btec level 3 media ocr cambridge technicals level 3 digital media unit 10 unit 8 responding to a commission unit 6 social media and globalisation unit 4 pre production unit 1 representations prepro unit 1 pre production paperwork zombieland unit 20 advertising media sing street unit 2 gender activity 3 the proposal documentation textual analysis genre activity 4 the treatment bbfc btec media level 3 media products and audiences section b revision reading project independent study integrated studies micro analysis mise en scene narrative pre production and planning unit 7 - media enterprise pre-production lo4 media horror activity 2 the pitch 2am sound cinematography marketing unit 2 pre production lo2 social media cambridge technicals in media unit 31 cambridge technicals unit 1 lo1b audience effects male gaze laura mulvey representations la a storyboarding note taking marketing plan activity 1 censorship and regulation bectu budgets funding unit 4 la a horror film ideas generation editing todorov pre production preproduction exam prompt materials social media analytics sample material unit 19 music radio social media and globalisation digital media photography film analysis film classification exam papers big data insert paper model material visual pleasure and narrative cinema audience demographics psychographics genres warp films independent film production public service conglomerate cross media bbc disney media ownership model work film independent production companies videogames marketing and advertising reading audiobooks bookflix campaign plan la a understanding pre production brief ofcom asa media regulation la b planning and pre production lo1 - analyse campaigns lo2 - pre production the client brief final preparation the proposal rationale and pitch preparation examiner's report the brief justification justifiation activity 3 the treatment practical production planning legal and ethical issues cinematic ideas certification old media channels pitch rationale media marketing secondary research primary research overview job roles sources of funding crowdfunding regulations legal and ethical isssues moral panics the long tail online distribution social media job roles social media fails classification and regulation lo4 - understanding campaign objectives online collaboration crowdsourcing memes online project management tools learning aim a logistics and job roles unit 4 - pre production glossary comparison unit 10 zombieland unti 10 preproduction paperwork research methods sound editing unit 24 planning and pre production mood board mind maps propp digital media skills unit 3 tech level media storyboards and scripts unit 8 conventions the dark knight teaching and learning online learning blogs action research bibliography music and talk radio unit 14 radio production media production media pre production la c&d navigations structure site maps visualisations lo3 level 3 media btec unit 10 client briefs video games cowboys and aliens john carter film marketing la a&b tech level swot computer games lesson element 2 lo1 revision social media and television wikinomics lesson element 1 sample paper lo5 lo1 and 2 sample exam material part b unit 55 music and talk radio production social media campaign 2016 suite social media platforms lo1 talk radio treatment unit 55 ocr new cambridge technicals social media marketing online music arctic monkeys examinations cambridge technicala cambridge technicals in media unit 55 audio technology radio early cinema audience theory cambridge technicals annotation a level film studies videogame design game interface
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