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Secrets and lies

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Secrets and lies

  1. 1. By Hayley Cook & Sasha Thompson
  2. 2.  Family…  Mum, looks like she is in late 40’s, she is very talkative, confident and flirty toward the photographer. She keeps looking down toward the floor, as if she is impatient and is simply wanting this to be over with much like the rest of her family. She looks like she is trying far too hard as she has very clearly seen made a immense effort to look good for this picture and make out as if they are a perfect family. Although not everyone is playing along.  Dad, Facial expressions suggest he is embarrassed, agitated and doesn’t like being fussed over. Body language – hands placed together in preparation for the coming events – when Paper was taken away, shows he doesn’t want to be there. Looking around, not looking directly at the camera. “as soon as your ready” implies he is a rather impatient man although is putting on a false front as his mannerisms appear slightly more prominent than they are initially but still rather appauling  Son, Rolling his eyes, looking like he's almost about to fall over form tiredness and boredom. Costume suggest that he hasn’t tired to look presentable, unlike the father, mother and Nan. This suggests that he attempts to rebel from his parents and as this most likely in school life also. His size also suggest he likes his food, therefore he get what he wants.  Nan, stereotypical Nan, very quite, just listening to the rest of the family. Looks amused by others disappointments – dad – very typical clothes for a Nan, glasses suggest she is very old and from a different era of fashion.
  3. 3.  The boxer appears to be a rather aggressive individual. His dangerous tendencies come across in his facial expressions which also suggest excitement but also make us fear him slightly as we know he could pretty much give everyone a beating.  He likes to pose, this shows that he can be very vain at times. His poses go from relaxed to a sudden burst of aggression and as he enters his “hard man mode”. He is showing off his skills.  The boxer is wearing red signifying a sense of danger as well as anger and violence. Also the gold belt that he is fashioning shows a champion or expert boxer as the colour gold represents domination in the athletic world and so implies he knows what he is doing and is a very dominant character. The belt being gold suggests that he has experience and has been doing this f” the boxer up and perhaps shove himself into the safe zone as to protect himself from the not so bright side of this boxer.  He is a bit full of himself and clearly likes to be the centre of attention. He is having fun while doing the intense sport, as well as posing. This shows how vain he is as he clearly likes to dominate both worlds.
  4. 4.  She is obviously a nurse. You can see this from her uniform. Her posture suggests that she is shy, but serious; tense, but calm; and hesitant, but forward. Facial expression gives an intimidating view of her as she appears to be staring in an evil way.  She looks harsh and unfriendly and not exactly the type of person you could walk up to on the street or to strike up a conversation and engage in friendly banter. She looks emotionless, dead even, her skin colour is very pale which emphasis the dead effect. Blank expressions, more career orientated as she is in her uniform for the picture.  Her hands suggest slight tension and nerves mainly toward the camera, and camera man. Her posture is very stiff and lifeless which implies that she is a rather serious character. Her smile is forced and her expression changes suddenly after flash of camera.  Before the picture is taken the only movement she makes is that of her finger’s constant twitching, this could show her nerves of having a picture taken as she appears to be quite shy. Her voice is very deep and slow and she makes absolutely no effort when talking. She’s probably thinking – hurry up and get this over with! She is generally quite dull and depressing. She has one of those faces that just make you laugh for no apparent reason.
  5. 5.  Baby is the main focus. The baby is very young and cute, however it has a lot of hair and a mischievous charm.  The woman slightly in the frame is very interesting, as she catches the audiences attention more that the lady holding the baby – most likely the babies mother. The audience would want to know who she is and why she is touching the baby.  Woman is dressed very casually whereas the lady holding the baby is in light flowing cloths.  The frame could suggest that they are in heaven. The whiteness of everything symbolizes things like: heaven, angels, purity, innocence. The lady could also represent the virgin Mary.  The key lighting coming from behind the lady and baby creating love and passion in the frame. She is constantly looking down at the baby showing her love and adoration.
  6. 6.  The lady is very forceful on the dog, pulling it around so she can comb it, so as to hide its flaws.  The lady is wearing red to match the cloth on the table, showing she is part of the background and not as important as the dog. This also suggests she wants to be apart of the shot.  The dog is in the centre of the frame. It looks very innocent and caring. It wants to be loved and cared for, however the lady doesn’t look like she is giving it to him. She’s trying to make everything perfect.  The dog is very cute and fluffy, the way he pricks his ears up at the end shows he is curious about his surroundings and the flash.  The colour of the dogs fur and the velvet cloth on the table go very well and shows that the owner wishes to enhance the admiration she has for her pet.  When she places the comb in the frame it suggests that she want to be apart of the photo and wants the picture to be perfect by trying to get the dog to pose.
  7. 7.  Old ladies are stereotypical to have cats as pets. She is your classical old lady.  The cat has its own little seat, showing her admiration towards it. The cat is in the centre of the frame, which suggests she thinks very highly of it and it is very important to her.  The colour of the cats fur and the background / set up of the shot are similar colours to each other. The old lady seems quite well off and the appearance of her and the cat are well maintained.  The first thing that catches your attention within the frame is the bow. The bow enhances the fact that they are well off. The cat looks very calm and relaxed like he is use to having photos taken or having to sit still for a while but clearly only wants to be stroked and have attention thrust onto it.  The lady that helps the camera man comes in at a low angle which could suggest that she is at a lower status to the cat and the old lady and is in fact “the help”. However she is very important in the business as she makes sure everything is prepared and in order.
  8. 8.  The man is in a suit but uses words like “init” to make he seem common and like a true Londoner. He is trying to be someone that he is not. As he says “its for my auntie” shows that he is trying to impress her by dressing up nicely and posing. He’s trying to hard to be this perfect person.  He touches his hair, plays with his suit and doesn’t look at the camera person when he is talking. He sounds very nervous when he is talking about getting married and tries to make it seem natural by adding in the word “init”.  His facial expressions suggest agitation as he stares blankly towards the camera. His eye brows are frowning which show he is either thinking to much about the photo or something to do with his personal life – i.e. marriage – His body language suggests tension, as he is sitting in an upright ridged position.  His outfit could suggest that he is trying to bring culture and art into the photo. Props are plain and boring, reflecting his personality. His hands start to shake near the end. And his position starts to become more relaxed.
  9. 9.  The man is standing which suggests he is in a hurry and doesn’t want to be there longer than necessary. His face shows that he is agitated and doesn’t want his picture taken, as his head is tilted slightly away from the camera, which could mean he is trying to escape.  His outfit is messy as his blazer is not adjusted to the proper posing position and his bow tie is wonky. He has raised his left hand as if to say “no stop, I’m not ready!”.  He is dressed up. His hat, mustache, and eye brows draw attention to his facial expression, enhancing his displeasure in the matter and his feelings toward the camera man. He has raised eye brows which also enhances his facial expressions. He seems unhappy with the arrangements that have been put forth.  The prop he is holding in his right hand creates suspicion and also possession as he seems to be holding it quite tightly. He looks like he has made an effort although has failed because he looks very scruffy.
  10. 10.  The woman in blue had clear dominance in group, wearing odd colour & looks likes she is living in the past, her hair style and outfit show this. Dressed badly for her age (old!).We can tell she is old by her many wrinkles on her face. Her facial expressions shows us that she is trying to be cool and thinks that she is good looking and young and “hip” but she just looks like a middle aged woman trying to re-gain her youth. This is obviously not working as this probably makes her look older than she actually is as she is trying too hard. She is also trying to flaunt it. This photo was most likely her idea and as she is the dominant one the other two naturally agreed.  The other two women are although trying to be young again they are obviously less into the picture especially the lady at the bottom. She is getting into it slightly for the others benefit but she looks slightly tense and uncomfortable to be doing it. Both she and the other woman standing (not the dominant one) are wearing black this symbolises that they are at the lower status in the group. Although the woman at the bottom is wearing gold on the black which allows us to notice her as opposed to the other lady sticking her tongue out who almost blends into the background.  They also make a very odd noise once again showing they want to be cool. Once the picture is taken they all laugh, woman at bottom forcing a laugh/ smile, the blue lady jumping about aimlessly and the other woman laughs hysterically, crying out for attention.
  11. 11.  All the children are dressed up, none want to be there, the girl in the middle looks scared and unsure of what is going to happen and the other two seem as though they are comforting her, their facial expressions and that they are holding hand show this.  The mother looks as though she is a middle class, pushy, church goer who perhaps has strong family values and believes in putting on a show (playing happy families). She also looks like she is trying too hard to show her being well off. Both her appearance and the children’s show us that they are a well kept family.  Whilst they are sorting out the children’s appearance the mum goes on about her life story. From this we can tell that she is of an older generation (like oap’s “back in my day...”). She starts to talk about how having the 3 girls are “a miracle”  The backing lights help emphasise the fact that it was a miracle from the heavens.  The frame is centred around the children, they are all dressed the same which could show that they are loved and cared for equally by their mother. The mothers dress is slightly dull but still has the blue color to show she’s associated with the girls in the Centre.  Work lady’s hair is scruffy and tied back to show she’s busy and at work compared to the mothers hair which has had more time and care put into it the girls hair is all identical and neat and tidy, and is being cared for throughout the extract.  The triplets hands are all linked showing their bond and they all link towards the girl in the Centre suggesting she’s the oldest of the three.
  12. 12.  The little boy is scared slightly, he is young and obviously his mum has dressed him up like a little doll for his picture. However, this kid does not seem to care as he is far more occupied with what is up his nose.  The kid looks slightly sad and yet quite cunning and perceptive as he waits for his mum to not be looking before he plunges back into the depths of his nostrils. The kid does not say anything as his actions speak for him, creating a mischievous child.  He smiles after his finger is back up his nose. It is clear that throughout the attention is on the child. This is as when we hear the cameraman and the kids mother talking they are clearly speaking to a child as they sound exceptionally patronising. He clearly has higher priorities than sitting still in a chair. The boys outfit matches the furniture around him and blends in quite nicely.  The little boy adds comedy into the frame as when he dives back for his nose he smiles, this shows that he knows he is doing wrong but finds it funny to do it anyway.
  13. 13.  This woman is clearly old. She is a middle aged woman trying to re-gain her sex appeal but instead she has just lost her pride and dignity. This is as she should cover herself up and not make we look at a half naked old lady.  She is wearing black; to make herself look sleek and slimmer she has also tried to make an effort but has failed as even she says “this is silly”. She has dolled herself up.  The background of white and a natural green contrast with the black that she is wearing as well as showing that this is completely unnatural in every way, shape and form.  When she laughs after the picture is taken and speaks it is clear that she is trying to flirt with the camera man and confirms that she is trying to put on a show.  She is lying when she says “this is silly” as even that statement is fulfilling its purpose of bringing people in. Although it is not working.  The post in the background reminds me of a wedding post, though she is dressed in black but then laying on a white clothed table. Her hair is messy and looks like she just got out of bed and left it at that.
  14. 14.  The man sitting down look like the oldest. The other men must respect him as they have let him sit down and be in the centre of the shot, maybe he is the dominant man in the pack.  The man on the far right with the slightly lighter suit seems more relaxed than the others with his hand in his pocket and a big smile on his face. The man on his immediate right (our left) looks serious but has a smile on his face (just) Though his eye brows suggest seriousness to us.  The other two guys standing are very similar in there facial expressions and positions in which they are standing – Hands behind there back, looking at the camera with a little smile that looks a little forced on there face just trying to fit in with the rest of them.  The man sitting down has his hands gripping the chair maybe to hold him self up or just because he has been told to (who knows). The position on the frame is positioned so that none of the men are in the centre of they top maybe to show how similar they are and that they are equal in the sense of status. Their suits imply that they are businessmen.