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Whats In Your Apps


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App\'s they seem to be everywhere these days. This is an overview of whats in our application world of communications

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Whats In Your Apps

  1. 1. Whats  in  your  APPs?
  2. 2. ide Formaness Cardu TABLEOFCONTENTSn • ox Display • CUSTOMER SERVICE •ersonalized • ide Forma • PUNCH OUTness Card • INVENTORYp • JUMP CARTn • REPORTINGo • DELIVERABLES on Folder •ersonalized • ide Forma • GLOBAL SOLUTIONS MANUFACTURERness Card • ports 10K’n • SUSTAINABILITY World Solutions
  3. 3. OVERVIEWW e start by looking at your unique requirements andspeci c objectives of your organization. Our experts in print, identi es the best- t supplier for each project. It draws on our proprietary print and supplier information, factoring in variables such as excess capacity and geography to facilitate platform our OPS solutions allow marketing departments to meet their needs in an easier, more e cient and cost e ective manner.print-related and promotional marketing will analyze, assess better pricing. We also take advantage of competitiveand collaborate with you to develop a thorough pricing from overseas suppliers when time allows. Marketing Materialsunderstanding of your process, carefully reviewing each Allow your sales team, marketing partners and anyone elsebusiness challenge facing your team. We provide our clients with access to more than a million you select to customize, order and ful ll a wide array of di erent promotional items. For some clients, we have even marketing materials, from brochures and product sheets toThen, we create a customized Basics Strategic Advantage developed and managed complete online company stores, advertisements and direct mail. Basics On Line Solution(BSA) solution that is technology enabled to help you gain handling all ful llment and delivery.We have created highly supports both print-on-demand and inventoried materialscontrol over your entire supply chain. There are no o -theshelf successful employee recognition and retention programs and provides simple tools for you to approve, update andremedies or one-size- ts-all answers. Instead, we act for a number of organizations. manage every itemas a seamless extension of your marketing and procurementteams to develop a unique, results-driven DNA solution with Commercial Print Business Identity Materialsone goal in mind – saving you money. We provide all kinds of commercial print (4-6-10 color Business identity materials, including letterhead, business stochastic, specialty print, large format, digital and more.) cards, forms and envelopes are always in high demand fromWhat’s in Your Business Basic Strategic Advantage? through our own facilities and partner network for the best internal employees as well as external partners. BasicsLet our experts analyze your print, print related and overall solution. Our size and consolidated volume, as well Corporate Store enables these groups to view, customizepromotional marketing supply chain and processes to as our expertise and supporting tools deliver savings and and order business identity items online in a self-serviceuncover speci c savings opportunities. They will work optimum solutions for our clients. In addition, our model, making ful llment a breeze.closely with you to identify gaps and overlaps and make commercial print process is designed to t within ourrecommendations on exactly how to streamline your client’s creative work ow. Branded Promotional Itemsprocesses and create new e ciencies. You will receive a full There’s nothing more powerful in marketing than brandreport of their ndings and recommendations, and this Economic Audit Anyone? evangelists, and our Promos by Premier Premiums solutionbusiness case will help you justify your decision to engage Print by Premier has the right people, technology and enables companies to equip their customers with brandedSolutions by Premier to generate the cost savings and processes to meet the most rigorous project demands, from merchandise at the click of a button. An online storefronte ciencies potential in developing, implementing and concept to print and beyond to ful llment and logistics or with full ecommerce functionality, provides your customersmanaging your (BSA) solution. global sourcing. Want a crystal clear picture of the bene ts and partners access to thousands of promotional products, we can provide? Request an Economic Audit for a from wearables and gifts to tech gear and executive itemsStrategic Solutions con dential, fact-based, no-fee consulting engagement to and everything in between.Design, Source, Produce, Warehouse, Ful ll & Deliver. determine the potential cost reductions and improvedAll of your print and promotional marketing needs are process e ciencies that can be achieved by working with us. Customer & Employee Rewards Programsmanaged as one comprehensive solution. Your entire spend Easily create, promote and manage a points based customeris aggregated to save you even more money. That’s the Basics Automated Solutions and/or employee rewards program to help drive loyalty andpower of Basics Solutions Advantage, and that’s how we In today’s always-on, real-time business environment sales as well as employee retention. For users our rewardsrecognize savings every day for clients like you. companies are being stretched to do more with fewer sites are intuitive and easy to navigate, with features for resources. Marketing departments in particular are under monitoring your account, browsing and ordering rewardsOur BSA solutions streamline every aspect of your print and pressure to meet the constant needs and requests of a wide products and redeeming points. Program administration ispromotional marketing supply chain, identifying hidden variety of both internal and external constituents - from also a snap with tools for monitoring users, managingcosts and implementing processes that reduce your total customers and employees to partners, resellers and products and nancial reporting.spend up to 20%. Our sourcing technology automatically franchisees. Built on our powerful Basics Automated Back to the Basics… Our Approach
  4. 4. Client Support Services - Quality Support When, Where and How You Need It.You need fast and reliable support for your supply chain solutions. We understand that dedicated, ongoing support isessential to helping you maximize your investment in our technology and service level expectations to your clients CUSTOMER SERVICEboth internal and externalOur Client Support Services are available Monday – Friday 8AM- 6PM via phone, Web site or e-mail so you can counton receiving knowledgeable, real-time support from consultants with a high level of expertise in our solutions.Advanced Client Support Services 24/7/365 can be made available at a nominal fee enabling all of Barclays to receivereal time customer support via a toll free number anytimeA Wealth of Knowledge and Experience.Our Client Support Services team—representing an extensive background in the supply chain & print industry—holdsan average tenure of ve years working with Premier Supplies. • This team is comprised of more than 15 employees with uency in 5 languages.With a high level of commitment to provide quality support and meticulous attention to all client issues—regardless ofcompany size—our team has a reputation in the industry for consistently going the extra mile to serve our customers. • Print Customer Service will be provided in NYC at our new location at 460 west 34th street • Pick & Pack Customer Service will be provided from our NJ facility in Carlstadt.Support and Resources for Any Situation, Anytime.Your business and your customers cannot be put on hold. Should you face a mission-critical challenge, our manage-ment is willing and able to provide modi cations for your business in a e cient and e ective manner • And with automatic noti cation and issue escalation, urgent issues are escalated to management within one hour. • Our Client Support Services can also provide prompt on-site service if you need assistance at your locations. We can provide on-site training, order desk or simply a person to support your sta . • Ongoing support through our maintenance programs ensures you stay up-to-speed with solution developments and optimize your resources for maximum performance.By gaining an understanding of your business needs, we can arrange targeted service that achieves your speci c goals.We continuously apply best practices to our operational techniques, technological advancements and system re-evalu-ations—to make your operation more productive and e cient.
  5. 5. SUITE  OF  SERVICESAbout Us Knowledge Base Order On-Line Services SustainableGreat creative and effective A great, yet cryptic, philosopher Our effortless to use, custom Print by Premier’s Global cross Print by Premier is totallymarketing isn’t just about being king once said: "To know PDF is to branded e-storefront appears as channel suite of professional committed to providing yourpretty, it’s about being smart. Print know the universe." Is this really an extension of your companies services are designed to provide corporation simplistic, responsible,by Premier had its beginnings true, you expectantly ask? Well no, own ordering system. Your your company solutions. Bundled environmentally friendly solutionssome 30 years ago. This enables sadly it is not! But don’t be customers & internal clients select together or utilized independently, that work. Smart designs using FSCour professional team to be disheartened, for the truth about from a hierarchy of fully- we offer directmail, email, personal certified papers, corn oil derivedinnovative and creative free PDF’s and other cross channel customizable marketing collateral, URL’s, SMS texting; digital, offset, inks and the green print processesthinkers. We keep our “focus” on related questions answers can be stationery, forms and inventory. web and wide-format printing, will promote to your audience thatcrystal clear and efficient solutions found in our knowledge base. Our Your corporate branding (ID) and distribution. Warehousing, you are doing more than justthat provide results so you can abilities stem from lifetimes of standards are all programmed into picks-packs-kitting are all provided paying lip service to the cause ofkeep your focus on running a hands on experiences, always the system with approved text and in our state-of-the-art facility. environmentalism. We are allsuccessful business. It all starts learning. Afterall, the more you messages, which ensures that all committed to keeping our world awith great design. know, the better. communications 24/7/365 are in little cleaner, healthier and greener. approved context and formats.
  9. 9. INVOICING 3. In the Mode dialog box, select the Monthly Invoices indicator.The Invoice Summary Print by Premier + More Monthly Recipient eld and the Grouping Unit eld appear Invoice Reconciliation in the Selections dialog box, instead of the Invoice Summary Payer eld. 1. On a Monthly basis to coincide with the SAP system of Barclays Print by Premier + More will run 4. In the Selections dialog box, enter the customer an electronic le for processing. number of the invoice summary recipient and the Invoice Summary grouping unit to be used to classify invoices for 2. An extraction sent from SAP will be cross veri ed the same recipient into di erent monthly to insure accuracy of all transactions recorded invoices. You use the Invoice Summary Processing report to display, create, and process monthly invoices for 3. This le will be veri ed by sequence number from 5.To further process the invoices (create or cancel the punch out process within SAP for all Print by Premier + More purchases during a them), deselect the Display Only checkbox. billing cycle. re-con rmation of all transactions. 6. In the Display Options dialog box, select whether 4. Upon veri cation of all e-based transaction for the Prerequisites you want to view only those monthly invoices set forth time will be generated and electronically On a pre set date-time Barclays can run the report, that have already been created, or only those that sent to Barclays for processing. and carry out the following activities in Customizing have not yet been created, or both. for Financial Accounting (New) by choosing  5. P Card payments, EFT or check are acceptable AccountsPayableBusinesTransactions 7. Choose Execute. forms of payments. Country-Speci cSettingsInvoice Summary. A work list is displayed in a new screen, which shows all the relevant monthly invoices with the 6. Credits and or returns will show up in the individual invoice items they contain and the Procedure for Creating Monthly corresponding payer invoice.The green tra c light subsequent months summaries as a deduction where applicable. Invoices Internal in the Creation Status column shows that the invoices are ready for processing. You can display 7. Invoices can be broken down by department, cost the header data for each invoice item by double- center, budget code, location. 1. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose clicking it in the list. Accounting Financial Accounting Accounts Receivable Periodic ProcessingCountry-Speci c 8. Invoices can be electronic or in a paper format for 8. To create or cancel a monthly invoice, in the ease processing. FunctionsInvoice Summary  Processing. context menu of the monthly invoice, choose Create Monthly Invoice or Cancel Monthly 2. In the Selections dialog box, enter your company Invoice. code and the date range within which the closing date of the invoice must fall in order for the invoice to be included in the report selection.
  10. 10. MANAGED INVENTORYThe Keys to Your Data of Replenishment, you will have the means to slash Replenishments capabilities meet the inventory inventory levels and achieve dramatic reductions in optimization needs of complex, multi-tiered supplyPrint by Premier + More Inventory Optimization suite per-unit replenishment costs chains. With it, you gain visibility into your total networkinclude the ability for client Vendor Managed Inventory inventory. Youll know what to order, how much to orderin real time. Our solutions provide the means to build Everyone Bene ts! and when to order for every location. And since orderscloser relationships with your key internal clients at many • Print by Premier + More will gain keen insights into are placed automatically, you avoid unnecessary out-of-levels. upcoming demand from your company. stock situations.Customer Side • With reduced learning times for just in times supplies• Managed Inventory allows end-users with permission we can stay a step ahead in the production planning Now you can take advantage of advanced forecasting to access our inventory data so that they can manage cycle of business essential materials formulas and optimization technology to more product shipments and improve in-stock performance. • Internal clients can be provided better service across e ciently manage thousands of SKUs per location. Like By sharing the same demand data, you and your the board on all product types other users of Replenishment, you will have the means• internal clients are taking a major step toward • Print by Premier + More can expect to maintain to slash inventory levels and achieve dramatic reductions optimizing inventory levels at all locations. optimum inventory levels, lowering our cost of goods in per-unit replenishment costs.• In addition this will help us to forecast inventory levels, produced which lower replenishment costs thus saves while providing a whole host of performance reports. can be provided to Barclays. How Replenishment Makes Inventory Management• It will even alert you when minimums are reached for • Reduced lead times mean lower inventory with fewer A Key Competitive Advantage stock availability – replenishment automatically turns—and fewer supply interruptions, backorders and • Optimizes cross-tier inventory policies to synchronize costly rush shipments. distribution center and store level inventory needsVendor Side • With end-users tuned in to your distribution network, • Uses "what-if" scenarios to analyze safety stockOptimizing replenishment is a proven way to free up internal and external customers will perceive your inventory investmentsmore working capital. Companies can employ company as being attentive and responsive to their • O ers simulation environments to determine thetechnology to lower inventory, while still ensuring that needs. business impact of various order policy strategiesitems are in stock when customers want them. • Your partners will appreciate your trust and your • Helps executives to balance service level goals across commitment to encouraging mutual successes. multiple channels of demand• With Print by Premier + More Replenishment • By striving to streamline your customer service and • Helps management to identify exceptional buying technology allows you to predict inventory needs more facilitate easy product ordering, your partners are opportunities accurately and adapt to changing demand patterns serving as a free sales force! • Facilitates enhanced collaboration with external across the entire distribution network. suppliers and internal warehouse operations• Replenishments capabilities meet the inve Replenishment: Reduce Inventory, Improve the Flow • Enables rapid response to changes in customer optimization needs of complex, multi-tiered supply ntory of Goods Across the Entire Demand Chain demand chains. With it, we gain visibility into your total network Optimizing replenishment is a proven way to free up • Frees up purchasing resources to focus on vendor of inventory. Youll know what to order, how much to more working capital. Companies can employ analysis and negotiations order and when to order for every location. technology to lower inventory, while still ensuring that • Reduces the negative impact of slow-moving products• Re-orders are placed automatically once approved items are in stock when customers want them. on pro tability by categorizing them for special which helps avoid unnecessary out-of-stock situations. With Manhattan Associates Replenishment, you can replenishment approaches• Now you can take advantage of advanced forecasting predict inventory needs more accurately and adapt to • Redistributes products when there are inventory formulas and optimization technology to more changing demand patterns across the entire distribution imbalances e ciently manage SKUs per location. Like other users network.
  11. 11. JUMP CARTFinally, A Better Way To Order SuppliesStop the old way of ordering your supplies. JumpCart can bene t virtually any organization,Having someone walk around with a clipboard including yours. It’s already in use in thousandsor order sheet, making notes of which supplies of businesses including some of the country’sare running low, then manually entering the largest retail companies, law rms, governmentorder into an ecommerce system is no way to organizations, healthcare facilities andrun a tight ship. The risks are expensive: educational institutions.transposing gures from paper to keyboard cancause costly errors and buyers who ignore These buyers save time and money every day bycarefully negotiated supply agreements in favor using JumpCart to automate their suppliesof vendor “specials of the week” may save on an item or two, but ultimately resultsin higher costs. Dramatic, immediate time and cost savingsJumpCart automates your supply ordering Research has proven that automating yourprocess, leading to greater e ciency, lower procurement process slashes requisition-to-costs and increased order accuracy. Simply scan order time by more than 60 percent and cutsa barcode for the supplies you wish to order costs by over 50% percent. And by reducingusing our compact keyfob scanner, then plug maverick spending and keeping supplythe scanner into your PC and upload the order. purchases on contract, you can further reduceNo more pen and paper, and no manually costs by anywhere from 5 to 20 percent.keying in orders.The JumpCart AdvantageThe JumpCart System helps decreasecosts associated with inventoryand supply management.• Reduce requisition-to-order cycles• Minimize inventory carrying costs• Reduce labor associated with inventory and supply management• Increase compliance with existing purchasingcontracts
  12. 12. REAL TIME INVENTORYJumpCart IMS is designed to help businessesreduce their requisition-to-order cycles(RTOC), increase compliance with existingpurchasing contracts and minimize inventorycarrying costs.JumpCart IMS provides these bene tsthrough its par-level productmanagement feature. This featureallows the purchasing manager todecide when a product gets ordered land how much of that product getsordered based on current inventory evels. When an item drops below theminimum value de ned in the Par-Level Administration screen inJumpCart IMS a purchase order isprepared for that item based on theorder unit of measure and requiredorder quantities.
  13. 13. Atllanta RIO San FranciscoSao Paulo United KingdomNew York Germany Chicago Sidney Amsterdam
  14. 14. SERVICELEVELCustomer expectationsCustomers drive our business and we need to meet your requirements.Print by Premier + More aims to achieve the highest possible customer service provision.• Be consistent - our department aims for a • Positive presence - we have an identifiable brand • Confidentiality - Trust is an important part of our consistency in approach in all areas of its service that enhances the level and quality of services service. If you have a sensitive document that provided to Barclays and all of its constituents. requires careful printing and handling then PBP• Utilize good communication - we will provide guarantees that your private print work remains accurate information and advice on all aspects of • Proactive consultation - to be aware of staff and private and will work closely with you to the Reprographics & Distribution services departmental requirements and to seek input in understand and meet your requirements provided order to provide services that departments want • Proof your work - it is the customers• Transparent recharges and quotes - we will • Flexibility - PBP staff will make all necessary responsibility to proof electronically generated provide clear, transparent costs and quotations efforts to meet your requirements and learn the files before submitting for print.. with breakdown of cost essentials of being a Barclays certified vendor • Work will be scheduled to print daily and• Transparent and competitive pricing - we will delivered in the prescribed method either by our provide clear pricing on all major elements of Trucks or via a 3rd party carrier as required Reprographics for print and fulfillment as required.
  15. 15. DELIVERIESTo contain sharply rising transportation costs, Print by Premier + More utilizes the same delivery vehicles as ourparent company Premier Supplies. We utilize our eet of 23 delivery vehicles combining the two services manyand managing them e ciently in a single work ow to plan orders and minimize transportation costs.Print by Premier + More eet management enables you to optimize all transportation resources without compro-mising e ciency and quality. This solution automatically provides routes to our drivers for all your inventory picks-packs and releases. Your tri-state materials will be delivered on a preset business plan, daily, weekly or howeverthe requirements may be on a daily basis.• Shipment Planning is designed to create e cient loads within the scheduling process and recommend resources for those loads. The resulting plans, which encompass driver, assignments, which maximize utilization of re- sources while minimizing transportation costs.• Dispatch Re-Optimization continuously updates resource assignments with the latest information on resources and loads.• Hand held driver based sign & scan system records the signatures of Barclays personnel who receive materials on a daily basis for ease in providing real time informationBoth processes Supplies & Print use the same dispatch optimization model to create the most e cient runcombination for the day. If eet resources are insu cient, Shipment Planning will issue a warning and displayhow much hired resources are required.
  16. 16. UNSPCCODEThe United Nations Standard Products eliminates the need for developing UNSPSC is designed to serve threeand Services Code®(UNSPSC®) provides and/or maintaining own coding primary functions:an open, global multi-sector standard systems. The hierarchical nature of thefor efficient, accurate classification of coding system allows organizations to Spend analysisproducts and services. group purchase transactions into Its coding system brings a single,The UNSPSC offers a single global relevant UNSPSC categories which in uniform view of all expenditures in theclassification system that can be used turn can be mapped to the company, thus allowing purchasingfor: organizations commodity structure managers to analyze enterprise leading to effective spend visibility, expenditures.• Company-wide visibility of spend optimization and control. analysis Finding and Purchasing The product and services coding• Cost-effective procurement convention allows for the easy optimization identification of relevant suppliers of a certain product or service.• Full exploitation of electronic commerce capabilities Product awareness and discovery The uniform codes allow computerPrint by Premier + More encourages systems to automatically list similaradoption of global UNSPSC products and services under a singleclassification standards as a long term category, thus ensuring precisestrategic decision. Adopting UNSPSC searches.
  18. 18. Barclays_book_2011:Layout 1 5/4/11 12:45 PM Page 26 Back to the Basics Corporate Stores Dynamic Collaboration Stationery & Marketing Material Communications that promote streamlined Basic Canvas is a dynamic collaborative publishing platform efficiencies, for today’s fast paced marketing The Basic’s ordering desk is the core building block of the that provides the flexible capabilities customers need to professionals. platform. It is a central, online ordering facility for produce any type of variable document. With unmatched fulfillment of on-demand and templated items such as design control and powerful graphic design features, Basic Solutions by Premier provides and on line suite of forms, sales collateral and business stationery. In addition, Canvas is ideal for corporate, marketing and retail print sophisticated yet “easy to utilize” corporate storefronts. a full on-line store of merchandise is available for both environment. Depending upon the template rules, users are These solutions can consist of all materials or segments for internal and external clients. Real-time inventory, fulfillment empowered to edit text (font, color, size etc), images (crop your business that you are looking to automate and and a creditcard interface is part of the system. Your order and re-size) or page layouts directly on to the page using streamline the users experience. desk allows users to drill down on an unlimited hierarchy the Back to the Basics design interface. If given the needed of categories and products. The product also supports the permissions, users can also draw text or image boxes. All Our marketing collateral management system becomes an role-out of individually branded storefronts with each areas of a piece can be locked down or opened up to extended integrated website based on the look of your supporting advanced and varied customer structures and a customization depending upon template rules. The Live intranet for requests, orders, personalization, production, and multi-level order approval framework. Order information Session module enables advanced collaboration capabilities fulfillment of marketing communications in a single vendor- such as printing and finishing options along with delivery allowing multiple users in remote locations to design hosted portal. Your end users have access to a centralized instructions can also be input. The Basic’s ordering desk artwork together in a real-time virtual team environment. store of marketing materials where they can personalize, edit, comes standard with a comprehensive, fully-customizable Once an invited user joins a design session, all participants and order materials that fully comply with your brand reporting engine. Reports can contain any data you choose view the same screen and can all make design changes to requirements. The system allows the integration and as well as how you want that data grouped and can be either a printed piece or an HTML page. management for all your fulfillment providers using a single, output as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF or HTML. easy-to-use platform provide by Solutions by Premier. Reports can also be scheduled to run and made available to We pride ourselves on having a multitude of tools designed the end user clients. to help your business, whatever your industry.
  19. 19. Barclays_book_2011:Layout 1 5/4/11 12:45 PM Page 27 Digital Variable Print Warehousing and Distribution Services Fulfillment, Kitting and Assembly Variable print integrates document design with customer- Print by Premier offers extensive warehousing, fulfillment Print by Premier has the ability to receive fulfillment specific data and graphics, making every printed piece and distribution services, including global shipments and requests through a variety of channels including the web, unique and customized to the recipient. The application can customized pick and pack solutions, in a climate-controlled fax, phone, letter, e-mail, business reply cards and trade be as simple as adding the end-user’s name to the piece, or and secure environment. We are able to respond quickly and show files (hard or soft copy), and perform mass as complex as creating an entire document of fully efficiently to tight turnaround times based on the nature of distributions for product launches and revision updates personalized information. the product, the location of the recipient, the business rules ranging from one to tens of thousands of pieces. We also regarding shipping methods and costs, or special perform kitting and assembly services of virtually any • Improves response rates requirements such as trade shows and training sessions. printed product, from one-page letters to complex kits with custom boxes inserted with items such as CDs, manuals, • Increases the value of customer relationships The warehouse is driven by an electronic radio frequency user guides, labels, reply cards, registration cards, finished system linked to our web-based warehouse management goods components and posters. • The right device for your project system. It combines radio waves and barcode technology in a robust, internet-based architecture, providing scaleable and We have extensive experience in processing orders with • IGEN by Xerox flexible warehouse management with real-time inventory mailing requirements ranging from standard sorts and tracking and reporting. All components in the warehouse are mailing through to complex collations with detailed specifi • Canon 7000C bar-coded and catalogued, and inventories are tracked cations. Our organization provides on-going distribution • Indigo 5000 Series by HP through hand-held devices as orders are filled. Re-order points services to thousands of destinations worldwide. are programmed into the system, triggering replenishment of • Nexpress 3000/3200 raw materials or finished printed goods as required. • Heidelberg Digimaster
  21. 21. Barclays_book_2011:Layout 1 5/4/11 12:46 PM Page 29 PORTFOLIO
  22. 22. Barclays_book_2011:Layout 1 5/4/11 12:46 PM Page 30 PORTFOLIO
  23. 23. Barclays_book_2011:Layout 1 5/4/11 12:46 PM Page 31 PORTFOLIO
  24. 24. CREATIVE Design + Print + Web *Beep* Buzz DING! Whatever We believe there is an inescapable sounds your phone makes, chances bond between art and math. are it’s the most common way your Fibonacci sequences, golden ratios customers are getting their and s curves define what humans information on the go. From perceive as beautiful. When you see Blackberrys and Androids to our designs you won’t be able to tell iPhones and Kindles, our designers us why thats the perfect shade of create interactive and mobile blue or why that figure is just the friendly architectures that turn your right proportion, but the numbers company’s message off silent. on your balance sheet will tell you everything you need to know.
  25. 25. CROSS-MEDIA MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS • brochures • collateral • advertising OUTDOOR GRAPHICS • vehicle design • banners • signs • posters
  26. 26. textINTERACTIVE/ONLINEMore often than not yourcustomers and prospects formtheir first impressions of yourbusiness online. Whether it’s yourhomepage, a partner’s, a critic’s oreven a competitor’s website,perceptions are being developedonline. If you’re not shaping yourbrand online, you can be suresomeone else is. From strategyformulation to implementation tomeasurement, we can help youevery step of the way.• Websites• Phone Apps
  27. 27. text
  28. 28. CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITYPrint by Premier is committed to continuous Print by Premier’s quality system is not solely Print by Premier has developed andimprovement, innovation and customer satisfaction. internal. The customer focus of our Quality documented the following as part of ourTo support this commitment, we maintain a group- Management System is our highest priority. We arewide quality management system that treats quality dedicated to serving both the production and Quality Management System:as a basic business principle, and have a full in house service aspects of client’s requirements during every • A Quality Policy;quality assurance plan and quality management aspect of the business cycle. • Quality Objectives (controlled by Print bysystem in place. This system recognizes our Premier’s Quality Management Representative);employees, our customers and our suppliers, along Print by Premier has identi ed the processes needed • A Quality Manual (controlled by Print by Premier’swith developed quality assurance systems, for the Quality Management System and its Quality Management Representative);procedures and practices, as the keys to providing application throughout the organization. The • Quality Procedures;products and services that consistently meet or development of products and services by Print by • Work Instructions (Documents that establish andexceed customer needs. Premier is controlled through documentation of ensure e ective planning, operation and control each of these processes. of all product-related processes within the Print byOur quality system is based upon written Premier’s Group. They are controlled by theprocedures and a quality manual describing the The use of internal audits, management reviews, Quality Management Representative and eachprocesses and systems in place to ensure that we Corrective and Preventive Actions (CARs), and department is involved in maintaining them. Aconsistently produce quality products that meet supplied feedback from all stakeholders, including listing of all work instructions is kept in the Qualityand exceed customer requirements. In addition, results of customer audits, form the basis of Documentation Administrator software. A printedeach process has a written work instruction to assist evaluation to monitor, measure and analyze the copy of any or all work instructions is availablewith individual operator and numerous checklists Quality Management System. These also form the upon request);throughout the system to assist in the production method of implementing the actions necessary to • Records of activities of production requirements.cycle. achieve continuous improvement.Print by Premier has both a Quality Assurance Documentation for the QualityDepartment and an Internal Auditing Team. Both Management System includes:review the quality system against standards to verify Documented statements of the quality policy andcompliance to the processes and to improve our quality objectives. The policy is both in thiswork ow. A Corrective and Preventative Action document and posted for employees. The qualitySystem monitors issues that might arise, corrects objectives are established or reviewed yearly by theproblems and ensures the prevention of future company Executive Committee;occurrences. Information from the Corrective andPreventative Action System is reviewed regularly by The quality manual, as well as documentationour Executive sta and our front-line managers in covering all processes in the quality managementthe form of statistical reviews, meetings, and process system to ensure the e ective planning, operationimprovement committees to ensure a quality and control of its processes; and Records requiredproduct is consistently produced. by the quality management system to ensure its e ectiveness.
  29. 29. we gravitate towards the most basic simplistic ideas sustainable responsible environmentally friendly strategic efficient corporate solutions