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November GIP Monthly Meeting

Every month we meet with all of the MC VPs for GIP in the network. Here is the content from November's meeting, including CLO, market segmentation, the Match Like Never Before Challenge, talent capacity meeting output, and supply and demand tips for your VPs.

Look through this to make sure you're up to date on GIP strategy!

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November GIP Monthly Meeting

  1. 1. November GIP Monthly Meeting From the War Room ;)
  2. 2. Agenda • • • • • • • • • • • Check-In October Review Purposeful iGIP Customer Loyalty for Organizations Sales Wins EP Raising Campaign Match Like Never Before Challenge Selection Materials Talent Capacity Supply and Demand MC VP GIP To Do‘s
  3. 3. How are you guys doing? • Heading into re-planning, what is the main activity that has brought positive results for you? • Heading into re-planning, what is the main challenge you want to solve?
  4. 4. MoS Report
  5. 5. October Report
  6. 6. Q4 Report Quarter 4 5000 4600 4500 3498 3400 4000 3908 3500 3000 2405 2544 2500 1900 1276 950 1351 1005 1178 440 1900 1296 484 1500 1124 540 2000 1206 491 1000 500 0 RA TN RA EP MA RE
  7. 7. Matching rates
  8. 8. Net Promoter Score
  9. 9. Why Does Any of This Matter? Russia is growing 100% in iGIP, mainly through Teaching, which has a strong purpose for Russia‘s members. Russia‘s young people are let down by the education system, unprepared for a globalized, Englishspeaking world. Fixing this doesn‘t mean just bringing teachers—it means improving teaching around the country. Teaching trainees in Russia do not just teach students; they also teach the teachers and help schools adopt more modern teaching methods. AIESEC in Russia hopes if they can bring enough trainees that clearly educate youth better, the education system will take notice and change education nationwide. The schools have better teaching–for the long-term—because of AIESEC. The EPs don‘t just teach, but also learn to challenge the status quo and influence society. And the members selling and delivering these TNs learn sales and contribute to the future of Russian education.
  10. 10. Growth through Purpose in iGIP
  11. 11. How Can We Make iGIP More Purposeful? • Choose your markets: If you could place 1000 EPs in any companies you wanted in your country, which ones would you choose? • Identify their need: What talent can solve their problems?
  12. 12. Who Can Help Us With This? Maggie from Mexico Tabiness from Kenya Mando from Egypt Vika from Kenya GST Dhruv from India Mei from Australia
  13. 13. How Can I Make iGIP More Purposeful? • Attend the market-product strategy webinar at 14:00 GMT on Tuesday November 19, where we will discuss phases on implementation and customization for tiers • Schedule a call with Cole before your MC Replanning at
  14. 14. Customer Loyalty for Organizations
  15. 15. Vision of CLO
  16. 16. Customer Loyalty for Organizations
  18. 18. CEPT Model Conversation • Monthly touchpoint and quarterly meetings at IC • Must have a CRM—video guide for Podio as a CRM Engagement • Events and advisory councils at IC
  19. 19. CEPT Model Product and Process Improvement • CLO Summit planned Talent Capacity • Every account should have a person responsible • Talent Capacity Strategic Meeting output including structures, JDs, and learning and development for raising, account management, and re-raising
  20. 20.  ANALYSIS. Of survey responses 32 NPS score 45% % of promoters 42% % of passives Level of trainee's motivation 53 Personal skills of trainee 50 Professionalis m of AIESEC Professional 48 skills of trainee 48 Logistical support upon Communication arrival with AIESEC 46 46 13% % of detractors Promoters Issues Level 1
  21. 21.  ANALYSIS. Of survey responses Selection Process 40 Professional skills of trainee 35 Visa Documents and Information 33 Selection Process 29 Logistical Professional support upon skills of trainee Communication arrival 29 with AIESEC 27 27 Trainee preparation by AIESEC 22 Level of trainee's motivation 24 Accessibility of Visa information Documents 18 and InformationCommunication with AIESEC 18 18 Passives Issues Level 1 Detractors Issues Level 1
  22. 22.  ANALYSIS. How likely are you to take another intern with AIESEC GIP? passives promoters detractors DEFINITELY WILL 22 14 1 29% PROBABLY WILL 28 28 2 45% 7 6 12% 3 3% 1 1% MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT 3 PROBABLY WILL NOT 1 DEFINITELY WILL NOT
  23. 23. What Promoters Say • I really appreciate AIESEC and Carlie specifically finding a great candidate for us. The skill sets we look for are very hard to find and it was amazing she found someone that fits what we were looking for (Canada) • We have had success with the program. Not having to deal with the visa application is a huge plus. Being able to interview via Skype was nice. I liked the number of candidates we had to interview. Communication was good; The experience has been great so far. (USA) • The AIESEC program helped me solve a desire of mine, to make my employees work in an international environment. (Romania) • AIESEC trainees are self motivated, clear in thought and adaptable making them great to work with. (India)
  24. 24. KEY RESULTS. 1.Selection Process is one of top issues specifically quality of candidates and its number, as well as the speed of the process 2.Customers want more customization (promotion, length of internship, selection arrangement, etc.) 3.Quality of intern highly influences customer satisfaction 
  25. 25. What CLO has Brought Canada • Team leader of "New Sales" and Team leader of "Account Delivery" on NST • Sales campaigns incorporating 100 Days Challenge (LCs will be recognized with more points for filling out surveys, booking meetings with Past TN takers, and re-raising etc) • Sales Structures for each LC (based on tier) to raise new sales and re-raises
  26. 26. 100 Days Challenge Bringing Results in Belgium • One TN-taker satisfied with AIESEC‘s service, but wasn‘t contacted again. Once they were contacted, they wanted to re-raise • Another TN-taker was satisfied but didn‘t have a need. Approached by AIESEC, they decided to begin a new project with AIESEC talent
  27. 27. GATHER CUSTOMER INPUT Target specific LCs and follow up weekly SJ Arizona Illinois LCs have until Thanksgiving to reach out to partners NST + MC will contact all partners who have not submitted feedback by that point
  28. 28. UTILIZE CURRENT CUSTOMER INPUT 1. Release project update to national plenary 2. Video Testimonial Collection to mobilize promoters 3. Provide LCs with a referral framework to mobilize promoters 4. Create an AD Account Manager Certification process. Every account manager must pass the following trainings: 1. 2. 3. J-1 Visa Delivery Process Partnership Management 5. Change ER Principles: LCs must meet partners every quarter. If partner isn’t met for two quarters the contract is re-allocated to another LC 6. Re-vamping website content for companies with clear process
  29. 29. INCREASE ENGAGEMENT WITH AIESEC  Have EPs (at NPM) write thank you letters to our partners for creating exchange experiences and include these in our Christmas Cards  Send a letter to all our detractors/passives in January with “AIESEC New Years Resolution-Our Commitment to our Partners”  Signed by MCP and LCP
  30. 30. Make Sure This Isn‘t You!
  31. 31. What‘s Coming Next? Re-Raising • CLO Summit output customized for tiers • Entities and LCs making goals for new raises and re-raises in re-planning framework • LC iGIP planning including every account, who is responsible, their goal, and their action steps to retain and upscale the partner (aligned with CEPT) • Re-raising menu on to track MCs and LCs Product and Process Improvement • Entities from CLO Summit pilot product and process improvements • Results of those pilots shared with the network so they can be implemented by others
  32. 32. Action Steps • Attend webinar at 15:00 GMT on Nov 19 for putting CLO into your MC and LCs‘ replanning • Ensure every account has a transition meeting in the next two months • Make sure your CRM allows you to see every account, who is responsible, and when that account has been contacted—or build your CRM • Set goals for re-raising and new raising in your entity and in your LCs for Q1 and Q2 • Showcase testimonials from partners • If you‘re using another survey platform, share the results with Olga and me asap:, • Set a time limit for LCs to reach their partners before you reach them yourself and LCs potentially lose the account—how many of you have done this?
  33. 33. Sales Wins!
  34. 34.  Sales Win Analytics What have we learned from 12 Sales Wins? Anyone can raise a sales win. We’ve received them from MCs, LCPs, LC VPs, and new members—from every region in the network ½ of sales wins have been from re-raises What size of companies sign big contracts with us? 60% are SMEs 40% are MNCs In big contracts, how does AIESEC fit with the partner’s strategy? Why do our biggest customers work with us and not our competitors? Expanding to new countries 4 Our reach of recruiting talent from around the world Huge need for talent across the company 4 Our professionalism and reliability Specific need for international talent 3 Our relatively low cost Want to increase the diversity of their office 1 What sealed the deal for these companies to take multiple trainees? A large need for talent When we raise big contracts, who are the decision makers in the companies? They trusted AIESEC based on past experience, referrals, or reputation HR Director 5 They share AIESEC’s vision Middle Manager 4 General Manager / Executive Director 2 CEO 1
  35. 35. EP Raising Campaign
  36. 36. EP Raising Campaign
  37. 37. EP Raising Campaign
  38. 38. What happened so far? 1. Launch global campaign – – Promotion via global channels Conversion to ORS Result: – – 10000+ ORS applications 8000+ OP applications 2. Entity education on conversion – – Education at physical touch points Education via virtual channels (GIP meeting, calls) Result: – Not fully able to measure, more and more entities are starting to implement ORS/OP
  39. 39. What is still to come? 1. Webinars – – – Week 47 (18th-22nd of November ) MC & LC webinars Focused on conversion and selection 2. General education – – Wiki‘s Video‘s
  40. 40. Key assessments 1. Large amount of traffic driven to the global ORS 2. ORS is not yet implemented by many MCs & LCs – Main reasons: waiting for system improvements, waiting for conferences, not clear on benefits of ORS implementation, not clear how to implement 3. Therefore conversion is still very low
  41. 41. What is happening in your entity? ORS Country Data
  42. 42. What do you need to do? • 1. Follow up with your ORS registrations! • 2. Start attracting students to the opportunity portal (& therefore ORS) with your own campaigns
  43. 43. Tips & Tricks 1. Understanding the system on MC and LC levels – – – – – Video‘s BIG AIESEC Online wiki Session at EuroCo (attract more people than ever before) Webinars  Play with it! – LCs and MCs having login – Know which data is where, how to follow up, how to analyze the ‗analysis‘ etc – Ensure interactive education with LCs!
  44. 44. Tips & Tricks 2. How to embed in operations? - Launch the ORS on a conference! (don‘t wait for it though) Incentive systems for early adopters Responsible & champion in every oGIP team Automatic response after 48 hours with contact details Weekly tracking in oGIP team meetings Tracking by MC or NST Track conversion and showcase success stories!
  45. 45. System functionalities
  46. 46. Managing my Registrations • Always know what stage your registrations are on – Simple colour key, and live conversion data everywhere – Stages change automatically by the customer‘s actions – Add multiple labels to show important information ie. • Label registrations with who is their EP manager • Label registrations if they attend events • Notifications – Set up your notifications so each time a registration moves stages, you are notified
  47. 47. Close Faster with Customized Emails • Automatic Emails Sent at each Stage Change – Edit the content of emails to customise for each information point ie: – Once they move to ―in review‖ include an interview sign up form in the email – Include CultureShock posts for their chosen country – Link upcoming events in your LC through Facebook and Blog plugins
  48. 48. What about Opportunity Portal Applications? • Find your applications in one place – Name and the number of opportunities they have applied for – Follow up with them to invite them to interviews • Find their feedback – Your MC controls which countries users from your country can see (country partner ships) – Customers can tell you which countries would they like on offer and what internship backgrounds
  49. 49. What About Analytics? • Improve your Local and National Marketing Strategy! – – – – – How do people find out about AIESEC in your entity? What value are they searching for from AIESEC? Which programme are they interested in? What do they study? What level of education are you attracting? – Where do they want to go • View information about the market of others!
  50. 50. Implementing the ORS will make us grow like never before! Therefore, please do not hesitate to ask any questions or give inputs, And let‘s drive this together!
  51. 51. Resources • Marketing wiki: BIG AIESEC Online wiki: Selection wiki:
  52. 52. EP Raising Campaign
  53. 53. Match Like Never Before Challenge
  54. 54. What is it? Background – – – 28% EP matching rate, 43% TN matching rate Many LCs don‘t have right matching processes, tools & behaviors We want to increase matching rate NOW!  – – – Educate LCs over a 6 week period 4 Webinars Topics: matching process, tracking, tools, knowledge and behaviors Plan Who? – – LC VPs, TLs, members MC VPs can also encouraged to participate! When? – Webinars: How to participate? – – Sign up your LC via: Deadline: Monday 11th of November at 24:00 GMT+1 More info – – – Wiki: Matching Wiki: changes wiki:
  55. 55. SIGN UP DEADLINE: 11th of November 17:00 GMT+1 Let‘s implement faster and match like never before!
  56. 56. Match Like Never Before Challenge
  57. 57. Let‘s implement faster and match like never before!
  58. 58. EP Selection Wiki Coming Out Next week! Content: 1. EP Selection progress 2. Selection guides 3. Sub-product based selection inputs Link: Check it and use it! 
  59. 59. Talent Capacity Driving GIP
  60. 60. What is the strategic Direction?
  61. 61. Strategic Direction TC Strategic Meeting (General Guide) Specific What should I do as GIP responsible? SDP for iGIP Inner & Outer Journey EP LEAD Delivery in every XP
  62. 62. Strategic Direction TC Strategic Meeting (General Guide)
  63. 63. Remember!
  64. 64. Capacity • Structure for every reality • JD • Average Efficiency from the structures (Number of People/Number of Re) • How to ensure delivery of inner and outer journey to member and EP through the structure
  65. 65. Learning and Development • Learning and Development content for entities across specific LC realities • Split into GIP Knowledge, Management and Leadership development • For specific profiles • Balance between new sales, account management, up scaling and managing raise, match, realize simultaneously.
  66. 66. Strategic Direction TC Strategic Meeting (General Guide) Specific What should I do as GIP responsible? SDP for iGIP Inner & Outer Journey EP LEAD
  67. 67. As GIP Responsible • Pick LCs to work with on implementing output • Decide LC Growth Path • Set KPIs for Capacity and L&D along with MC VP TM • Work with LCs on creating a concrete plan to get there
  68. 68. Strategic Direction TC Strategic Meeting (General Guide) Specific What should I do as GIP responsible? SDP for iGIP Inner & Outer Journey EP LEAD
  69. 69. Presenting to you!!!!! Sales Development Programme 2.0
  70. 70. What it has for you? • Step by Step guide on how to IMPLEMENT and TRACK the SDP in your entity My Entity has a Running SDP My Entity does not run the SDP
  71. 71. What is next from the Global Office? • Customized content every 10 days ( GIP, Sales knowledge, leadership development) • Working with Top LCs/ iGIP focused LCs across specific regions starting December – January • Working with specific MCs to Implement starting next week!!
  72. 72. Strategic Direction TC Strategic Meeting (General Guide) Specific What should I do as GIP responsible? SDP for iGIP Inner & Outer Journey EP LEAD
  73. 73. Teaching Summit, The Philippines
  74. 74. What you can find in the output?
  75. 75. Teaching Summit, The Philippines OUTPUT RELEASE BY SATURDAY 5 PM GMT+1!!!! - Indonesia The Philippines India Vietnam Taiwan Thailand Cambodia Australia (Virtual)
  76. 76. Supply and Demand Update
  77. 77. Supply and Demand Management • General education for the network on partnerships and S&D management • Bi-weekly S&D Newsletters starting end of next week • Visual analysis and inferences from Q3 DAAL in first S&D Newsletter • Visa education for entities in third week of November
  78. 78. MC VP GIP To Do‘s • Attend Consultancy Week • Launch Match Like Never Before Challenge • Share your survey results from other platforms with and asap! • Email if you want to pilot country partnership framework (must have a partner already) • Email if you have any challenges in delivering your partnerships • Email for questions regarding TC Strategic meeting output & for any specific VISA Challenge you are facing as we are working on VISA Education for the next 2 weeks