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Fahrenheit 451
Christian School
11th Grade
Combination Art/Literature class

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. American Literature and Composition 4 September 2012 The fact is that censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. ~Henry Steele Commager
  2. 2. “Established, 1790, t0 burn English-influenced books in the Colonies. First fireman: Benjamin Franklin. RE-DEFINE, RE-MODEL, RE-FORM
  3. 3. Not long ago, American schoolchildren learned a quaint tale in history class about the nation's first president. It had to do with a precocious George Washington cutting down a cherry tree against his parents' wishes. When confronted by his angry father, Washington had to decide whether to lie and avoid punishment or own up to the offense. As the tale goes, young Washington replied that he couldn't tell a lie and confessed to axing the tree.
  4. 4. Revise and Rewrite Good use Not so good • Correct factual inaccuracies • Adjust dates based on research • Offer an additional point of view (without diminishing the actual facts of the history. • Falsify events • Falsify rationale for event • Change history for political purposes • Change history for a particular agenda
  5. 5. Lenses of Revisionism • Racial • Economic – Writing history to promote – Writing history to promote one ethnic one system over another group over another (e.g. capitalism v • Sexual communism) – Writing history to • Political include or promote a – Writing history in order to particular gender affect perceptions of foreign policy, political When done for the right reasons, structure, and revising history can offer a clearer nationalism. picture of past events. However, it is easy to abuse the process and create a “history” that is more fiction than fact.
  6. 6. Life blur Ray Bradbury would probably not be surprised at the speed of 2012. Drivers on cell phones speed past pedestrians who have the right of way-and then curse the walkers. Family sit down dinners are more often than not purchased at a drive through window and eaten in the car. Advertisements rely on size and titillation to capture attention. Amusement parks seek to draw in visitors by promising greater thrills, faster rides, and more terrifying drops. Eight teenagers die every day from motor vehicle injuries.
  7. 7. Consider the lilies of the field
  8. 8. Consider the lilies of the field
  9. 9. Consider the lilies of the field
  10. 10. Can you focus? pp 78-80
  11. 11. The Definition Paper
  12. 12. • Cite different meanings of X Your essay will be a definition paper The prompt will come next time. In the meantime, WRITE THIS DOWN!!! – Clarify uses • Contrast X with what it is not • Trace the history of X – Origin – Etymology – Context • Restore the original meaning of X • Formal meaning of X – Term, – Class – purpose • Compose a new definition of X – Establish need – Explain new purpose • Explain a social definition of X – New uses for old words (sick, phat…) • Combine any of the previous
  13. 13. Homework •Re-read “The Sieve and the Sand” •Research how to write a definition paper and compile a list of questions.