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Facebook and Twitter for Business
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Facebook and Twitter for Business


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Here's the presentation I gave to SMG technology and marketing workshop on March 17, 2010. With the exception of seeing the videos, you should be able to get the general idea.

Here's the presentation I gave to SMG technology and marketing workshop on March 17, 2010. With the exception of seeing the videos, you should be able to get the general idea.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Milena Regos Blog: Twitter: @milenaregos LinkedIn: regos Email:
  • 2. 38% trust business to do what is right 18% trust advertising 20% believe what they hear from the news 42% believe in ghosts 76% believe in miracles Stats from MediaPost04, Edelman09, Sacred Heart University Poll 2008, AdWeek Dec09, Courtesy of WhuffieWorkshop by Tara “missrougue” Hunt
  • 3. 92% trust recommendations from people they know Source: April 2009
  • 4. Led by Facebook, Twitter, Global Time Spent on Social Media Sites up 82% Year over Year
  • 5. Social Media Twitter Social Networking Source: Anderson Analytics LLC, 2010. MENG (Marketing Executives Networking Group)
  • 6. Yet 72% of marketers plan new social media initiatives in 2010. Source: Anderson Analytics LLC, 2010. MENG
  • 7. Why people are on social networks? Keep in touch with friends 75% For fun 55% Keep in touch with family 41% Invited by someone they know 30% Keep in touch with classmates 30% Keep in touch with business network 5% Job searching 4% Business dev’t/Sales 3% Searching for new hires 1% Other 4% Stats from eMarketerJul09
  • 8. Facebook up 236%. Twitter up 368%
  • 9. > 400 mil active users 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day 57% are women 70% are outside of the US Average user has: 130 friends spends >55 min/day likes 9 pieces of content each month writes 25 comments each month Fans 4 Pages each month is invited to 3 events per month is a member of 13 groups There are more than 100 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. Stats from March 2010
  • 10. 10 easy steps to use Facebook for business
  • 11. Fan Pages vs Groups
  • 12. Use an image that stands out and carries your brand
  • 13. Heavenly Facebook Profile Photo – Nice!
  • 14. Use the TABS Fill out your info page completely
  • 15. Great use of TABS!
  • 16. Create a nicely done custom welcome page for your new fans
  • 17. Update your fans – but not too often
  • 18. Use the Events function
  • 19. Link to your page from everywhere: web, email, blog
  • 20. Post Often L I S T E N
  • 21. The Social Media Process Listen Plan Engage Measure
  • 22. LISTEN
  • 23. Get found Connect and engage Create a community Promote content you create
  • 24. Increase your Facebook fans Keep content fresh Engage Promote a contest via Facebook Give fans something they can’t get anywhere else Encourage interaction
  • 25. Keep content fresh
  • 26. Engage
  • 27. Engage
  • 28. Engage
  • 29. Engage your fans. Reward.
  • 30. Have fun
  • 31. ROI from social media
  • 32. Promote further engagement
  • 33. Measurements
  • 34. Interactions/Fans= % Active Fans (Positive Comments/Fans)/Posts= % Fan Promoter (Negative Comments/Fans)/Posts= % Fan Detractor Source:
  • 35. 18m + estimated ‘users’ 57% women men have 15% more followers 66% under 25 yrs old 85% tweet <1x per day 1.1% tweet >10x per day 75% all Twitter activity comes from 5% of users 94% of Twitter users have <100 followers 0.68% of Twitter users have >1000 followers 92% follow <100 others Stats from: eMarketer Aug09, Harvard Study June09, Brian Solis Oct 09. Courtesy of Tara ‘missrogue’ Hunt
  • 36. People are tweeting to connect with your company 20% of tweets are invitations for product info and answers from companies 48% of users introduced to a brand on Twitter went further to search online compared to 34% on other SN 27% are receptive to special offers 25% visited a website after a tweet 44% have recommended a product on SN, 39% on Twitter Journal of the American Society for Information Sciences and Technology
  • 37. The Social Media Process Listen Plan Engage Measure
  • 38. Use the advanced search on • Your name • Your Twitter account name • Your company, brand or product • Your competitors
  • 39. Advance your advanced search TweetGrid Monitter RSS feeds TweetBeep
  • 40. Use a desktop/smartphone client
  • 41. Twitter for Business • Interact with your customer base • Track what people are saying about your company • Create buzz about upcoming events • Develop and promote your brand • Help individual employees act as liasons to the public • Promote other content you’ve created • Develop direct relationships with PR people, bloggers and people in general
  • 42. Network Meet on #mrktchat Every Thursday 2pm PST
  • 43. Anatomy of Twitter profile
  • 44. Have Clear Goals
  • 45. Integrate Twitter in your other channels
  • 46. Be conversational. Post mostly not about your company. Retweet your customers Be helpful. Offer customer support.
  • 47. Engage. Post personal updates. Link clever to your website. Use humor.
  • 48. Run a Special
  • 49. The 11 Commandments of Twitter for companies We can articulate the company vision in 140 characters or less, minus PR puffery and cliché. We are willing to give credit to cool, innovative, or thought-provoking ideas, even if coined by someone else. We are willing to challenge a potentially destructive position even if our position generates criticism. We are willing to listen to and engage with others, even if "others" = employees, customers, or activists. We will not get carried away, never tweeting about a fresh "cuppa," or worse, some banal corporate achievement. We will dedicate time each week to reading what others have to say and promise to retweet ("RT") the most clever, valuable, and even humorous. We will never include in a press release, speech, or annual report our "Twitter followers" figure, no matter how tempting. We actually have something meaningful to say. If we don't have something to say, we'll find the person in the organization best suited for speaking/tweeting on behalf of the company. If we cannot live up to these commandments we will reflect on whether corporate marketing is the right role for us. We will use our Twitter channel not just to bump out cheery news, but to keep customers informed in the event of bad news (i.e., a product recall, a hostile take-over, a PR crisis), too.
  • 50. What do you measure? Reach Response rate Branding and awareness Twitter Grade Sales Funnel
  • 51. Track links to your page
  • 52. Measurement tools - Retweetrank
  • 53. Measurement tools –
  • 54. Measurement tool - Twitalyzer
  • 55. Milena Regos 775-771-6863 twitter: @milenaregos LinkedIn: regos Images from