Customer Satisfaction Survey


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Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. 1. B u si n es s En v ir o n m en t A war en e s s Pr o gr am ™ (B E A P) Bu sin e s s E n v ir o n me n t S u rv ey s & S tu d i e sAbout the BEAP™ align their products & service offering to the needs of theBusiness Executives and Leaders continue to seek to understand the customer. The customer is segmented into 3 main profiles:business environment they operate in. Organizations analyze data on • The External Customer – this the daily walk-in walk-out customertheir customers, competition, markets and economies into • The internal customer – Employees as drivers of customerinformation – then use them to make decisions, update internal service deliverypolicies and procedures. This information is also used to align overall • The potential customer how is yet to interact with your businessmission and goals of the business to market. It is said bad information BEAP – Brand Perception & Product Penetration Surveyis better than no information and that is why the Business Building a powerful brand is all about creating the strongestEnvironment Awareness Program (BEAP™) will help organizations positive perception in the minds of your customers. But yourperform qualitative, quantitative and comparative studies on the existing customers already have a perception – one that’s the resultenterprise. The BEA-Program uses cutting edge and most updated of all the experiences over time they’ve had in dealing with yourindustry standard tools to collect, analyze and disseminate company and, if you employ staff, your people too.information on the customers (both internal and external), the The only way to find out about their current perception is to askcompetition, the market, product & services, the potential customer them. But how you do it is very important. You not only want toand eventually the brand, brand perception and product discover if they are happy with your service, you also need to knowawareness/penetration. The BEA-Program output includes, the BEAP what the key brand reflections are to them.– Index, the Customer Service Satisfaction Index, The Employee Thorough the BEA-Program™ will help you survey your current andSatisfaction Level, Brand Perception Index and Product PenetrationLevel. potential customers, understand their perception enabling you to re-BEAP – Customer Service Satisfaction Survey/Index design your marketing, sales and brand strategy.The customer is the sole reason you are still in business. How we do itUnderstanding the customer is a dynamic process and requires OpenCastLabs will work with you so that you are the owner of thecontinuous evaluation. Customer Care departments solve ad hoc process. Using standard data collection tools, secondary data in thecustomer complains, but do not seem to be keen on understanding market and direct interviews with senior managers, collect data,the root cause of these complains. A customer satisfaction survey analyze and present in different formats. We will also help train yourunder the BEA-Program™ empowers customer care executives, sales, customer care team in data collection, designing be-spoke tools sobusiness development, business process and the entire enterprise to that they are empowered in tracking customer satisfaction levels across the business cycle. Working with us enables you to Contact David Kandie concentrate in your core business while meeting your bottom lines. OpenCastLabs Limited P.O Box 56404 00200 Nairobi +254 722 831 259 Let the experts do it so that you concentrate on delivering your bottom-line OpenCastLabs Rwanda Contact OpenCastLabs today for a no-obligation proposal and the benefits of the BEA-Program™. P.O Box 4543 Kigali Request for a presentation on how we will do the customer service satisfaction survey, employee & +250 788 470 532 (Joab Ngai) workplace satisfaction survey & brand perception survey for your organization. © 2011 |OpenCastLabs™, BEA-Program and BEAP are pending trademarks of OpenCastLabs Limited in Kenya & Rwanda