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Essentials Of Social Media


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This is a Basic presentation on Social Media and some simple and practical strategy on how to use Social media marketing for your business.

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Essentials Of Social Media

  1. 1. Essentials ofSocial Media By Yusuf Chowdhury
  2. 2. About Yusuf Chowdhury Online Marketing for 6 years. Managed multiple blogs and social networking sites. Partnered with other digital marketing consultants & web developer agency. Founder of Online Business Owners. Worked on 2 board games & released two short films. 1st educational iPad/Iphone app
  3. 3. Topics What is Social Media? Why Social Media? Social Media PlatformsSocial Media Etiquette & Strategies. Q&A
  4. 4. What is Social Media? Social Media is an internet and mobile based applications and communication tool. Its sole purpose is to create interactive dialogue, online communities and to generate content that can be delivered by users who interact and update in real time. People can connect with friends and family, make new friends, and interact with organizations locally and globally.
  5. 5. Why Social Media?
  6. 6. More than 120 millionusers log on to Facebook at least once a day!
  7. 7. Dell made $6.5 million in sales using Twitter”
  8. 8. Major Corporations Use it...• High-end budget• Able to experiment• Established Brand• Marketers in-house• Leverage media and PR contacts
  9. 9. TRADITIONAL MARKETING (Outbound) • Telemarketing, Direct Mailings, Radio, etc... • Broadcast, one-way • Interruption Marketing • Expensive
  10. 10. NEW MEDIA MARKETING (Inbound)• Focused on building relationship• Permission based rather then selling• Social Media, Opt-In emails, Blogs, etc...• Interactive, immediate, accessible, constantly evolving• Requires consumer engagement for success• Requires time and discipline• Anyone can participate and generate word of mouth
  11. 11. Case StudiesCurbside CupcakesCoffeeGroundzFamily Wine Company
  12. 12. CASE STUDY #1: CURBSIDE CUPCAKES - INCREASED REVENUE - INCREASED BRAND EXPOSURE - EXPLOSIVE EXCITEMENTCurbside Cupcakes, a mobile gourmet cupcake vendor in Washington, DC,used Twitter and Facebook among other online platforms to build a significantcustomer following. They built up over 3,100 Twitter follower and over 5,600Facebook fans by posting a Cupcake Calendar with their locations for the month.They also had “Wildcard Spots” days in which they revealed their destinationsvia Twitter and Facebook. They engaged their following by tweeting with them,and fans posted photos of their cupcakes and their interactions with the mobilevan on Facebook. This generated excitement in the shopping process for theircustomers and increased the business’s exposure, following, and revenues.
  13. 13. CASE STUDY #2: COFFEE GROUNDZ - INCREASED REVENUE - DOUBLED TRAFFIC - INCREASED PR COVERAGEA cross between a coffee house and a lounge in Houston, TX,they were potentially the first to place and receive a “to-go” ordervia Twitter. The company started taking to-go” orders via directmessage on Twitter, and a whole new sales process was born.The café’s business demand doubled as a result of this strategy,coupled with good press coverage that increased others’awareness of this convenient way of ordering.
  14. 14. CASE STUDY #3: Gary Vaynerchuck More Money!!!!! Constant Interaction Increased Media ExposureGary Vaynerchuck grew his family business from$4 million to $60 million in five years using socialmedia. What Gary found is that: $15,000 in Direct Mail = 200 new Customers $7,500 Billboard = 300 new customers $0 Twitter = 1,800 new customer
  15. 15. Visiting social sites is now the 4th most popular online activity, ahead of personal email.
  16. 16. 97% of consumersuse online searches when researchingproducts or services.
  17. 17. 78% of consumers trust peerrecommendations.
  18. 18. Only 14% trust ads!
  19. 19. Those membersseek and makerecommendationsfor products,services &experiencesfor friends &followers.
  20. 20. Truth:Marketinghas shiftedfrom aone-waybroadcast to amulti-pointconversation.
  21. 21. The new“word of mouth”is online socialmedia likeFacebook andTwitter.
  22. 22. Facebook & Twitterhave 1400,000,000members combined!
  23. 23. The fastest growingdemographic amongFacebookusers is...35 to 65year-old women.
  24. 24. YouTube is now the second largest search engine
  25. 25. People go there to look for videos to answer their questions,show them how to do something, or review a product or business.
  26. 26. gets >300,000,000visitors a month who watch more than2,000,000,000 videos
  27. 27. There are more than200,000,000 blogs!
  28. 28. People aremore likely tovisit blogs that alignwith their interests because blogsare non-selling environments.
  29. 29. Whether you know it ornot, your prospects & customers are using social media.
  30. 30. Are you still spending money on: Yellow Pages, Newspaperinserts & other old-school media?
  31. 31. 24 of the 25 largest newspapers experiencedrecord declines in circulation in the past year.
  32. 32. Why are the YellowPages like Nursing Homes?
  33. 33. Because they’reshockingly expensiveand few people under 70 use them!
  34. 34. According to Yahoo!92% of all business searchers start looking online, either athome or on their mobile phones
  35. 35. Marketing online isn’tan option anymore —it’s a requirement!
  36. 36. It’s where your prospects & customers are searching to findbusinesses they can trust to buyproducts or servicesor get their problems solved.
  37. 37. Marketing online is nolonger just about having a Web site where people come to find your business.
  38. 38. It’s about going where they are online and connecting with them in those locations.
  39. 39. Are you regularly monitoring and enhancing yourreputation online?
  40. 40. Are you active in all the places where yourtarget customers hang out online?
  41. 41. Get Out There& Get Found! But it’s not “set and forget.” You need to stay fresh!
  42. 42. Get Out There & Get Found Social media are like big grocery stores
  43. 43. Get Out There & Get Found There’s a “sell by” date on every message --and it’s today!
  44. 44. Get Out There & Get Found If you’re not delivering something new on a regular basis, other messages are going to replace yours on the shelves.
  45. 45. Engage Once you get found, engage with yourprospects on their terms.
  46. 46. Engage Get them to follow you onTwitter, friend you on Facebook or subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  47. 47. Engage Then start offeringmore insightful information, expert perspective, recommendations, news, coupons, and membership privileges…
  48. 48. EngageBuild relationships Earn their trustEarn their business
  49. 49. Follow Up Continue to engage & follow up
  50. 50. Follow Up Provide valuable information Respond to comments and questions
  51. 51. Integrate all theelements so theyamplify each other— •Search engines •Video •Social media •Mobile marketing
  52. 52. Do it withzero extrawork on yourpart.
  53. 53. SocialMediaPlatforms
  54. 54. Social Media Type PlatformsBlogging & Micro Blogging Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr and TwitterSocial Networking Facebook, Google +, LinkedinSocial Bookmarking Delicious, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUponSocial Communities Ning, MeetupPhotos/Videos Flickr,Picasa, photobuket, Youtube,Vimeo,, Daily motionReviews Yelp, Amazon, FlixsterEducation Howcast, Lynda, WonderHowTo, eHowShopping ebayGeo-location FourSquare, Facebook Checkin, GowallaWikis Wikipedia, WikiHow
  55. 55. A Closer Look at the Big Five
  56. 56. Facebook700 BILLION minutes spent on Facebook900 MILLION users worldwide70% live outside of the US (Facebook is available in 70 languages)50% of users login on any given dayAverage user connected to 80 Pages, Groups, events and 130 friendsOver 71% of 206 Million US Internet Users on FacebookMost visited Website in 20102 MILLION + websites integrated with Facebook (including over 80 of comScore’s U.S. Top 100 websites & over half of comScore’s Global Top 100 websites)
  57. 57. FacebookPersonal profile: connect with friends and family - share news, photos, videos and to play gamesBusiness page:  build an online community surrounding your business where people can interact with you,  make suggestions on products and services, and  feel like theyre the “insiders” because you show them pictures, offer them special deals, and let them see behind the scenes.
  58. 58. Twitter• 400 MILLION users on Twitter• # Increases by 300 THOUSAND every day• Over 55 MILLION tweets sent daily• 82% of Twitter users now provide a real name vs 33%• 73% provide location details vs 44%• 45% of users include a website URL vs 22% a year ago• Nearly 96% of users - follow less than 500 people
  59. 59. TwitterProfessionals who use Twitter are not tweeting about their dog or their latest meals. Instead theyre:  listening to their market  connecting with potential customers and  engaging in authentic conversation about relevant topics.  interacting with others in 140- character posts in real time by sharing content, posting questions, responding to others and learning from industry leaders.
  60. 60. LinkedIn• 90 MILLION registered users – world’s largest professional network• On average, 1 new member joins every SECOND of every day = 1 MILLION new members every 12 days• More than 1 MILLION companies have LinkedIn Company Pages• Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn Members• Nearly 1,000 groups created on LinkedIn every day• 100,000 members joining daily• More than 50% of LinkedIn members located outside the U.S.
  61. 61. LinkedIn Build a network of professional colleagues and connections to build relationships thatboost your success and reputation.
  62. 62. YouTube• Over 2 BILLION video views per day (double the prime-time audience of all 3 major US broadcast networks combined)• M o b i le U s e r s = 1 0 0 M I L LION + views/month Every Minute 24 Hours of Video is Uploaded• YouTube is in 23 countries and 24 different languages• 70% of Registered YouTube Users are Outside United States• YouTube is Fastest Growing Search Engine (currently ranked 2nd)• Video is Part of Googleʼs Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)
  63. 63. YouTube• Video on your website drives 36%• 55% of viewers who see a branded video on a third party site like YouTube visit the company website• 30% will visit the store and• 24% will purchase something
  64. 64. WordpressMore than 125 million people read blogs monthly, whichaccount for 77% of all Internet users.Blog readers more likely to purchase from and/or refer thebloggers they trust. 14% of blogs owned by corporations 25% of bloggers are non-college graduates11% say that blogging is their primary source of income 81% have been blogging more than 2 years 38% of bloggers post brand or product reviews
  65. 65. Wordpress- The most common blog updating frequency rate is 2-3 times per week• 53% of bloggers spend between 0-3 hours per week• 22% of bloggers spend 3-10 hours per week• 13% of bloggers spend 10-40 hours per week• 2% of bloggers spend 40 hours or more per week
  66. 66. Let’s get started right now with Five SimpleStrategies!
  67. 67. Social Media Etiquette Be real, honest, authentic  Generate conversation that and transparent. others can join. Provide valuable content,  Help other people including conversation, help and your competition. information.  Put other people 1st. Be accessible.  Listen to your community Listen to other people and and learn. their opinions.  Surround yourself with Ask questions. people who are smarter than you.
  68. 68. Research and Listen Find Out What People Are Already Saying About Your Product, Services or Niche and Learn What They WantGoogle Alerts at Blog Search Answers at at Search http://search.twitter.comKeyword Research using
  69. 69. Define Your Social Media Goals Use SMART Goals.  Enhance your Google ranking Grow your personal or business brand.  Define how you will measure Target your niche accomplishments. audience.  Increase traffic to your Inform people. website. Find business partners.  Increase revenue.
  70. 70. “If you are going to go there (Social Networking site,) you had better go for the right reasons. And if your reason is to sell more stuff, please don’t bother. It’s not going to work. People don’t care about you. They just don’t!”Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, Seth Godin
  71. 71. Define Your StrategyHow will you implement your Social Media plan?Which platform is best for your organization?What other Social Media Tools could you use?  Podcasts, Blogs, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, YoutubePick one or manyCreate your accounts and optimize.Note: Don’t expect a fast return.
  72. 72. Build a Checklist to Launch Social Media Sites. Blog: - Write Effectively to Blogging Audiences - Dress it up with videos, images, etc. - Tell a story. - Make it easy to post comments and share - Read other blog posts and participate. - Establish long-term relationships with bloggers. - Provide ample content on your blog before promoting. - Promote your blog by adding the site to relevant blog directories. • Technorati (
  73. 73. Build a Checklist to Launch Social Media Sites Facebook page: - Don’t pitch the company, products, or services. - Make fans feel special. - Provide information, deals, or contests. - Customize the look and feel. - Add engaging content and opportunities for interaction. - Promote the page to get more fans. - Regularly update content and respond to posts.
  74. 74. Build a Checklist to Launch Social Media Sites Linkedin: - Get the Most Out of Participation on LinkedIn - Create Groups in your niche - Join Others groups to start conversation - Be proactive and answer questoins
  75. 75. Build a Checklist to Launch Social Media Sites Twitter: - Offer exclusive deals for Twitter followers. - Follow what real customers are saying and get involved in the conversation to educate and inform. - Download a free guide at
  76. 76. Build a Checklist to Launch Social Media Sites YouTube: - Post videos on the site for free. - Create videos that are humorous, offbeat, and personal to encourage viewing. - Take good care of customers.
  77. 77. Plan to Measure Your SuccessCan users interact with the content?Can visitors share the content easily with others?Does the site encourage collaboration?Is the website SEO optimized?
  78. 78. Plan to Measure Your Success Use Web statistics like  Improve customer Google Analytics relations Increase Web site  Manage reputation traffic  Establish credibility Drive sales or new  Create buzz business Monitor brand  Listen and engage awareness
  79. 79. Tap Into Measurement Tools Track your Facebook engagement  TubeMogul ( (  Timely ( Track real-time Twitter conversations:  Buffer ( Twitter Search (  Hubspot Twitter Grader ( Monitter (  ManageFlitter TweetDeck ( ( Hootsuite (
  80. 80. Tap Into Measurement Tools  Measure and analyze traffic on a Web site for free. Google Analytics (  Receive free e-mail updates when a topic is mentioned on the Web or in a blog. Google Alerts (  Learn of Web search trends around certain key terms. Google Trends (  Manage feed subscriptions. FeedBurner (  Utilize blog search engines with tools for rating.  Technorati (
  81. 81. Have aquestion or two? Now’s thetime to ask!
  82. 82. Resources
  83. 83. Resources Social Media Examiner Social Media Today Mashable
  84. 84. End of thispresentation
  85. 85. Contact Yusuf Chowdhury here:Facebook Profile: Page: OnlineBusinessOwners