and continue running successfully if it is being displayed to the users who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. Because of this, we recommend targeting your ads to smaller, more specific groups of users at one time. This allows you to write ad text that is more personalized, making your ad more appealing to the users you are reaching. It also enables you to generate better insight into your advertising performance, and allow you to find the most effective ad.
  51. 51. Managing Campaigns
  52. 52. Navigate to Ads
  53. 53. My Campaigns
  54. 54. Recent Ads & Charges
  55. 55. Recent Ads & Charges
  56. 56. Recent Ads & Charges
  57. 57. Recent Ads & Charges
  58. 58. Recent Ads & Charges
  59. 59. Tips for Ad Success 1. Be Creative With Your Ad 2. Tell The Consumer What You Want (Like Our Page) 3. Change Ads Often 4. Watch What Works 5. Choose Your Image Wisely 6. Split variable test. Your ad contains three components: copy, image, and targeting. 7. Dynamic Key Words