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  • Technology has evolved a lot during the last years and it’s expected to do evolve drastically in the near future
  • Make it happen

    1. 1. MakeHappen
    2. 2. Why IT and not … ?
    3. 3. Why IT?It has become appallingly obvious that ourtechnology has exceeded our humanity.~Albert EinsteinComputing is not about computers anymore. It is about living.~Nicholas Negroponte
    4. 4. OrganisationsLooking for talents familiar with the most cutting edgetechnologiesYoung PeopleLooking for places where they can put theirknowledge into action before start working. IT integral part of future business leaders!
    5. 5. IT in numbers8000 70007000 40%6000 5% 50315000 4802 40314000 IT GIP3000 46% 35%2000 1600 1095 1/41000 807 517 0 2009 - 2010 2010 - 2011 2011 - 2012 2012 - 2013
    6. 6. The How of IT…
    7. 7. Segment Intensive Up-sell in Supporting Right S&D base Quality theMarket Product Channel Delivery Sales segments Tracking & Right People Right Time Evaluation Method
    8. 8. Clarification:If we want to grow ITwe need to understand IT!
    9. 9. Why?1. It’s like speaking the same language with someone. It doesn’t matter the topic, if you agree or disagree, but it’s basic to make a conversation and make a deal.2. Because of the profile of the people we need to “deal” with. (students/companies) Tech People are because of their studies tend to o Be really practical o Challenge almost everything, difficult to take something for granted3. Has significant impact in selling and delivery process
    10. 10. 3. ImpactImagine… without having “IT understanding”• Try to convince an organisation to invest money on a AIESEC IT internship.• Try to convince a IT student to choose AIESEC for his/her practical internship• Try to manage your supplier for IT talents3 possible options• Don’t succeed• Succeed but set wrong expectations• Succeed by lack
    11. 11. How to improveIT understanding in my organization?
    12. 12. we need to know• Your Current State• Need to know the profile of your membership• Need to know your alumni and partners
    13. 13. Current State?• How many sellers from the IT ICX project have IT background?• How many IT students did you recruit in this recruitment (TMP)?• How many of your IT sellers (ICX.OGX) feel comfortable to discuss an IT related topic?
    14. 14. How? IT Education cycles Recruit Technical People Create FB/Linkedin groups 1. Recruit your friend Current with your Technical members Reward, GIP internship 20%members with - Create content for off Technical education 2. On going opportunity to background - Interact with non AIESEC join AIESEC IT Students 1. Have constant interaction 1. Talk about AIESEC to IT Use about IT trends updates studentschampions in 2. Create together national IT 2. Create testimonials companies/ education cycle 3. Shoot Videos and promoteUniversity, alu 3. Ask from professors to them mni train you 4. Press release
    15. 15. MarketSegmentation
    16. 16. Common Need!Need for the same kind of TALENT!IT
    17. 17. IT SegmentationWe chose as elements of our segmentationthe• Product that the organisation sell to the market• Size of the organization
    18. 18. IT Embedded DesktopNetworking Server Apps Apps Apps Telecommu Web Mobile nications Services Apps Web Apps Games Web User Apps Hosting
    19. 19. Telecommu nications Telecommunications An organization that provides voice or data transmission services. A company that specializes in making carrier-class hardware and software, such as Alcatel Lucent, Nortel Networks etc
    20. 20. Web Apps Web App/Services• A company that provides software running on the application level of the Internet.• [web app] Create applications that run in our web browsers (Chrome, Opera, Safari etc)• [web service] Provide resources to other applications ( search, computations etc)Examples:• TCS –• Google – Google apps (mail, calendar etc)• “Log in with FB account”
    21. 21. WebHosting Web Hosting/Cloud• Web hosts are companies that provide space on a physical or virtual server owned or leased for use by clients.• Mainly big and some times medium size companiesExamples:• Amazon – AWS cloud• Site5 - Hosting products• TCL – hosting of
    22. 22. Embedded apps Embedded Applications• A company that focuses on implementation of embedded software.Example:• Apps running on a car• Apps running in a production line
    23. 23. MobileApps Mobile Applications• A company that is focusing on the creation of apps running on smart phones.• Mainly start ups.Examples:• Google maps mobile• Facebook mobile apps
    24. 24. Games Games• A company that is developing graphically demanding computer games.Examples:• EA games – FIFA• Nintendo – super mario• Rockstar – GTA San Andreas
    25. 25. Games Mobile Games• A company that is developing games designed for smart phones• Lower graphic demandsExamples:• Rovio – Angry Birds
    26. 26. User Apps User Applications• Company that focuses on development of locally running desktop apps.Examples:• Microsoft – Microsoft office• ESET – Nod 32 Antivirus• Mindjet – Mind manager
    27. 27. Keep in mind that…
    28. 28. You can always segment your ITmarket in terms of:1. Business to Business(B2B)2. Business to Customer(B2C)
    29. 29. 2. B2CAI Office - Internet Provider Company1. Business Model is to increase sales, revenue, make company bigger2. Most of the employees are doing marketing and sales3. Only a small percentage is doing IT
    30. 30. 1. B2BTATA- Outsourcing IT company1. Specific partners - Project Based revenues2. Deliver more to their partners = more revenue3. Need to hire people all the time – project needs4. Short term and specific demands5. Most of the people work in IT and only few people in Marketing and sales
    31. 31. Student• We follow the same logic for the OGX side of IT• We define segments and then the strongest characteristics of this segment• Be careful! Segments can be not only your faculties but also other like: o Alumni Association of your Uni o Youth Organisations in your Uni o Other organizations OUTside of your Uni
    32. 32. Watch this GCP from Colombia• Click HERE
    33. 33. Product
    34. 34. Sub Product Matrix Market Segments Mobile Apps User Apps Mobile GamesIT profile AIT profile BIT profile CProducts
    35. 35. IT ProductMarket Segment Top Profile needed (Must to have) Background Network Management & Data Transmission Telecommunications Software Development and Programming Systems Analysis and Design Mobile Technology Skills UNIX/Linux OS TCP/IP LAN (local area network) SQL HTML Not many Small Medium size Companies in this category
    36. 36. IT ProductMarket Segment Top Profile needed (Must to have) Background Web Development and Management Database Management Web App/Services Development Software Development and Programming Skills SQL PHP MySQL CSS Unix/LinuxSize of the company influences the requirementsSmall <10 /Startups• Ruby (on rails)• PHPBig > 50• Java• C#
    37. 37. IT ProductMarket Segment Top Profile needed (Must to have) Background Mobile Applications Mobile Technology Software Development and Programming Mobile Applications (Big) Skills (Similar to User Apps) C# C++ Java Unix / Linux Background Mobile Applications Mobile Technology Software Development and Programming Skills Mobile Applications (Small) SQL PHP MySQL CSS
    38. 38. IT ProductMarket Segment Top Profile needed (Must to have) Background Software Development and Programming Gaming (Artificial Intelligence) (Systems Analysis and Design) Skills C C++ Java UNIX/Linux OS• Gaming is a challenging segment to focus (3D requirements)• Normal Games usually are created by big size companies• SMEs & Start Ups more mobile games• Mobile gaming is opportunity – No 3D requirements
    39. 39. IT ProductMarket Segment Top Profile needed (Must to have) Background Mobile Applications Mobile Gaming Mobile Technology Software Development and Programming (Artificial Intelligence) (Systems Analysis and Design) Skills Eclipse UNIX/Linux OS HTML CSS Java
    40. 40. IT ProductMarket Segment Top Profile needed (Must to have) Background Global Internship User Apps Software Development and Programming Systems Analysis and Design Skills C# Java C++ Eclipse UNIX/Linux OS
    41. 41. EP side
    42. 42. IT ProductMarket Segment Top Profile needed (Must to have) Background Software Development and Programming Systems Analysis and Design Youth Technical Skills Organisation (a) C# Java C PHP
    43. 43. IT ProductMarket Segment Top Profile needed (Must to have) Background Software Development and Programming Database Management Alumni Association of Mobile Applications Faculty (b) Skills CSS XML Ruby on rails PHP C++
    44. 44. IT ProductMarket Segment Top Profile needed (Must to have) Background Software Development and Programming Artificial Intelligence Systems Analysis and Design Faculty (c). Skills CSS Eclipse C++ C#
    45. 45. Channels
    46. 46. In order to define strong marketing channels it’simportant to know really well yourMarket segment = “Target”
    47. 47. Target Target• To whom the product will be delivered? (student of 4th year, Electrical Engineers, mobile app startup)Answer the questions• What profiles will be interested in the product/ benefits you are promoting?• Is the target market fit with the profile that you communicate online?• How did you chose this market segment? Have you done any market research about interests etc?
    48. 48. How to define the Target?• You need to know demographic characteristics Student o Studies o Age Organization o Employees o Profitability• Define customer profile Student o Attitudes o Interests Organization o Culture• Need of extended external market research
    49. 49. Channel Channel• With what channels your target will be approached? (on line, classroom presentation etc)• New or current ?• Be innovative! Do not use only current channels (e.g use people, like professors, young opinion leaders)• In which way your target is getting information?• What channels do they trust?• Are they active in the channels you use? How much?
    50. 50. ChannelPush Push - Pull StrategyIn the classic marketing formula,the emphasis was on promotion –pushing your message out to the world at large.Activities• cold calling,• unsolicited mail or email,• paid advertising (online and off),• promotional events like trade shows,• and some forms of PR, like blasting out press releases
    51. 51. ChannelPush Push - Pull Strategybuilding affinity and connections.attract clients in your niche,Activities• develop referral partnerships,• become visible at networking events,• get booked as a public speaker,• have articles published,• land media interviews,• build a content-rich website.Youll find it much easier to make a sale when clients contact you as theresult of hearing about you from someone else, or after sampling yourexpertise for free.
    52. 52. Alliances• University Services Push o Partnership Management o Mass access to students o Targeted access based on your opportunities• Uni Management / Professors Pull o Partnership Management o Clear Benefits o Start small – scale up slowly o Build reputation o Access to top students
    53. 53. Alliances Pull• Work with Relevant Organisations o External environment are not only our universities o Search Based on your top profiles o Associations/ Institutions o Access to massive amount of peopleExamples o Organisations of (youth) Unemployment o Organizations of professional orientation o Volunteer programs – Young people apply to live international experiences
    54. 54. Youth Alliances Pull• Work with Youth Organisations o Search the top youth organisations in your universities o Focus based on sub product o Product Development together – W2W o Support directly your LCs to build partnership o Pilot it with 1-2 LCs
    55. 55. Message Message• Defines how the communication of the product will be done to the target.• Here you develop customized campaign message• Here we are developing visuals (images, colors etc)• Be innovative! It can also be testimonials, slogans.• What parts of your product are the most attractive?• What is the core value proposition you are presenting?
    56. 56. Message• Only Technical Skills are not enough!• People skills are required for your career evolution• Get international experience
    57. 57. simple ways to find IT companies• Ask your current TN Takers to which companies they are outsourcing? o Take testimonials of your partnership o Take relevant contact (position, connection with TN taker etc)• They recruit in Linked in – find them o They are looking massively for IT talents and Linked in it he main platform they do that o Create an account in Linked, Not simply AIESEC, but more IT oriented o Become member in relevant Technical groups• Chambers in your city o Specifically find Technical Chambers in your city o Approach them from the MC, not LC!
    58. 58. SupplyManagement
    59. 59. Source of information:•Past: What was our success before? (DAAL)--capacity•Current: What is available now?(AFT,•Future: What is the potential trend? (Sub productforecast – GIP Survey)--opportunity
    60. 60. IT AFT
    61. 61. Map our supply needed in the segments *AFT November454035 EP TN3025201510 5 0
    62. 62. Connect with Supplier • Cleaned in advance from AI so you can search easier Exchange Type Global InternshipTN Exchange Type Global Internship EP Backgrounds (Academic) - Network Management & Data Network Management & Data Transmi TransmissionTN Workfield - Information Technology Information Technology EP Backgrounds (Academic) - Software Development and Programming Software Development and Programm EP Backgrounds (Academic) - Systems Analysis and Design (All)TN Skills - UNIX/Linux OS UNIX/Linux OS EP Backgrounds (Work) - Mobile Technology (All) EP Skills - UNIX/Linux OS UNIX/Linux OSTN Skills - TCP/IP TCP/IP EP Skills - TCP/IP TCP/IPTN Skills - LAN (local area network) LAN (local area network) EP Skills - LAN (local area network) LAN (local area network) EP Skills - SQL SQLTN Skills - SQL SQL EP Skills - HTML HTMLTN Skills - HTML HTML Row Labels Count of EP ID Africa 1 Australia 1Row Labels Count of TN Code Botswana 1 Brazil 1Austria 2 Cas - costa rica 1 Colombia 1Canada 1 Denmark 1Czech republic 1 Egypt 1 Finland 2Estonia 1 Greece 2 India 5Hong kong 1 Ireland 1Japan 1 Japan 1 Jordan 1Tunisia 1 Kenya 1 Mauritius 1Turkey 1 Middle east and north africa 1Grand Total 9 Pakistan 1 Poland 1 Spain 1 Sweden 1 Tanzania 2 The netherlands 1 Tunisia 3 Turkey 4 Uganda 2 Grand Total 39
    63. 63. GIP Survey!Align your sub product supply
    64. 64. 5. Supply Management• Partnership with entities that are focusing on market segments that responds to your supply and timeline• Create together a top profile• Start with a small number of realizations, short period of time• Track the cooperation and evolve it (more people- more backgrounds)
    65. 65. Get technical people to help you!DO not do it ALONE!!!
    66. 66. Let’s make IT happen!