Colons and Semi-colons


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Colons and Semi-colons

  2. 2. Colon :A colon is used when you want to emphasisewhat follows it. He had one goal: to pass his SATsThe colon acts as a sign  saying, "Look out,here it comes.”
  3. 3. Colon ExamplesEngland is facing a terrifying problem: the Blitz(Explains what the problem is)There are three reasons not to talk: it costs lives, itsinks ships and causes bombings.(Identifies the reasons)I propose the creation of a new job: Air RaidWarden.(Identifies the job)
  4. 4. Semi-colon ;The semi colon is used when both parts of thesentence are closely related.The computer had a virus; all the files were lostIt acts as a sign  saying, “both these ideasare important.”
  5. 5. Semi-colon ExamplesThe Nazis are bad; the Allies are good.The soldiers are poor at shooting; they will soonbe capturedBritish troops are winning in North Africa; theUS troops are successful in the Pacific; Russia isdoing well in Eastern Europe.