Advanced excel training nairobi 18th & 19th


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Advanced Excel Training in Nairobi. Come learn how to develop reports, budgets, forecasting, modeling, all excel functions and how to use macros

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Advanced excel training nairobi 18th & 19th

  1. 1. Adv a nc ed E x cel Tra i n i ng f o r P ro f e s sio na ls OPENCASTLABS CONSULTING th th NAIROBI | KAMPALA | KIGALI 18 & 19 November 2011 - Jamiat Hotel, Nairobi Charges – Kes. 12,500.00Advanced Excel Training for Professionals About OpenCastLabs ConsultingThis Microsoft Excel training course is designed for professionals withsome experience working with Microsoft Excel 2007. This course is OpenCastLabs Limited is a training and consulting firm specializingaimed to make you better in optimizing MS Excel in your day to day in Business Intelligence Consulting, Training and Softwarework to generate reports, analyze data, generate graphs & charts, Deployment. We are champions of Microsoft Excel based Businessbuild simple forecasts, manage budgets, manage books of accounts, Intelligence tools, helping professionals use other businesswork with multiple workbooks and make maximum use of Excel’s applications efficiently while optimizing on the most new tools inmore than 150 built in functions. them. These courses are designed for professionals who are already usingTarget the business applications in their day to day work needsMonitoring & Evaluation Officers, Program Managers, ProcurementOfficers, Data Analysts, Project Managers, Sales Managers, Budget We are the local channel partners for Excel4Apps™, an Excel basedManagers, Accountants, Auditors, Report Writers, System Analysts, live reporting for SAP & Oracle.Customer Care Executives, Researchers, Data Clerks, Data Entrysupervisors, Call Centre Managers, Business Development Managers,HR Managers & Analysts, Credit Controllers, Managers, CreditManagers & Analysts , Market Analysts and other professionals whouse Excel every day.Class Goals • Learn to calculate with advanced formulas. • Learn to organize worksheet and table data using various techniques. • Learn to create and modify charts. • Learn to analyze data using PivotTables and PivotCharts. • Learn to insert graphic objects. • Learn to customize and enhance workbooks and the Microsoft Office Excel environment. • Increase productivity and improve efficiency by streamlining your workflow. Organize for your staff Training • Learn to collaborate with others using workbooks. We use the monthly advanced Excel training to show-case how your • Learn to build models using Solver, Goal Seek & What If? teams can benefit from this highly customized excel course. We • Learn to analyze data, handle large data sets conduct trainings at locations of your choice, using customized • Learn to work with multiple workbooks, consolidation etc., outlines for specific departments. • Learn Excel collaboration tools with other applications Please send us a request to receive a no-obligation proposal • Learn how to use & work with Excel Functions. • Learn how to automate Excel using Macros Enterprise Reporting We have helped several organizations automate their reporting by developing user-reports, dashboards, Key Performance Index Reports, P . O B o x 5 6 4 0 4 0 0 0 2 0 0 N a i r o b i , K e n ya Graphs for PowerPoint integration and Board Level Reporting Email: Tel: +254 702 965 052 Enterprise Reporting We develop queuing models for Banking halls, transport model for OpenCastLabs - Rwanda logistics companies and inventory simulators for Fast Moving & Contact: Joab Consumer Goods companies +250 788 470 532