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Specific questionnaire gi po tania serbanoiu


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Specific questionnaire gi po tania serbanoiu

  1. 1. 1. Present your strategy on how to decrease the delivery time and how to increase the realizationrate on Outgoing GIP in AIESEC Romania for the following term. Driving success in our sub programs Continuity Project based Delivery working system Driving Product Based optimizatio growth Growing each LC Branding &Market Improving as GIP EP Center positioning EP Servicing Driving growth in Global Internship Program: Achieving a massive sustainable growth in GIP by driving success in our sub- products or better said Global Programs (IT, Marketing, Education). 1. Driving success in our sub programs by giving our targets (students, companies, members etc) the „WHY”, meaning why do we actually do GIPo, measuring the impact it has on our targets and reacting to their feedback in order to fully measure our success as an organization. Here I also include our members that need to receive strong preparation in order to work for GIP outgoing. 2. Continuity: Due to the changes that the International Internships area had (from OGX to II, from MT,TT,ET,DT to GIP, GCDP, now on sub programs) created confusion not only through members but also through our targets. I would prefer to make sure the sub programs are implemented at the full potential and increase their visibility and relevance. 3. Growing each LC as a GIP Center focused both on internal and external recruitment: 3.1 internal recruitment through the development of integrated experiences to ensure qualitative transformation and organizational goal achievement (conversion of TMP/TLP to GIP ) 3.2 external recruitment through supply and demand analyze tool and macro EP profile provided by the MC Delivery optimization: improve and invent operation processes, systems and tools in order to maximize the delivery of experiences. 1. Project based working system: as an ex participant and also a coordinator of a non formal education project I see the working system very relevant for our sub programs implementation. Therefore, I encourage the Grow structure of implementation ( meaning not all LCs have to do Grow but the ones who do it have the framework and timeline in order to be national aligned and have a concrete tracking an evaluation). I see myself as an MC VP working with my LC VPs team and my NST team. Also, my NST team (as project managers for the sub programs) will be working with the Team Leaders from the LCs in order to make them more responsible and aware of the AIESEC network. The local team working on the sub program and even the MC should have a synergy between II, COMM and TD members. 2. Branding and Market positioning: as I mentioned above, I want to focus on continuity and increase the awareness of the sub programs based on a clear market positioning, credibility and a long lasting brand. Since some sub programs were already implemented for the first round, what I think it is necessary now is a brand evolution towards stronger market positioning. Also, since we strive to implement national sub programs, a national event on each program (GIP or GCDP) could be : The Internships Fair. Imagine it like a “Global Village” but presenting specific internships in specific countries. It’s a really big opportunity to attract or involve partners (NGOs, companies, MC partners from abroad) and it could be organized for both GIP and GCDP programs at the suitable peak for each of them. Signing partnerships with top performing countries on Corporate Incoming. (eg. For beeing one of the best IT countries, AI has Romania the number one priority for IT EPs, the partnership we have with AIESEC in Norway for IT Internships). I believe this will help us have a „targeted matching market”. 3. Improving EP Servicing :MC VP GIP Outgoing Application MCC 10-13th January 2013Tania Șerbănoiu Raising a hope. Matching a challenge. Realizing a dream!
  2. 2. 3.1 Having an EP selection process involving alumni or partners with selection experience either to prepare the members who do it or participate themselves at the interviews. 3.2 Every EP should have an EP Buddy, cultural preparation, GIP preparation and AIESEC preparation. 3.3 Having a tool such as CRM but on GIP Outgoing: Internal: tracking on each term, on each recruitment on faculties the number of students applying for internships, passing the interviews, raised, having interviews and getting matched External: tracking the countries, LCs maybe even the pools with the status on matching messages, the number of interviews had with our EPs, the positive/negative answers, matched and realized2. What should be the evolution of each sub program on Outgoing GIP? What are the concretesteps you are going to take in order to reach the performance stated? Main sub programs: Global IT, Global Education, Global Marketing Pilot: Global Engineering, Global Business For the main subprograms it will be much easier to describe the evolution as they were already created andimplemented in the LCs. An evaluation should be made in order to assure an improvement on them or compare each LCmarket to see if a certain subprogram is relevant or sustainable for it and do the replanning. As the evaluation wasn’t done yetbecause some of them didn’t finish the implementation I will present my way of seeing their evolution. Projects Main suppliers Operations Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Global IT Finland, Sweden, Promo&sales Norway, the Raising Netherlands, Matching India, Brazil, Realization Canada, USA Global Edu Central Eastern Promo&sales Europe Raising Matching Realization Global Mk ASIA Promo&sales Raising Matching Realization Global Eng Western Europe Promo&sales Raising Matching Realization1.Global IT • Description: Targeted recruitment based on professional development regarding the IT sector • Market needs: Companies need IT students with project management and team skills, IT students are future entrepreneurs in the IT market and they need leadership and management skills, a high number of companies that want Romanian IT students • Purpose: Diversity and new methods in IT global environment, working in cutting edge between technology, entrepreneurship and business management skills • Target: Students and recent graduates with backgrounds like Web development and management, Database management, Software development & Programming, System analysis & design, Graphics Design, Industry / civil engineering • Objectives: Clear positioning of the subprogram on the market, Support LCs to implement, track and evaluate their own strategy on the subprogram making sure the message is in accordance with the MC directions, LC VPs receive the needed preparation in order for them to prepare the people that are going to work for the subprogram • Key Activities: A.Supply and demand management (Focus on main suppliers for Romania) B.Ongoing recruitment , depending also on each LC’s planning and capacity to implement (Nov - Dec/ Jan - Feb / March - May/ Aug - Sept) C.Preparation program for EPs (AIESEC/ICPS/Leadership and Management/Soft Skills) D.Matching and RealizingMC VP GIP Outgoing Application MCC 10-13th January 2013Tania Șerbănoiu Raising a hope. Matching a challenge. Realizing a dream!
  3. 3. E.Reintegration and possible Re Raising • National support: assure the alignment regarding the message, the period the events are taking place (eg. The Internship Fair I mentioned in the strategy at point1 ), the materials (posters, flyers, AFs, selection materials, matching tools), tracking with the help of the NST, through SONA and Skype/Functional Meetings with the LC VPs, R&R (the LCs that reached their planning with receive a recognition) For the other Global sub programs I propose the same strategy as Global IT with some little differences:2. Global Education: • Description: Targeted recruitment based on professional development regarding the educational sector • Market needs: Few vacancy jobs for students matching the subprogram’s profile, lack of opportunities to develop experience, a high number of TNs on platform and also a new trend in AI • Purpose: Diversity and new methods in education, professional experience in a global environment, in sub-areas such as child learning, student learning and adult learning, improving English and teaching skills • Target: Young Teachers, students and recent graduates with knowledge in: Teaching English, Cultural Interaction, Development of personality and character, Consultancy Education and Career3. Global Marketing: • Description: Targeted recruitment based on professional development regarding the marketing sector • Market needs: Companies need students capable to design new and attractive marketing strategies, multinational companies ask for experience in international marketing and trade, high number of graduates from faculties with the background required for the EP profile, students don’t have the opportunities to get relevant experience for a job in this field • Purpose: Diversity and new methods in marketing, professional experience in a global environment, working in different markets (developed countries, emerging countries etc),entrepreneurship and business management skills • Target: Students and recent graduates, Marketing ,Advertising and PR International Relations, International Marketing, Market research, Communication Economics , other if the student worked in the marketing field (Import & Export, Consumer & Buyer Behaviour, product planning & control etc) From the Pilot Subprograms I would recommed Global Engineering to be implemented because of the high market needs,rather than Global Business, when at this point, the TNs on the platform and the trends observed require in the majority of thecases marketing, management, education or selling experience. TNs that don’t require any other experience are usually inChina or India and are based on hotel management. It is a quite high risk for students to compare or associate us withWork&Travel Program that has many jobs in the hotel industry. Also, the fields from Global Business could be included inGlobal Mk so there isn’t the need (at least for the moment) to have another sub program created.3. How will you manage the marketing strategy of AIESEC Romania on Outgoing GIP taking intoconsideration the national sub programs. In my opinion, marketing is a strategy to connect and develop a meaningful relationship with a prospective client. Firstly, we need to orient our organization to the external environment more than ever,because responding to the needs of our local environment will stimulate our progress. Speaking from a true marketing point of view, when we try to sell GIPo (to EPs or TNs) we should take intoconsideration 4 aspects: the product, the price, the place and the promotion.For the potential EPs, we have to give them the WHY, why do we do GIPo and why should they take this opportunity. I believethat the answer stays exactly in the context we all know and promote about AIESEC: helping youth to develop personally andprofessionally. GIPo represents the point that reaches professional development. It offers you the concrete environment to seewhat you are capable of and how can you manage yourself in a corporate environment. Even I, as a young person of the Romanian society, can say that a main requirement from the employment market isthe experience required. Companies appreciate any attempt to work. As students or recent graduaters, students don’t havetoo many possibilities in order to fulfil this requirement. Here is where AIESEC makes its presence felt. Accessing the GIPoprogram youth can develop personally but especially professionally. The added value of a student that took an internship through GIP program from other can be: the experienceaccumulated, the international working environment, the way of seeing and doing things after having to deal with themalready, having the ability and the adaptability to work with people you’ve never worked before and so on. Having wellprepared employees help the company to increase its performance and sustainability. This kind of experience could easily beassociated with subprograms like Global IT, Global Engineering, Global Business or Global Marketing. A trend available, especially in the Nordic part of Europe demands EPs with IT background. This represents a huge opportunity andalso an advantage for Romania, as we are known as one of the best IT providers with very qualitative EPs.MC VP GIP Outgoing Application MCC 10-13th January 2013Tania Șerbănoiu Raising a hope. Matching a challenge. Realizing a dream!
  4. 4. Also, through the Global Education subprogram, a certain improvement could be felt regarding the education system inRomania and could decrease the unemplyment rate of the teachers. Here I can give a true example. One of the EPs matchedby AIESEC Pitesti, graduated and couldn’t find a job in Romania. She chose to take 2 GIP opportunities (ETs) and after comingback, she had an impact on the education side by bringing and implementing new ways of teaching and also founded her ownEnglish School. Talking about the pricing system on GIPo, I can’t considerate that there will be an alignment of the LCs in Romaniaregarding the price of the internship fee, because each LC knows its market report. In my opinion, the priority should be thevisibility they have on the market with the internships, because having a low visibility and an increase of the products won’thelp the GIP Growth. Instead, a price alignment is possible but on the discount side (eg. A percentage discount for self matching, second or thirdinternship experience, alumni, members etc.) Now that visibility was brought into the discussion, it is important that our promotion to reach the target market, thepeople we are trying to reach. We are capable to be innovative and promote our subprograms in ways that suits both us andour target.Here, I can give an example that I also mentioned above: promoting our GIPo Internships through a national alignedevent, an Internship Fair. Speaking with some people from AIESEC Timisoara and AIESEC Iasi, learning a bit from theirexperiences, I came up with the idea of this fair because we could have the students or recent graduates look for us and wecould also have a well known brand. Also, we could bring a representative from the TN Companies as CEEDer for example, toincrease the credibility on the market. It is our role to make youth understand that the international internships program is a life changing experience andposition ourselves so we can become the first choice for students for their self development.4. Analyze the performance on Outgoing GIP in the last 3 years in AIESEC Romania. How will youensure a constant growth in quality and quantity in GIP on the following term?The following statistics are from GIPo Process 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 1.07.2012-Nowaccordingly also with AIESEC Romania’s Raised 439 322 404 172pipeline.Romania in the last 3 years: Matched 137 173 137 68 Realized 141 169 144 63 Based on the statistics on our left: AIESEC Ro GIPo - For the raising process in 2010 we 2009-present had a decrease of 27%, in 2011 an increase of 25,46% and until now we almost reached 600 57,43% from the last term. 400 - For the matching process in 2010 we 200 had an increase of 26,28%, in 2011 a decrease of 20,81% and reached 50,37% from the last 0 term. 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 1.07.2012-Present - For the realizing proces in 2010 we had an increase of 19,86%, in 2011 a decrease Raised Matched Realized of 14,8% and reached 56,25% from the last term Also, we seem to have a high number of Raised, but a low number of Realized. For the GIPo Growth (in quality and quantity) and also for the increasing of the realization rate we need be aware of ourproduct and make sure that the initiatives are implemented at a full potential in each LC. In order to make that sure, 3 steps must be followed: implementation, tracking and evaluating.I consider AIESEC Romania lucky, because on 2012-2013 term we already have the subprograms and the Business Models, wejust have to make sure they are well implemented. And by „well” I mean 1. Clear positioning (as I mentioned above, at question 1, targeted recruitments, national aligned events,assessments, partnerships) 2. Healthy HR processes (first of all, a good planning, quarterly evalued and give feedback on it, involving alumni,partners with selection experience, goal setting for every EP, having an EP Buddy and a tracking system for the EPs) 3.LC Education (providing education materials and trainings for LC VPs and their members, making people want towork for the internship programs (personal discussions, stories, combine the personal with professional part), maintaining theinternational internships culture, encouraging networking –LC to LC, LC to NST) A good case practice from this term is having the NST team as project managers on the subprograms. For example,each NST member is responsible for a Global initiative and has meeting with TLs from the LC to keep tracking on them, givesMC VP GIP Outgoing Application MCC 10-13th January 2013Tania Șerbănoiu Raising a hope. Matching a challenge. Realizing a dream!
  5. 5. support on the initiative, is in charge to maintain the „partnership management” if there is one on the initiative he isresponsible for. I would consider motivating and competitive if a R&R system is implemented for each subprogram.Good case practices from countries that had the biggest growth on GIPo:Poland: o They used market segmentation and product package and develop new programs such as: Business Program, Technical Top Talent, HIV/AIDs. o The Recruitments is very flexible, at minumun 3 months. o National Projects: Discover Program and Teach the World o National Partnership on National projects: Discover Russia, Discover China etc.Brazil: o First country to implement the sub programs concept or recruiting o Maintaining the X+L strategy, having campaigns like „Match the Leaders of AIESEC Brazil” o Structure: Different strategies for GIP/GCDP o VPs from other CY in NSTs 5. Present the main bottlenecks that kept AIESEC Romania from achieving the objectives plannedon Outgoing GIP. What will be the key strategies for each of them, that you are going to implementin order to achieve the objectives planned? Bottlenecks Solutions • TN Managers that don’t reply and • CRM system implemented (as I mentioned above), Diversify promo methods EPs give up (eg. this term we had an online promo that was called „BEST EPs” and an EP searchtool „AIESEC Romania-probably the best EPs in the world), MC VPs should create a strong connection with the other MC VPs and have my NST team as project managers • Few members working for GIPo • Attracting the members to work for GIPo, promoting the „Exchange Culture”, (it can be seen in SONA) sometimes the International Internships area turned out to be the most united team (in work and fun), showing concrete benefits and stories, make the members feel they can be a part of something bigger than themselves, providing life changing experiences. Using the NST as project managers and having them to keep tracking on their initiative, having regular Skype meetings with TLs from the LCs • Lack of focus from LCs and lack of • Quarterly, analyzing the planned-realized report of each LC’s initiative, concrete strategies discussing the bottlenekcs, giving feedback, replanning the gaps and making the members working for the subprograms interract with the AIESEC Network (eg. sharing from TL to TL, VP to VP) • The changes that the • Continuity with the sub programs, Positioning in the market (new ways to international internships area had promote, LCs can have their personal branding –like in the summer time Cluj (new and old acronims) created has the dromedary mascot, Pitesti has „Vreau o vara-n alta tara” or „Iesi confusion not only through afara!”, Brasov has „Vara nu s-a terminat , fa-ti bagaju si ai plecat”- being more members but also through our present on the market as in, not having events for students only in the target (students) university, having them to look more for us, custom message for each market – eg. Wanna be the first one to know the test subjects? Apply for Global • EPs being for too much time on Education program ☺- ) the platform without a certain status • Infrastructure that is fair, lets say, for both sides. (eg. Platform access to GIP EPs - 6 months, GCDP EPs – 3 months, for EPs that are considered hard to match, AIESEC Bucharest has a GCP: have one account and encourages the EP to find some internships he would like to apply for, no longer than 5 days or another GCP from a LC, where if the EP gets self matched in one month 50% discount from the internship fee)MC VP GIP Outgoing Application MCC 10-13th January 2013Tania Șerbănoiu Raising a hope. Matching a challenge. Realizing a dream!