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Maximising Your SERP Potential - Enhance your listings with Rich Snippets
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Maximising Your SERP Potential - Enhance your listings with Rich Snippets


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  • 1. Maximising Your SERP Potential Enhance your listings with Rich Snippets Peter Handley theMediaFlow #thinkvis
  • 2. IS ME PETE? Director of SEO at theMediaFlow Responsible for strategy and delivery Klout says I’m influential about rum (and SEO/Internet Marketing)@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 3. WHAT Are Rich Snippets?@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 5. People
  • 6. AuthorsNot a “true” rich snippet…
  • 7. Reviews
  • 8. Recipe
  • 9. Events
  • 10. Product
  • 11. Video
  • 12. Music@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 13. WHY
  • 14. Increased Click Through Rate@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 15. Review CTR Post Imp CTR = Post Implementation CTR and compares month prior to Schema implementation to month after. Only includes terms that didn’t increase in position Based on individual user reviews, not aggregate@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 16. Author CTR@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 17. Author + Review CTR Based on individual user reviews, not aggregate@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 18. HOW to get Rich Snippets to appear@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 19. Microdata, Microformats and/or RDFa ….it’s about Semantics@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 20. The Semantic Web"a web of data that can beprocessed directly and indirectlyby machines.“ Tim Berners-Lee
  • 21. Microdata Microdata is an HTML specification used to nest semantics within existing content on web pages. Search engines, web crawlers, and browsers can extract and process Microdata from a web page and use it to provide a richer browsing experience for users. #thinkvis
  • 22. Microformats A microformat is a web-based approach to semantic markup which seeks to re-use existing HTML/XHTML tags to convey metadata and other attributes in web pages and other contexts that support (X)HTML, such as RSS. #thinkvis
  • 23. RDFa RDFa (or Resource Description Framework–in–attributes) is a W3C Recommendation that adds a set of attribute-level extensions to HTML, XHTML and various XML-based document types for embedding rich metadata within Web documents. #thinkvis
  • 24. You Can Use Any Of These ….Google recommends microdata@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 25. Implementing Person LinkedIn use hCard microformat I’d use if setting this up today@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 26. Implementing Authorship Lots of ways documented online The simplest way to do it is add ?rel=author to a link to your G+ page from a post … and a contributor link to your G+ page@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 27. Implementing Single Reviews@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 28. Implementing Aggregate Reviews@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 29. Implementing Recipe ….annoyingly, Google doesn’t seem to like giving me recipe snippets anymore@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 30. Implementing Events ….you could try the GWT Data Highlighter too, though none of my tests with it work yet@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 31. Implementing Product@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 32. Implementing Video ….I actually tend to use Video Sitemaps to get these Rich Snippets@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 33. Implementing Music markup songs with Schema on Top Tracks:@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 34. Tools Raven Tools’ Schema Creator Rocks: #thinkvis
  • 35. Tools So does the microDATAgenerator: #thinkvis
  • 36. Tools Use Structured Data Testing Tool: #thinkvis
  • 37. MIXThem Up
  • 38. Why just use one Rich Snippet? ….more are better!@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 39. @ismepete #thinkvis
  • 40. It Doesn’t Always Work ….Google annoys me sometimes!@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 41. But It Can’t Work Unless You Try! ….So, give it a go!@ismepete #thinkvis
  • 42. Don’t Piss Off SEOs
  • 43. #thinkvis
  • 44. #thinkvis
  • 45. #thinkvis
  • 46. #thinkvis
  • 47. #thinkvis
  • 48. Thanks for Listening! Let me know if you have any questions: @ismepete #thinkvis
  • 49. Resources: Useful Links: Images: Stand Out - People - Review – Thumb Up - Event – Willy Mason - Video - Music - Rodrigo y Gabriela - Why - Web - Mix Them Up - Danger - Careful! Wasp Nest - Havana Club Rum & Coke - #thinkvis