Four components of Etiquette


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This is about the four components of etiquette: Public, Private, Personal, Professional. Enjoy!

Four components of Etiquette

  2. 2. What is Etiquette?  “ticket”or“label”  rulesgoverningsociallyacceptablebehavior makepeoplemorecomfortablewitheach other  basedonkindnessandconsideration cultural
  3. 3. Why have Etiquette?  To be different & be on the privileged list!  To be confident anytime, anywhere!  To modify distracting behavior  To help develop admirable conduct of real ladies and gentlemen. To be aware of and to know how to respect norms of those from other cultures.
  4. 4. Categories of Etiquette Personal • Grooming • Dressing Private • Home & Family • De La Salle University Public • Street • Restaurant • Church • Theaters • Formal Meal Professional • Introductions • Telephone • Business
  6. 6. BASIC GROOMING for ALL Brush your teeth after every meal and floss at least once a day Change your toothbrush every 3 months Push back, cut or pull out nose hair that keep popping out!
  7. 7. BASIC GROOMING for MEN Keep your face oil- free by having absorbent papers handy Keep finger and toe nails short and clean. Long hair should be tied neatly at the back Medium length hair should be gelled back to show ears
  8. 8. BASIC GROOMING for MEN Shave unless it’s your fashion statement to grow beard or moustache. Wear cologne with gentle fragrance. Earrings should be small and subtle.
  9. 9. BASIC GROOMING for WOMEN Keep hair neat and tidy. Do something about armpit hair, e.g., shave, pluck or wax! Never remove your shoes nor rub your ankles in public.
  10. 10. BASIC GROOMING for WOMEN Fragrance in the form of cologne, lotion or perfume should be subtle and mysterious. Wear light make up during the day; there’s beauty in simplicity. Avoid large and loud jewelry during the day.
  11. 11. DRESSING for MEN &WOMEN For formal occasions, choose white or light-colored handkerchief. Clean and shine shoes always Clothes should always be pressed. Loud colored pants are for beach and leisure wear only
  12. 12. DRESSING for MEN Men should avoid large jewelry. Men should always wear socks in leather shoes, should choose socks in neutral colors and wear them above the ankles. Men should never wear shirt under a blazer or coat that is supposed to be part of a suit. Using foundation on the face is awkward for men.
  13. 13. DRESSING for WOMEN Daring clothes, heavy make up and jewelry are for evenings only Sexy clothes are for Sexy people to be worn in Sexy places.
  15. 15. HOME & FAMILY CLAYGO! Clean up the tub or shower area after taking a bath. Flush toilet after every use.
  16. 16. HOME & FAMILY Always keep toilet seat bowl cover down and clean; never leave urine marks on the bowl rim. Press toothpaste tube from the bottom and not near the cap. Never leave hair on the soap after use.
  17. 17. HOME & FAMILY Always use serving spoon for rice and other viand shared with the rest of the family or friends. Refill water bottles and ice trays in the refrigerator after use. Respect people’s property and privacy. Never barge into their rooms w/o knocking on the door.
  18. 18. IN THE UNIVERSITY Present your ID at the entrance gates. This is for security purposes. Stop walking and talking when the Angelus is recited at 12:00 noon and 6:00 pm CLAYGO! Clean up the classroom as you leave..
  19. 19. DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY Wear proper campus attire. You should be attractive not distractive. Walk on the right side of corridors and stairs. Allow those exiting from elevators and rooms to pass before you enter. Give way to brothers, faculty and administrators as a sign of respect. Keep campus clean and green.
  21. 21. in the STREETS… Respect other people’s space, e.g., ATM booth, cinema or church queues. When walking slowly in groups, let others pass from behind you. Do not litter surroundings; dispose of garbage properly.
  22. 22. in the STREETS… When crossing the street, use the pedestrian lane or overpass when available. If none cross from corner to corner of the sidewalk. Avoid walking on the street when there are sidewalks available. Men should always be on the danger side when walking or crossing the street with women.
  23. 23. in the STREETS… Board and alight vehicles properly. Women should board first, but men should alight first. Be considerate of others in PUJs, PUBs, LRT & MRT, even if others are inconsiderate. Learn to say “Thank You” loudly when people show kindness. Men don’t have to give up their seat for women. But if a seat becomes available, offer it first to women.
  24. 24. in the STREETS… When boarding buses, trains and elevators, let outgoing people alight first. Never push. When driving, respect pedestrians, traffic enforcers and stop lights. Avoid blowing your horns unless absolutely necessary.
  25. 25. in RESTAURANTS… When entering a restaurant, men should precede the women and hold the door for them. Men should pull the seat for women before taking their own. Hosts should ensure that their guests are seated first and with the best view.
  26. 26. in RESTAURANTS… When ordering food, women may order directly from the waiter. Men should let the women order first, or may give the women’s orders on their behalf first. Women on a date should refrain from ordering expensive items especially if the man is not well-off!
  27. 27. in RESTAURANTS… To call a waiter, catch his eye and then raise your hand, or call “waiter” quietly. Clapping, whistling, shouting, or saying “psst!” is rude. When eating, take conservatively-sized bites; chew with your mouth closed, and avoid talking when your mouth is full.
  28. 28. in RESTAURANTS… Never use fork to cut meat. Never use bread to mop plate, nor dunk it in hot coffee or cocoa. Spoon soup away from you; you may tilt your bowl away from you.
  29. 29. in RESTAURANTS… Ash trays or flower vases are not meant to be souvenirs. Pick your teeth using toothpick while ensuring your mouth is covered using the other hand. Never wipe anything on the underside of the table, lest be “boogered” yourself.
  30. 30. in the CHURCH… Always wear conservative clothing. You’re in church to worship; NOT to be worshipped. Do not unduly attract attention to yourself when entering. You can do this inconspicuously. Acknowledge greetings with a slight bow of your head or a smile.
  31. 31. in the CHURCH… If you have something to say, whisper in a very soft voice. Do not laugh out loud or giggle to death. Participate actively but do not attract attention to yourself.
  32. 32. in THEATERS… Men should take the aisle seats when with women. When arriving late, take the seats at the back to avoid distracting people. Turn off your mobile phones or switch them to silent mode.
  33. 33. in THEATERS… Talking, coughing, rattling candy wrappers and crackling of nuts are annoying, irritating and disturbing to everyone. Exit the place one at a time; it is rude to push people towards the exit. Learn to say “pardon me” quietly when sneezing or coughing.
  34. 34. during FORMAL MEALS… After being seated, put your napkin on your lap. This clears your place setting and allows the server to put your menu. Come with questions and topics on your mind. Be an interesting guest and dinner conversationalist. If you must leave the table during the meal, do so between courses and leave your napkin on your table.
  35. 35. during FORMAL MEALS… If you need to cough or sneeze, do it quietly. Hold WHITE wineglasses by the stem and RED wineglasses by the bowl. Stir tea or coffee quietly. Place spoon on coaster or saucer before drinking. Never leave spoon in a cup/ glass.
  36. 36. during FORMAL MEALS… If lemon is served with tea, drop it into the cup/ glass or place it on the saucer after squeezing. Pace yourself so you are in sync with your host. To butter bread, break off a bite-sized piece and butter it while holding the piece on the bread-and-butter plate.
  37. 37. during FORMAL MEALS… When asked to pass the salt or pepper, always keep the 2 together. Don’t place any objects such as keys, glasses, purse, etc. on the table. Women should avoid leaving lipstick stains on glassware or coffee cups.
  38. 38. at the end of FORMAL MEALS… Fold your napkin loosely, conceal any stains on the inside fold and place it to the LEFT of your setting. Place knife & fork side by side across the plate. The knife should have its cutting edge toward the center of the plate and the fork tines up.
  40. 40. INTRODUCTIONS… Mention the name of the most important person first, i.e., older over younger, distinguished person over ordinary citizen, women over men, customer over supplier. Acknowledge an introduction with a hand shake. It’s safe to say, “I’m pleased to meet you” or “It’s a pleasure to meet you” or “How do you do?”
  41. 41. INTRODUCTIONS… Men should rise for an introduction. Women may remain seated unless the person being introduced is a Very Important Person or a Distinguished Guest of Honor.. Correct erroneous introductions right away, especially when your position was inadvertently “promoted”.
  42. 42. TELEPHONE MANNERS… Answer phone calls within 3 rings or less, with an appropriate greeting and with a smile. A caller should identify himself/herself, and tell the reason for calling. Speak softly and slowly.
  43. 43. TELEPHONE MANNERS… Return calls within the day. Keep conversations short, unless it is a teleconference.. If the call is not for you but for somebody who is not around, offer to take a message.
  44. 44. BUSINESS ETIQUETTE… Assume that all business associates prefer to be addressed formally. You may address them by their first names only if they request for it. Be nice to the secretaries of business associates.
  45. 45. BUSINESS ETIQUETTE… Profanities are no 'no's at the working place, i.e., dirty language. Men should open doors for women, but women should not stand helpless in front of the door.
  46. 46. “Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” Clarence Thomas