The mist


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The mist

  1. 1. By Stephen King
  2. 2. The Mist is a novel made by Stephen King in the year 1980 in his collection The Skeleton Crew. It produced a movie version in 2007 directed by Frank Darabont.. The story centers around a group of people who are trapped in a local grocery store by a thick mist which conceals otherworldly monsters.
  3. 3.  Stephen King is the author of more than fifty books, all of them worldwide bestsellers. Many of his works have been turned to movies (including the Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, and the Shining) have been multi awarded and are considered some of the best films ever made. He is also known for his epic The Dark Tower Series. He lives in Bangor, Maine with his wife, Tabitha King.
  4. 4.  The morning after the small town of Bridgton, Maine is struck by a violent thunderstorm, commerci al artist David Drayton, his son, Billy, and his wife, Stephanie, witness a mysterious mist moving across the lake towards their lakeshore home.
  5. 5.  Concerned with cleaning up the aftermath of the storm, David, Billy and their neighbour, Brent Norton, head into town, to the local grocery store, where the patrons attention is drawn by an unusual amount of police and military activity. A bloody-nosed man rushes in, ranting about something in the mist taking John Lee.
  6. 6.  The patrons watch as the mist moves across the parking lot towards the market and engulfs it. The market is damaged by violent tremors, and the patrons hear screams in the mist. A woman with kids at home eventually asks for someone to escort her home, but everyone refuses, so the woman goes out into the mist alone, toward her car.
  7. 7.  When David searches the loading dock for something to cover Billy up with, he hears things slithering against the outside of the loading door. Mechanics Jim Grondin, Myron LaFleur, deputy manager Ollie Weeks and Norm the bag-boy attempt to fix the generator by sending Norm out to unblock the generator exhaust pipe, but as Norm goes out, he is dragged to his death by a swarm of flesh- eating tentacles.
  8. 8.  The others report the situation to the others in the market, but some, including Brent Norton, are skeptical, and mentally unstable religious fanatic Mrs. Carmody is convinced that the End of Days has come.
  9. 9.  Once the danger is confirmed to only be outside, the patrons who either believe or are in little denial barricade the front store windows with bags of soil and dog food and duct tape the cracks caused by the tremors.
  10. 10.  Norton eventually gathers a small group of followers who are in denial of the dangers in the mist, and David and his followers fail to convince them not to go out into the mist. Before they leave, however, one of Nortons followers ties a 300-foot clothesline around his waist to tell the remaining patrons when they get past that distance.
  11. 11.  Atapproximately 200 feet, however, Nortons group is attacked by a large, unseen creature and the clothesline is severed, proving to the remaining patrons the creatures in the mist.
  12. 12.  Atnight, plump, flying creatures land on the store windows, and large, pterodactyl-like predators follow them and pluck them off the store windows to eat, one of the birds eventually breaking into the store.
  13. 13.  After killing Tom Smalley, the bird-monster is burnt to death by David with a torch, and the hole left by the creature is covered up with crates.
  14. 14.  The next morning, an expedition to the nextdoor pharmacy lead by David and consisting of Ollie, Jim, Hilda Reppler, Dan Miller, Buddy Eagleton and Mike Hatlen is made to bring back supplies for the injured, but Jim runs off and is killed by an unseen creature, and the group finds the pharmacy overrun with spider-like predators which produce corrosive webs.
  15. 15.  Buddy, Dan and Mike are all killed in the ensuing battle, and David, Ollie and Reppler narrowly escape back to the market.
  16. 16.  As a result of the failed expedition, the remaining survivors in the store are divided into two groups: Davids group, which consists of the still- sane, rational-minded survivors, and Mrs. Carmodys congregation, which consists of a large number of survivors who have been driven insane by the mist, and now follow Mrs. Carmody, including Myron and Mr. McVey.
  17. 17.  David and Ollie eventually discover two soldiers from the military base have committed suicide via hanging, and Ollie speculates that the Arrowhead Project released the mist and its inhabitants from another dimension.
  18. 18.  The next morning, David and his group are about to use Davids car to escape the store, but they are intercepted by Mrs. Carmody, who orders her followers to sacrifice Billy and Amanda. However, before her followers are able to do so, Mrs. Carmody is shot by Ollie, causing her followers to snap back to reality and allow Davids group to leave.
  19. 19.  David, Billy, Amanda and Reppler all make it to the car.
  20. 20.  But Ollie is cut in half by a giant, lobster-like creature, Ambrose retreats back to the store, and Hattie is killed by one of the spider creatures
  21. 21.  After a failed attempt to return home to get Steff, David and the group drive south to try and get clear of the mist. After finding refuge for the night, David possibly hears the word "Hartford" over the radio and the next morning, he prepares to drive on into an uncertain future.
  22. 22.  David Drayton- He is the main character of the novel. He is a movie poster artist and a loving father to his son. He tried in vain to save Norm, and blames Jim and Myron for it. He kills the pterobuzzard that has managed to enter the store. He is one of the few survivors who survived the pharmacy and stayed sane. He is one of the 4 survivors who made it to the car.
  23. 23.  Billy Drayton- David’s 5 year old son who came with him to the supermarket. He often cries because of his longing for his mother Steffie. Hattie, along with Amanda, babysits and protects Billy. He is one of the 4 survivors to make it to the car.
  24. 24.  Mrs. Carmody- A mentally unstable woman who believes in a vicious and bloodthirsty God. She has a reputation for being a witch and uses folk medicine. Due to the events that transpired, she had managed to acquire many followers who were extremely loyal to her. She was shot and killed by Ollie.
  25. 25.  Amanda Dumfries. A young third grade teacher who acts a mother to Billy. She has a gun given to her by her husband who was in travel to New York. David and Amanda committed adultery on the 2nd night and was attempted to be sacrificed by Mrs. Carmody. She was one of the four people who made it to the car.
  26. 26.  Brent Norton- A lawyer and David’s neighbor who refuses to believe that there are monsters in the mist. He convinced a small number of survivors (dubbed the Flat Earth Society by David) who all left the store but were killed by a large, unseen creature about 200 feet from the market.
  27. 27.  Ollie Weeks- a deputy manager of the supermarket who is a champion shooter and one of the calmest and most competent survivors. He was the one who shot and killed Mrs. Carmody and was killed when he was split in half by a giant lobster-like creature when he was on the way to the car.
  28. 28.  Mrs. Hilda Reppler (Irene in the film)- is an elderly but tough third grade teacher who joins David’s group and goes to the expedition to the pharmacy. She is one of the four people to escape the supermarket.
  29. 29.  Jim Grondin- was a mechanic in the supermarket. He, with Norm and Myron, tried to fix the generator which resulted to Norm’s death. In the novel, he died at the expedition to the pharmacy when he run off after seeing the bodies. He and Myron were best friends.
  30. 30.  Myron LaFleur- He is one of the mechanics who tried to fix the generator which caused Norm his death. He and Jim are best friends. He drank heavily and became depressed afterwards, and soon becomes one of Mrs. Carmody’s most loyal followers. His fate is unknown. In the movie Jim and Myron’s roles are reversed.
  31. 31. Dan Miller- is a tourist who helped fortify the market and one of the supermarket leaders. He greatly distrusts Mrs. Carmody and joins the expedition to the pharmacy. he is killed when a Gray Widower cocoons his entire body in its webs.
  32. 32.  Mike Hatlen- is one of the town selectmen and one of the supermarket leaders. He joins the expedition to the pharmacy where he was killed when one of the grey widowers lasso its corrosive web on his throat slicing his jugular.
  33. 33.  Ambrose Cornell- He was an elderly ma who joins David’s group. He says he has a shotgun on his truck and offers to get it, but David decides against it because it means going out to the mist. He tried to escape but hurriedly fled back to the store when he saw Ollie and Hattie get killed.
  34. 34.  Hattie Turman- She was one of the survivors who joins David’s group and Billy’s babysitter. She was killed as she was escaping to the car, when one of the grey widowers wrap her in their corrosive webbing.
  35. 35.  Buddy Eagleton (Bobby in the film)- is one of the stock boys at the grocery store. He is part of the expedition to the pharmacy the next day, and is killed when a Gray Widower lassos his leg with its acidic web strands, severing his femoral artery and causing him to bleed to death.
  36. 36.  Norm- was an 18 year old bag boy of the supermarket. When a Tentacle blocks the generator exhaust pipe, Norm is anxious to be the one to go out into the mist through the loading door to unblock it, but when the loading door is opened, a swarm of Tentacles attack Norm and slowly eat him alive as they drag him out.
  37. 37.  Tom Smalley- Tom Smalley is one of the patrons trapped inside the grocery store when the mist engulfs the town outside. When a Pterobuzzard squeezes through a broken display window and pushes its way through the barricade of fertilizer bags, one of the bags lands hard on Tom Smalleys head, knocking him out. The Pterobuzzard proceeds to devour the flesh on his upper neck, killing him in his unconsciousness.
  38. 38.  Bud Brown-is the manager of the supermarket. He initially didn’t believe that there are monsters in the mist, but changed his mind as soon as he saw the tentacle. He was offered by David’s group to escape, but he politely declined.
  39. 39.  Mr. McVey- is the store’s butcher. On the first night, he grilled chicken for the survivors to eat. On the 2nd night, however, his mind has snapped due to the smell of rotting meat and became one of Mrs. Carmody’s most loyal followers.
  40. 40.  Pvt. Wayne Jessup- was a member of Davids group and also the expedition to the pharmacy. He only appeared in the film. He, Morales, and Donaldson stay were trapped on the store. He tries in vain to save Sally, and was killed when he was sacrificed by Mrs. Carmody’s congregation.
  41. 41.  Moralesand Donaldson were 2 soldiers on a 10 day leave. They committed suicide by hanging themselves, and were discovered by David and Ollie.
  42. 42.  Sally-was a clerk at the grocery store who works for Bud Brown. In the movie she was killed when she got stung by a Scorpion-Fly.
  43. 43.  The Mist- a thick, unnatural mist inhabited by various species of otherworldly creatures, believed to be from another dimension. The Storm- is a freak electrical storm which damaged much of Bridgton, Maine. The Arrowhead Project- is a military experiment performed on Shelter Mountain, apparently intended to create a trans-dimensional window with which to peer through into other dimensions.
  44. 44.  Tentacles- are the limbs of an unseen creature in the mist, and are known for killing Norm in the storage room.
  45. 45.  Scorpion Fly- are plump, flying creatures, about two - four feet long and the prey of the Pterobuzzards.
  46. 46.  Pterobuzzards- are nocturnal, pterodacty l-like creatures and the predators of Scorpion-Flies.
  47. 47.  Grey widowers- are deadly, spider-like predators, each about the size of a dog, which have the ability to produce corrosive spider-webs that can burn through materials like clothing and flesh.
  48. 48.  AnArachniLobster is a huge creature which kills its victims by cutting them in half in its claws.
  49. 49.  The Behemoth- is a gigantic, six-legged creature encountered by the escapees from the market while driving through the mist. It is by far the largest creature ever seen.