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Issue diversification o gcdp tier 1 new


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Issue diversification o gcdp tier 1 new

  1. 1. Issue Diversification oGCDP | Tier 1
  2. 2. ❑ To package and promote more than 3 issues during promotion ❑ It allows us to attract more diverse students based on their different interest and background What’s Issue Diversifi caiton?
  3. 3. NOTE: The key of this strategy is to fully implement Issue-based product packaging
  4. 4. How to do issue-based product packaging?
  5. 5. 3 Key Action Steps STEP 1: Define your Product STEP 2: Package the Product STEP 3: Go and sell to your customers #Define countries/territories and issues you are promoting #Concrete marketing plan #Define identities of your product based on customer insight
  6. 6. How to choose focus issues and destinations? STEP 1: Define your Product ‣ Step two → Get to know your students needs ‣ Step one → Check our Global Supply
  7. 7. Check out the system and see who are the biggest suppliers among coutries/teritories and choose the one you are going to promote. S&D ANALYSIS Capitalize on the new issue segmentation for GCDP - make the concrete offer for your market segments. Profile of students you have should define issues you should promote – be sure countries you promote are having the offer you need. Have in mind students needs and prefrences - Check out the GCDP DAAL to understand where your realisations are coming Educate your LCs – they need to understand why do we need to focus and how to communicate and sell. communicate 1. Supply and demand Issues External analysis STEP 1: Define your Product
  8. 8. IMPORTANT: The key to success is to define your target audience and adjust your offer to them. STEP 2: Package your Product
  9. 9. WHY DO WE DO THIS? Before we begin to learn on what to do, let's first take a look at what we need to avoid! :) 3 common mistakes: ✓ Thinking your customer is the same for all the products ✓ Having an overview of your customer that is too general ✓ Not thinking the way your customer does An Effective Product and Positioning Strategy Relies on knowing WHO you’re selling to and HOW they think.
  10. 10. STEP 1: IDENTIFY YOUR CUSTOMER Build a Customer Profile Map BACKGROUNDS tudents interested to go into International Relations TIME AVAILABILITY Summer Vacation INTERESTS/ NEEDS Person Wants to feel important Loves learning abut new cultures LANGUAGE ABILITY English! Informed by: • Trends in backgrounds (VP Comms) • Trends in Top promoter Reasons • Comments (VP Exchange) Ops/ors analytics Nps promoters
  11. 11. STEP 2: UNDERSTAND HOW THEY THINK Build a Customer Insights Map •Based on your basic understanding conduct External Market Research •Check social media •Run surveys/ interviews/ assessments to understand: • Where you’re customers are and when they are there? • What they’re state of mind is at that touch point? • What needs do they possess at that given point? Main Responsible: VP Comms Main Responsible: VP Comms
  12. 12. Customer Insights Map Timeline March Context Going into Summer Vacation in a couple 1 month’s time Emotional Status (What problems does s/he need to solve? “I don’t want to be spending the whole summer bored at home. I want to do something different” Needs (What problems does s/he need to solve?) “I’m jealous about hearing that my friend’s family will travel to europe, and my family has no plans to leave. “ Touchpoints (Through which channels can we reach him/her?) I check Facebook every evening As a distraction from my studying, I usually check to see what my friends are up to.
  13. 13. AIESEC Custom Canvas! A tool to help your MCVP’s!
  14. 14. ❑ Now when you got to know your target audience – shape your product according to their preferences! Value Proposition STEP 2: Package your Product
  15. 15. Value proposition What value do we deliver to our customers? ‘A statement that summarizes why a consumer should buy a product or use a service. This statement should convince a potential consumer that one particular product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar offers.’ ‣ Include your LCVPs in creation process! ‣ Before you start preparing the campaign, make sure your LC VPs are clear on benefits you are offering and problems we are trying to solve. ‣ Value Proposition should be defined together – just follow the process and answer the questions from the next slide!
  16. 16. International internships are the most intense learning experience we offer and links together our global network. This program encompasses cross-cultural positive impact through entrepreneurial projects that lead to self development and skill enhancement of the member undertaking it. The program definition Answer the question: What bundles of products/ services are we offering to each customer segment? Segments Wich one of our customer’s problems are we helping to solve? Characteristics/ solution What customer needs do we satisfying? What value do we deliver to our customers? Benefits / values What value do we deliver to our customers? Develop your unique value proposition
  17. 17. ❑ Visual Identity - Building National Brand can help you engage more people!Branding STEP 2: Package your Product
  18. 18. Building a “ Unique and ENGAGING” NATIONAL UMBRELLA BRAND... By definition: provides a opportunity by attracting customers to the product and demonstrating the product's attributes.’ It gives credibility to your product at local markets, egagges more people and increases quality of your visual identity!
  19. 19. Visual identity can’t even begin without knowing the background of the brand, and where it intends to go. Giving a brand a personality and beliefs makes it approachable to costumers GCDP Product knowlegde To get a team of people throughout the organisation who will lead the change by: communicating the vision to the whole network, bring belief, excitement, urgency, and commitment to the change. Powerful guiding coalition Create a simple and sticky vision to link the outcome of the project to AIESEC's progress which can be easily communicated Vision for the change Every stakeholder believes in the vision, knows how the it affects their daily operations and what they need to adjust in order to make full implementation possible. communicat e How do we do this? July- august
  20. 20. GCPs from the network
  21. 21. ❑ Customize your offer to your specific audience Sub Brands STEP 2: Package your Product
  22. 22. Now it’s the time to sum it up. All you need is Clear Marketing Plan. STEP 3: Go and sell it to your customers
  23. 23. Marketing Campaign Allignment of all our activities in campaign Clear allocation of responisibilti es Engagement and reach! Marketing Campaign Planning Tool
  24. 24. Executing your marketing campaign
  25. 25. What to take in consideration for my implementation?
  26. 26. Se p Oc t No v De c Ja n Fe b RAISE MATCH REALIZE
  27. 27. TIMELINE Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Team Preparation Attract Recruitment Support EP & MA RE & Follow up Go deeper in the timeline for your LCs! If you want to realize EPs on January RE peak, you should take care of the steps before it, like attract that your LCVPs are executing. It’s recommended that you manage a national timeline for your LCs, with clear deadlines of application and so on.
  28. 28. What should happen in the local level during this time?
  29. 29. Start with Team Preparation! Team Selection Trainings Team Bulding oGCDP: Set right profile and define team start date TM: Define recruitment timeline considering team start date TM: AIESEC Induction oGCDP: Area training oGCDP: GTKEO, Integration, Team identity, team values Timeline: 1st Month Duration: 2 weeks
  30. 30. Communication Plan Stands and physical promotion Virtual Channels Promotion Timeline: 2nd Month Duration: 4 weeks Attract September Contact Lead Select Conversion Sign Up to Apply Timeline: 3rd and 4th Months Duration: 8 weeks Convert October, November What needs to happen in each month?
  31. 31. Communication Plan Stands and physical promotion Virtual Channels Promotion Timeline: 3rd, 4th, 5th Months Duration: 10 weeks Support EP & MA October, November, December Contact Lead Select Conversion Sign Up to Apply Timeline: 3rd and 4th Months Duration: 8 weeks RE & Follow up January, February
  32. 32. Every month, make sure your LCs are following the timeline As MCVP, you should take care of the implementation of the strategies and the timeline! MC VP Implementation Example: If you want to attract people on September, you should consider that you will delivery online trainings in August to prepare LCVPs for run promotion in September Create clear deadlines and be aware of it!
  33. 33. Aug Sep W1 W2 W3 W4 Attract Online Training 1 Online Training 2 + Create Communication Plan Newsletter To Engage your Members Marketing Campaign IMPLEMENTATION TIMELINE EXAMPLE (To attract people in September) Make sure you and your LCVPs are prepared to run marketing campaign before it happens!
  34. 34. GCPs: AIESEC in Tunisia
  35. 35. GCPs: AIESEC in Austria
  36. 36. More GCPs ☺ *AIESEC Egypt oGCDP Sub Products *AIESEC Vietnam Program Booklet and Website C%20Booklet%20IBP%20EN.pdF
  37. 37. Thank you!