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Pinterest SlideShare

  1. A Look at Virtual Boards Carroll ISD Instructional Technology Specialist Kristie Johnson
  2. What is Pinterest?• Virtual board…like a corkboard  Create boards based on interests  Upload pictures and/or websites as pins to boards  Uploads are called pins to boards  Add details to pins you repin or create  Can link repins to Facebook and/or Twitter  Follow other users boards
  3. Why Use Pinterest?• Gather new ideas.• Share your interests with others.• Organize ideas.
  4. Setting up an Account• You need an invite.• You can apply through Facebook.• Once you have an invite you will need to login in using Facebook or Twitter to get to the registration page. (once registered you can turn that feature off)• Do not choose “areas of interest” when registering…they sent you friends automatically.
  5. Account Settings• Email notifications • Group pins, comments, likes, repins, follows, frequency, Dig est, News)• Name – makes it easier to be found in search• User name – attaches to Pinterest URL• About – create a blurb about yourself• Location – identify where you are located• Website – add your personal website/blog• Image – upload a profile image• Facebook/Twitter – connect to social media• Visibility • Public engine searchs…ex. – Google/Yahoo search
  6. Friends• You can invite friends via email or Facebook.• There’s no security settings for blocking friends from following you.• You can follow a user or choose a specific board to follow.• You can unfollow someone by opening their profile page.
  7. Home Page• Categories you see there: • Everything • You can choose a specific category using the dropdown arrow • Videos • Not categorized in any order • Popular • Items with the most repins, likes, comments • Gifts • Categorized by cost
  8. Boards• Upon creating your account, you automatically have boards that appear. You can change the name or delete those boards.• Click “add” to create a new board• Edit board allows you to change title, description, who can pin, category or delete the board entirely.
  9. Pins• These are the actual things you find that you like.• You can comment, repin, or edit pins that you add.• Editing pins allows you to write a description, add a link, choose the board to link it to, or delete the pin entirely.
  10. How to Search• Start by clicking the search icon first.• From there choose if you are searching for pins, boards, or people.• Then enter the name of what you are searching for in the search window.
  11. Creating your Own• Click the ADD button • To create a new board choose Create a Board • To create a Pin you have two options • Add a Pin – enter the link to a website and it will find the image • Upload a Pin – upload the image and then add the link in the edit version. (I like this way better because I can choose what image I want uploaded)
  12. Helpful Hints• Pin it Button – add to toolbar• Under the About Section – Help is there• Follow Button can be added to your website or blog (You find the embed code for the button under About/Goodies)• Turn off Facebook if you do not want your pins or boards to appear there.• Be sure to categorize your pins…it helps others to search for specific pins based on categories.
  13. My Favorites on Pinterest• Curriculum Tools (Commerce ISD) • Tons of tech resources (apps, Promethean, web 2.0, etc)• Janet Corder - • Great Promethean resources• Alli Pryor - • Web 2.0 resources, iTouch/iPad resources• Annie TeachHub - • Printable lessons by grade levels, lesson plans, bulletin board ideas
  14. More Favorites on Pinterest• 21st Century Tools – technology tools• David Kapuler -• Caroline Bucky – iPads in Education• Jennifer Jones – Digital Technology• Always Learning: K-6 ideas for teachers