Aiesec international 2012 2013 strategy achievement


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Aiesec international 2012 2013 strategy achievement

  1. 1. AIESEC International 2012-2013 Achievement
  2. 2. The Story began with the TEAM AIESEC International 12/13 takes an active leadership stand to 1. Achieve AIESEC’s MoS in12/13 2. Ensure Clarity and Belief of the “Why” 3. Drive sustainable growth towards AIESEC 2015
  3. 3. Why?
  4. 4. Our Context
  5. 5. AIESEC International 12/13 Strategic Focus
  6. 6. GIP GCDP Clarity of the “why” CEM Amplifier Amplifier Specialized Units Process Optimization Talent Strategy Strategic Focus 1: Production Capacity
  7. 7. GIP GCDP Clarity of the “why” CEM Amplifier Amplifier Specialized Units Process Optimization Talent Strategy Strategic Focus 2: Quality Experience
  8. 8. GIP GCDP Clarity of the “why” CEM Amplifier Amplifier Specialized Units Process Optimization Talent Strategy Strategic Focus 3: Branding and Marketing
  9. 9. GIP GCDP Amplifier Amplifier Specialized Units Process Optimization BD Strategy Finance Clarity of the “why” CEM Talent Strategy Innovation Projects
  10. 10. Engaging the Clarity of WHY
  11. 11. The Legacy • 1. We have tool and content for long lasting impact on CoW engagement both internally and externally (The AIESEC book & Video) • 2. We role-model the CoW integration through AI plan integration • 3. We create an organization culture of CoW engagement by constantly reaching out to all MCPs/LCPs in the network
  12. 12. The Achievement • 1. The long lasting tool a) From content refreshment to 37 entities participated and submitted their own AIESEC Book: Both the creation process and the final outcome itself have let the network fully embrace the CoW conversation and thus continued the alignment started this year. b) Signed contract with videographer (Amplearth) and now awaiting for the final footage. • 2. We role-modeled the CoW integration through AI plan integration and a complete knowledge management center • 3. We have re-built the internal communication plan to be fully aligned with the organization’s purpose to amply the impact. Key facts: 1. 96% MCPs and Sample Network are clear about the key relevance of AIESEC 2. 75% MCPs are clear about the focus of our Midterm ambition 3. 84% MCPs mentioned that it was extremely needed for them to take the “Why” back 40 MCPs Letter 1600 LCPs MembershipTouch Points
  13. 13. Moving forward • 1. Easier Communication and Engagement • 2. Operation Integration (Planning / Program / Measurement) • 3. On-going Culture and Dialogue P.S. • Diversity and Localization • Reward Vs. Honor
  14. 14. Global Internship Programme
  15. 15. Our Legacy GIP operation based on sub products Technical Breakthrough Sales Capacity Building Belief &Confidence Match Rate from 45% to 65% 11% IT Growth; 15% Engineering Growth 6% Sales Growth in sales peak, including 16% growth in Jun 71% entities grow in sales
  16. 16. • Sub product development and education: Develop 16 sub products and provide tool for product education • Lead key sub product development: Lead development of marketing, IT and teaching sub products • Operation based on sub product: Develop business intelligence based on sub product and provide implementation framework to the network GIP Operation based on Sub Products • Further segmentation: Global framework for IT market and product segmentation • Technical recruitment: Technical recruitment through target social media campaign • Local growth network: Star LC TN & EP IT growth network and Special Unit • Supply and demand coordination Technical Breakthrough Our Achievement
  17. 17. • Global sales incentive: Develop global incentive to recognize and showcase top sales • Sales recruitment: Develop talent recruitment strategy focus on profile of sellers • Global sales education: Establish multiple channels for sales education focusing on sellers, sales managers and national managers • Sales with alumni and linkedin Sales Capacity Building • Diverse communication channel: GIP radio, newsletter and meetings • Trigger conversation of why: Role-model to talking about “why” • Celebrate and circulate success: Constantly and fast showcase success stories • Easy access knowledge center: Establish knowledge center for network to learn GIP Belief and Confidence Our Achievement
  18. 18. 5328 5028 4802 GIP GIP Realization in 3 Years Term 1213 Term 1112 Term 1011 6% Growth 5569 5026 4904 GIP GIP Match in 3 Years Term 1213 Term 1112 Term 1011 11% Growth NPS Score: 43 % of Promoters: 60% Response Rate: 18% Quality of Experience Program Growth
  19. 19. Take Forward 13-14 1. Drive growth in key market: Direct Lead evolution and drive growth of key sub products in key markets 2. Strategies for existing partners: Customer XP driven re- raising and up scaling strategies 3. Improve matching process: Re-engineer matching process and better align supply and demand in the network 4. GIP HR strategy: Strategy to tackle the structure and HR resources challenges in the network 5. Growth amplifiers: Amplify GIP growth with online channel and alliance 6. Short term product: Exploration of Short term GIP product
  20. 20. Global Community Development Programme
  21. 21. Measure of Success 21375 20991 15344 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 Goal 12/13 Achieved 12/13 Acheived 11/12 GCDP Re 37% relative growth 5647 absolute growth 42 NPS 57% promoters 23% response rate 347/1886 case open/close
  22. 22. Key Strategies Capacity Off Peak • through segmentation of students market to improve performances in March and April Dec-Jan Peak focus • Focus on Mediterranean and South American Entities to increase perfomances in Dec-Jan. Quality Co-delivery • Creating a better country-to- country partnership model for a better delivery of customer experience. EP Lead • Creating a better learning environment to our EP by making leadership experience conscious through out their GCDP experience. Both IXP • Teams and Exchanges experiences for our membership Issue Segmentation • To improve the matching rate, the clarification about the TN JD and the benchmark of our activities.
  23. 23. Key Strategies achievements Capacity Off Peak • Market segmentation • 42% growth in March & 40% in April Dec-Jan Peak focus • 48% growth in Jan Quality Co-delivery • Success stories from China- India, Brasil-Colombia and Egypt-Italy. EP Lead • Connection with quality improvement • 4% increased of promoters. Both IXP • IXP = 6365 • T+X= 3082 • X+T= 3283 Issue Segmentation • Definition of new issues • Changes in the system • Deployed in these days!
  24. 24. Moving Forward • Further development of the issue segmentation strategy – To improve the TN capacity – To improve the matching rate – To leverage on local markets opportunities. • Importance of qualitative strategies to improve the programme (EP LEAD and Co-Delivery)
  25. 25. Team Programme
  26. 26. Our Legacy Clarity in Program Management Talent Capacity Drive Exchange Enhancing Learning
  27. 27. Our Achievement Clarity in Program Management - Improved System Administration for reflection of experiences delivered. - Reviewed Talent Management Process & aligned it to program management - Driving TXP program growth through recruitment and re-integration. Talent Capacity Driving GIP Growth: – We built a strong global sales force across the network, through recruitment & education Campaign. – Role Model the network, through specific entities (US, Canada, Colombia, and Czech Republic - 680 Sellers ) – We provided operational and personal development knowledge to increase efficiency. Talent Capacity Driving GCDP Growth: – Researched into structural change which will lead to GCDP quality growth – Made the network aware of changing structures & JDs and culture when growing Enhancing Learning: – Establish a foundation for enhancing learning in sales teams, to be improved in 13-14 – An Input paper on how to develop and assess team experiences – Review NPS questions for TMP-TLP – LEAD Trainers (26) – LEAD for LCPs (130-Coaching Call & 140-MOOC) – 12 LEAD Talks
  28. 28. 0 25000 50000 75000 100000 TMP TLP 38000 96230 29036 61758 11-12 12-13 Behind Numbers TMP NPS:48 - Education about the role - Practical Hard & Soft Skills - Transition about the Role - Education About the role - Defined Individual Deliverables TLP NPS: 59 - Education About the role - Ultimate Responsibility for team & entity - Transition about role - Education about role - Defined Individual deliverables Program Growth
  29. 29. Take Forward 13-14 1. Talent Capacity driving exchange growth at all levels of the organisation. 2. Full implementation of Enhancing Learning of AIESEC Members working across teams. 3. NPS for TMP-TLP: Improving program and process based on customer feedback. 4. LEAD For LCPs: A 6 weeks leadership educational model is currently running until August.
  30. 30. Customer Experience Management
  31. 31. Legacy • After signing a long term contract with Customer Gauge, we ensure that every LC/MC have their correspondent login and out IT platform is running with no bugs or major technical difficulties • We have provided the Global Network with the right set of indicators and tools: – (1) MoS and KPIs for Quality – (2) CEM is launched and incepted in operations at all levels and – (3) Educating the network for proper implementation. With this, we are enabling AIESEC to become a customer-centric organization.
  32. 32. Achievement • A long term contract with CustomerGauge was signed • Surveys are being sent on a daily basis for GIP/GCDP and a round of surveys was sent for TMP/TLP • Current state of log-ins: 490 MC users and 696 LC users in the system • Detailed operational content developed for Customer Experience Management at MC and LC level. • “CEM Challenge” executed: Practical and theoretical education with 37 MCs and 115 LCs participating • CEM included in internal AI governance, Quarter and Annual Report.
  33. 33. Implications for next term • Strengthening of CEM for programme participants of the ELD phase • Business to Business Customer Experience Management • Goal setting: Defining the management of this indicators
  34. 34. Process Optimization Júnior Mendonça – VP Information Managemen Máté Scharnitzky – VP Product Development
  35. 35. Legacy 1. Provide better business intelligence for the global network  Analysis menu on 2. Fundamentally improve the matching rate  Improve and introduce new functionalities on to support matching 3. Fundamentally change how AIESEC organises its exchange processes in order to increase conversion, matching, realisation and customer loyalty rate  Build an AIESEC Opportunity Portal
  36. 36. Accomplishment 1. Analysis Menu for business intelligence  6 new functionalities deployed: Number of participants & partners, New vs Returning, Conversion, Efficiency, Sub-product, Entity Report, 2. Evolution for matching rate  8 new functionalities – deployment this week: Profile completeness, GCDP Issues implementation, GIP EP/TN form evolution, EP application counter, TN application counter, Matching rate, Search optimisation I.  5 new functionalities - development finishes this week: GEP menu for normal TN, Like button, IT segmentation, Search optimisation II., Notification 3. Opportunity Portal for a disruptive exchange process and customer experience  Test portal:  9 countries ready to implement
  37. 37. Next Step 1. Finish development and deployment 2. Align to the new strategies and lauch at IC 2013 3. Inputs for a Global Information System development
  38. 38. Specialized Units Hadeer Shalaby
  39. 39. Goal • To release it to the global network • To ensure the knowledge of SU management in the network • 133 new SUs & LCs by end of 2013
  40. 40. Achievements • SUs released in IC and went viral within 1 quarter • SU management communicated through conferences, summits, visits and SU Booklet • SU Booklet • Detailed research done • More than 155 SUs started by March 2013 • SUs for IT project- 47 EP RA, 18 MA, 3 RE • SUs wiki- A Vision for 2015- Member’s experiences showcased
  41. 41. Implications • SUs is well known all over the network; therefore integrated in most of the plans • SUs as a programme strategy • SUs proved to be a successful strategy to penetrate specific markets • Expanding out of our current framework’s reach (Starting operations in places we never planned to reach before). • Having the 2015 vision for 2015 as a guide
  42. 42. The AMPLIFIERS Brand, Online Engagement, Events
  43. 43. LEGACY: Driving Conversion 1. Channels Evolution for better use and management to increase reach & conversion – Project plan for is updated and clarified. Missing some info from Innovation Team. 2. Better way to attract the right profile for our programmes – Prioritizing GIP support (ITTP & Alumni) – Brand refresh showcasing and education 3. Behavioural change to bring demand to delivery – Focus on consultancy, transition webinars & final reporting (ORS)
  44. 44. Brand Evolution • Guidelines & toolkit released (IPM & Regional Conferences) • Conference launches, global education, templates & role modeling • Website launched in conjunction with brand overhaul (May 8, 2013)
  45. 45. Online Engagement • Ongoing online registration system development • Youth Speak 2015 report – 24,000 respondents • Programme promotion on social media • TRAFFIC FB: 385,000 Tw: 38,000 Li: 36,000  547 recommendations Website: 1.3 million
  46. 46. Online Engagement • New system for converting online demand • Opportunity portal innovation project • Role-modeling ITTP conversion strategy ORS back-end CONVERSION 12-13 Registrations on Global ORS: > 81,000
  47. 47. Recognition and events • WorldBlu’s list of most democratic workplaces • European Youth Mobility Award • We have attended 10 events incl. Nexus Global Youth Summit and WEF Agenda Council
  48. 48. Evolution • Conversion focus – Global ORS strategy and education – Integrating national & global systems – Programme marketing strategy (general & country specific strategy & consultancy) – Market research & Customer profiling • PR focus – Active blog and pro-active media & content- driving strategy
  49. 49. Innovation Projects 12/13 Misha, Steve, Mate
  50. 50. Legacy Establishment of Innovation on AI Clarification of Innovation in the network Alumni GIP Raising LinkedIn & Alumni • Innovation Framework • Project Management of Innovation projects • Largest countries Innovation responsibles in MC • 1000 GIP Raised • Mindset and success stories • 33 000 members in AIESEC Alumni Global group • 36 000 followers on AIESEC Company
  51. 51. Legacy Process Optimisation Engineering Product Development GCDP Issue & Market Segmentation Global Competitive Analysis • Evolution • Opportunity Development • 287 realisations • 200% growth • 11 master issues, 45 sub-issues are developed • Alumni, member leadership survey
  52. 52. Legacy CultureShock • Phase 2 pilot • 75,000 visitors • New features for engaging youth (outside of exchange) • AIESEC Mission Video Youth Alliances to attract tech talent • Partnership with EESTEC • LC Partnerships
  53. 53. Business Development Report 2012-2013 Antonio, Andreas, Katrina, Marime and Nakul
  54. 54. Sales with Purpose
  55. 55. AIESEC INT’L 12-13 BUDGET Budget: 1,154,362 EUR Budget to be covered (49%): 658,623 EUR Achieved: 658,623 EUR (116%) Surplus: 91,853 EUR AIESEC INT’L 13-14 BUDGET Budget: 1,212,080 EUR Budget to be covered (49%): 539,919 EUR Goal of AI 12-13 (60%): 356,352 EUR GENERAL OVERVIEW
  56. 56. direct and indirect internship experiences we enabled working with our global partners.
  57. 57. “In my experience they bring excellent motivated interns with real passion for success” – Alcatel Lucent hiring manager “I am undertaking an internship with TCS in India, ACE Program IT Coordinator, Corporate RMG Lead. The experience can be described in just one word: WOW! The cultural exposure, the working environment, the adapting steps, getting to know how to fit the environment, learning basic rules, living every second the Indian culture starting with travelling by rickshaw or eating with your hand to understanding the business world by working in the biggest IT and consulting company of India. You can read my internship experience on my blog: So grateful to be living this experience” - Ana Timofei on her experience at TCS.
  58. 58. Partnerships
  59. 59. ...we let go partners – Mindvalley – Cognizant – Kermel – Ingersoll Rand – Vale
  60. 60. ...we acquired new partners – International SOS – C.H. Robinson – Walmart (just confirmed!) – IE Business School (just confirmed!) – Talentsquare (just confirmed!)
  61. 61. ...we re-design some of our partnerships – BP – UBS – DP DHL – TCS – EF Education First – ING – Alcatel Lucent – PwC
  62. 62. ...we acquired and leave some hot leads – MOL Group – Walgreens – SABIC – IE Business School – Talentsquare – Google – MasterCard – Whirpool – UCB – Stanley Black and Decker
  63. 63. …we delivered and design partner engagement at our conferences and our Annual Global Youth to Business Forum
  64. 64. Long Term Plan Inputs
  65. 65. BD Long Term Plan Inputs Global ER Principles Global Prospect List Product Innovation Framework for Global Partnerships Elements
  66. 66. Global ER Principles • Global ER Principles was revised in IPM 2013 and the following things were defined: • The “Why of GEP” • Access to market for MCs and AI • Harmonised global pricing model • Delivery Standards for GEP • Co-selling principles.
  67. 67. Global ER Principles Tier AIESEC Entities 1 A Norway, Qatar, Sweden* 1 B Australia, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, UK, Hong Kong 1 C Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, UAE, USA, 2 D Greece, Iceland, Italy, Korea, Malta, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore 3 E Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Oman, Panama, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa 3 F Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Botswana, Bulgaria, Chile, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Gabon, Ghana, Guatemala, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Mainland of China, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Peru, Puerto Rico, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela 4 G Afghanistan, Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Moldova, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Paraguay, Rwanda, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Tanzania, The Philippines, Togo, Uganda, Vietnam
  68. 68. Global ER Principles Tier Total Cost per Trainee Global Promotion (AI) Matching (AI) Total MC/LC Fees (includes visa/legality and servicing) 1 A 4,400 400 1,000 3,000 1 B 3,100 400 1,000 1,700 1 C 2,700 400 1,000 1,300 2 D 2,200 300 900 1,000 3 E 1,800 200 800 800 3 F 1,500 200 800 500 4 G 1,000 100 600 300
  69. 69. BD Long Term Plan Inputs Global ER Principles Global Prospect List Product Innovation Framework for Global Partnerships Elements
  70. 70. Thank you