Endocrine system


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Endocrine system

  1. 1. Name: Jamaica MarananTeacher: Mr. Sherwin ManingasSection: III-I ALUMINUM
  2. 2. “ENDOCRINE GLANDS”• Endocrine Glands• Hypothalamus• Thyroid Gland• Parathyroid Gland• Thymus Gland• Adrenal Cortex• Adrenal Medulla•Major Endocrine Glands and their hormones:•Major Endocrine Glands and theirhormones(cont.)
  3. 3. BACK
  4. 4. Endocrine Glands•Endocrine system- Ductless glandsthat synthesize and secretehormones•Endocrine system- A hormone isan organic substance needed by thebody in minute quantities telicity aspecific physiological response BACK
  5. 5. •Endocrine system-Hormone are produced byone part of the body thathave an effect on specifictarget cells located indifferent parts of the body.
  6. 6. Hypothalamus•A small gland about 1.0 cm indiameter located at the base of thebrain.• Intimate associated with thepituitary gland.• Secretes releasing hormones thattravel via a portal system andstimulate the anterior pituitary.
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  8. 8. Thyroid Gland•Composed of two lobes, on eachside of the trachea connected byan isthmus.• Secrete thyroxin that regulategrowth and development.• Enlargement of this gland resultin a condition known as goiter.
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  10. 10. Parathyroid Gland• Small glandular bodieslocated on the dorsal surfaceof the thyroids• Secrete parathermones(PTH) that maintains theration of calcium andphosphorus in the body
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  12. 12. Thymus Gland•Located between the upper partof the sternum and the pericardium• A temporary organ which reachesgreatest development at age 14 to16• Secrete thyroxin that controlsmetabolic rate and involved in theformation of WBC
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  14. 14. Adrenal cortex•Secretes cortical andaldosterone that causesgluconeogenesis and sodiumretention and potassiumexcretion in the kidneysrespectively.
  15. 15. “Adrenal Cortex” BACK
  16. 16. Adrenal Medulla•Two small masses locatedabove the kidneys.•Secrete epinephrine and norepinephrine.•Promotes "flight or fight”reaction during emergency.
  17. 17. “Adrenal Medulla” BACK
  18. 18. BACKMajor endocrine glands and their hormones: GLAND Hormones Major function Disorder from Disorder from too much too little secretion secretion Hypothalamus Releasing Stimulates Overactive Underactive hormones anterior pituitary anterior pituitary anterior pituitary Anterior pituitary Thyroid Stimulates Overactive Underactive stimulating(TSH) thyroid thyroid thyroid Anterior pituitary Adrenal Stimulates Overactive Underactive corticotrophin(A adrenal cortex adrenal cortex adrenal cortex CTH) Anterior pituitary Follicle Regulates egg Overactive Underactive stimulating(FSH) and sperm ovaries/testes ovaries/testes production Anterior pituitary Luteinizing(LH) or Regulates sex Over secretion of Under secretion Interstitial cell hormones sex hormones of sex hormones Stimulating(ICSH) production Anterior pituitary Pro lactin(PRL) Causes milk Over secretion of Under secretion production after milk of milk giving birth Anterior pituitary Growth(GH) Promotes growth Gigantism Dwarfism
  19. 19. Major endocrine glands and their hormones(cont.) Glands Hormones Major Disorder Disorder from functions from too too little much secretion secretion Epinephrine Promotes Adrenal "flight or fight and nor medulla "reaction epinephrine Lower Blood Diabetes Pancreas Insulin Shock Sugar Mellitus Raises blood pancreas Glucagon sugar Promotes Androgen(testo secondary male Testes characteristics sterone) Promotes Estrogen and secondary Ovaries progesterone female characteristics
  20. 20. By: Jamaica O. Maranan III-I Aluminum