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Etiquette and good manners
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Etiquette and good manners


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etiquette guide for business

etiquette guide for business

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Etiquette
    Good Manners
  • 2. Objectives
    Personal and self care
    Introductions and greetings
    Dining etiquette
    Table manners
    10 commandments
    No, No’ s
    Yes, Yes’ s
    Famous quotes
  • 3. Politeness of your appearance
    • All the lessons of savoir vivre can be resumed in these words: Learning to be at Ease …
    • 4. The message: authoritative, conservative, and competent
    • 5. Men: hair, beard, dental hygiene ,nails, smells, suit, shirt and last but not least socks and shoes
    • 6. Women : hair, eyebrows, nails, makeup, perfume, suit (pants or skirt?), shirts, pantyhose, shoes and last but not least accessories
  • 1st Contact
    Hand Shake
    Card giving
  • 7. Dining Etiquette
  • 8. Table settings
  • 9. Styles of Service
  • 10. Glassware
    Liqueur glass
    Brandy snifter
    Port glass
    Alsace glass
    Bordeaux glass
    White wine glass
    Burgundy glass
  • 11. Posture and Elbows 
    Sit straight and try not to lean on the table.
    Keep your elbows off the table and close to the body when you are eating.
    On the table, mobiles, keys and what can’t be eaten doesn’t belong to it
    However, when you stop to talk, it is okay to rest your elbows on the table and lean forward.
  • 12. Styles of Cutting
    Knife in your right hand
    Shift split
  • 13. 10 Commandments
    Thou shall not jump straight into business talk
    Thou shall not be late
    Thou shall not table hop
    Thou shall not talk politics, diet or family
    Thou shall not dominate the conversation
    Thou shall not dawdle over the ordering or eating
    Thou shall not neglect the old lady next to you
    Thou shall not answer your mobile
    Thou shall not neglect the table manners
    Thou shall not forget to show appreciation
    Thou shall not leave the table unless urgent reasons
  • 14. No, No’s
    Don’t salt your food before you taste
    Don’t push your plate or chair away
    Don’t rearrange or stack your dirty dishes
    Never tilt your chair
    Don’t ask people where they are going when they get up from the table
    If you burp, excuse your self to no one particular
    Never crumble crackers in your soup or blow on it
    Don’t chew ice or other inedible parts of the meal
    Put butter first on your plate, not directly onto your bread
    To get the last bit of soup, tilt the bowl away from you- the Tug boat goes out
  • 15. Yes, Yes’s
    Always pass the salt & pepper together
    Need to get something out of your mouth- use your tongue & fork
    When in doubt, use a utensil rather than your fingers
    Hair in your food- don’t spoil someone else’s meal by talking about it
    Food in teeth, blow nose, rearrange hair- go to the restroom!
    Don’t like your meal- who cares- tell the host you do!
  • 16. Official diner
    • Inviting
    Single in restaurant…
    Married at home…
  • 17. Words to the Wise
    Nothing that touched your mouth should ever directly touch the table
    When you are finished- place your silverware at 4 :20o’clock
    If you spill something don’t make a big deal about it- offer to pay for cleaning
    If you decide to pass on food being offered, simply say “No Thanks”- no explanation is needed
    Learn to try new foods when you have the opportunity- you may be confronted with unfamiliar choices in the future
  • 18. Famous quotes
    Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.
    Clarence Thomas
    Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners .
    Laurence Sterne
    Etiquette is the science of living.
    Emilie Post
    Civility costs nothing and buys everything.
    Lady Mary Worley Montague
    A person should be allowed a few redeeming vices, but never bad manners
    Mark Twain
  • 19. Thank you
    Etiquette and Image Consultant
    Tel: Lebanon +961 3930480 Switzerland +41794433423
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