Shaun of the Dead Character Shots


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Discussion of character shots in the film Shaun of the Dead.

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Shaun of the Dead Character Shots

  1. 1. Character Study Shaun of the Dead
  2. 2. The first time we see Shaun, it is in close upLiz is wanting more from their relationship, but Shaun is obviously confused
  3. 3. Notice his expression in this over the shoulder shot – how does Liz view him?He looks unable to give her what she’s wanting…almost paralysed
  4. 4. As Shaun goes through his day, he takes no notice of his surroundingsHe is lost in his own world, from which he can’t escape
  5. 5. Even at the dawn of the apocalypse, he is completely self-absorbed Notice the shot here – shallow focus – what’s important?Shaun is in focus – his lack of awareness is what the director is focusing on
  6. 6. But, also notice the angle – where is Shaun? What implicationsdoes this hold for him?
  7. 7. Even when Shaun is alone (in close up again) what does HE see? Does he look pleased with himself?
  8. 8. After the discussion with Pete, notice how Shaun becomes asymmetrical again – a conflict withinRemember – his conflict is with himself: how to grow up, have a relationship, be agood son…
  9. 9. Here we have Shaun in long shot – the director is asking theaudience to notice Shaun’s surroundings (Shaun does not).Shaun is still asymmetrical – trying to figure out how to handle allhis problems (Liz, Ed, Mum)
  10. 10. And another day just like the preceding day…ShaunShaun has no awareness of the growing disaster…he is still wrapped in his own limitedworld
  11. 11. Another mix of shot & angleShaun is asymmetrical, and rather an establishing shot, as we clearly see in the light ofday what a sty their house is-- he’s literally made a mess of his life
  12. 12. A new day, but the same old routine…Long shot with shallow focus – Shaun is clearly unaware (although theaudience is made quite aware) of the chaos around him.
  13. 13. And A classic shot – could Shaun be any more blind? again here… (Notice the asymmetry)
  14. 14. Finally! Our man has made at least one decision!Notice the change in him – symmetrical, mid shot, determinedface
  15. 15. RelationshipsLet’s look at Shaunand his relationshipswith those closest tohim: • Ed • Liz • Mum
  16. 16. ED Best friend No job No girl No house No life?
  17. 17. Ed is Shaun’s greatest friend and greatest problemWhen we first meet him, he is in mid shot, between Shaun & Liz,literally
  18. 18. We learn right away that he is rude, crude, and obnoxious (notice he’s a tad off-centre here – possible self-realisation?)
  19. 19. But, he is a great foil for Shaun (as his opposite, he lendshumour and eases tension) Notice in this long shot the utter mess of the house!
  20. 20. Shaun’s great reaction shots are with Ed : Mid two shot – illustrating their close relationship
  21. 21. And they remain friends to the end
  22. 22. LIZ•Girlfriend of 3 years•Lives with friends (one of whom detests Shaun)•Doesn’t like Ed (much)•Wants Shaun to commit (“have a plan”)*It’s worth noting that Liz changes her mind bythe end of the film. She is more than happy tostay home and go to the Winchester to drinkevery evening!
  23. 23. Liz is Shaun’s goalHe yearns to be worthy of her and not such a “loser”
  24. 24. When he eventually takes control and comes up with a plan…See Shaun here in low angle – taking charge with Liz by his side
  25. 25. He and Liz become equals Symmetrical reaction/two shot
  26. 26. Mum •Loves Shaun, apparently her only child, very much •Married to Phillip for 17 years •Only wants Shaun to be happy*Note: she calls Shaun by a childhood nickname(“Pickle”), adores Ed (who adores her back), andgives Liz her necklace from Shaun’s deceased father.
  27. 27. Lastly is Mum
  28. 28. Shaun loves his Mum – he goes to rescue her even before Liz This close up tells us how he feels about her – see the anguish in his face? In shallow focus, this shot signals that Shaun’s love for his Mum is more important than dealing w/Phillip as
  29. 29. Were you paying attention?Number a paper 1 – 5.Write the letter of the appropriate answer,Like so: 1. a
  30. 30. 1. a.Long shot b.Two shot c.Extreme close up d.Establishing shot
  31. 31. 2. a. Long shot b. Symmetrical shot c. Low angle d. High angle
  32. 32. 3. a. Long shot b. Low angle c. High angle d. Shallow focus
  33. 33. 4. a. Point of view shot b. Low angle c. Establishing shot d. Long shot
  34. 34. 5. a. Two shot b. Close up c. High angle d. A and B
  35. 35. Check your answers:1. C 5 Correct: Excellent! You are ready to write. 4 Correct: Good work – almost prepared.2. A 3 Correct: Not bad, but could do better.3. C 2 Correct: You should consider revision. 1 Correct: You MUST revise your work.4. A 0 Correct: WAKE UP!5. D