Paton *Cry the Beloved Country*


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*Cry, the Beloved Country,* Lesson Three from Mrs Loomis's World Literature and Composition class.

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Paton *Cry the Beloved Country*

  1. 1. We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right. Nelson Mandela
  2. 2. Physical Social EmotionalCity Relational Spiritual Other Physical Social EmotionalVillage Relational Spiritual Other
  3. 3.  Explain some of the things at the Mission House that were unfamiliar to Kumalo. How do you respond in new situations? Why was everyone silent when Kumalo spoke about “that far country”? What is the new “sickness of the land”? Is there a modern example?
  4. 4.  Why did Gertrude go to Johannesburg in the first place? What was her sickness? Why would this be especially painful for Kumalo to hear? Who else was affected by her sickness?
  5. 5.  What does Kumalo learn about his brother and his son in these chapters? Describe Gertrude’s neighborhood. What is “bad laughter”? Why is there no life in Gertrude’s hand? Explain Gertrude’s fear and Kumalo’s anger. What is John’s “new” religion? What happened to John’s family? How is John’s “cunning and knowing smile” the same as the “bad laughter”?
  6. 6.  Why did John’s voice change as he spoke? Do you like John Kumalo? Why/why not? Why does John seem unconcerned about the whereabouts of his own son? What does John Kumalo lack? Why isn’t he a threat to the establishment? What do you know about Absalom and his friends?
  7. 7.  Why did Msimangu and Kumalo walk to Alexandra? Explain the trio of power in the Johannesburg “new society”? (74) Why did Kumalo marvel at a ride from a stranger? Explain the petition and the battle it incited. (74-77) Why was the woman who had housed Absalom so fearful? How had Absalom lived? (78)
  8. 8.  Where had Absalom gone and with whom and why? Why do the police try to prevent kindness? Why is it that a white man helping a black man is something “not lightly done’? (81) Why was this a “bitter journey” to Kumalo? (55)
  9. 9.  What does Msimangu say that indicates the depth of his faith? What is the bigger issue facing South Africa beyond that the “house is broken?” What does Msimangu say about power? Do you agree? Why/why not? What is Msimangu’s greatest fear? (71)
  10. 10. •How does forgiveness factor into thissection?•How much truth is there, even today,about the corrupting influence ofpower?•All buses lead to Johannesburg, allroads lead to Johannesburg: why is therepetition significant?
  11. 11. Read chapters 10-13Create at least one discussion question perchapterE-mail the questions to me no later than 6 p.m.Thursday (15 March)Create a tentative thesis statement for youressay. We will discuss them in class and work tostrengthen them together.Essay prompt: Which is more important tosociety, mercy OR justice?