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AS Coursework Evaluation
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AS Coursework Evaluation


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  • 1. Hannah Clark 12W
  • 2. Conventions of a MusicMagazine: Busy and expressive front covers Eye catching imagery A set colour scheme Bold text for emphasis Masthead Cover line Issue Number and Date Barcode Taglines Various other articles featured throughout the magazine
  • 3.  Primarily my music magazine has been inspired by various different globally recognised magazines already selling on the magazine market. The central one that really caught my eye was VIBE magazine. I consider the colour scheme used to be really effective, because of that I decided to use the same colour scheme however in a different context. I enjoyed the effective simplicity of VIBE magazine through studying its codes and conventions. Although I highly admired the fonts from VIBE, Q and Mojo to name a few, I decided I wanted a font which was slightly unique to the other magazine fonts. That‟s when I decided to look to the internet to download unusual new fonts for my magazine. All the writing featured in the magazine is for the majority formal however with parts of little chatty colloquial language. This keeps the feel of the magazine friendly and user friendly. What I feel CLASH challenges is that the features aren‟t globalized celebrities such as Madonna and Eminem but famous smaller mostly British acts like the Streets and MGMT. They also give a lot of limelight to upcoming performers who aren‟t so well known to give them recognition. This gives the audience a sense that CLASH cares for the wellbeing of the audience, has a honest purpose and not majorly interested in media attention. This catapults CLASH away from the norm.
  • 4.  One of the central purposes of my magazine to me is to promote and represent, young aspiring musicians trying to break into the music industry and be noticed. For example, my front cover, contents and double page spread all feature a young, different upcoming performer. The alcohol, cigarettes and unkempt clothes demonstrate an image of individuality. I am pleased with my work as it clearly signifies just what CLASH is about. My general audience would be from around the ages of 18-25. The reason for the starting age of 18 is because some of the content revealed in the magazine may not be seen as appropriate for a younger audience. The core selling point of CLASH is that it steps away from the stereotypical mainstream music and steps outside the box. This is what gives CLASH its unique edge. My magazine would attract a unisex audience. The colour schemes and fonts used appear relatively masculine however the performers and content contained inside appeals to both male and female equally.
  • 5. Ideology - The primary Ideology behind my magazine is for itto signify, up and coming performers struggling forrecognition in the present time. CLASH makes it clear that‟stheir core focus and present CLASH consumers would realisethis automatically from the language presented, actspresented and promotion schemes featured towards theyoung artists. CLASH acts as a role model to all aspiringperformers and people who enjoy a slightly alternative edge ofmusic and interests.Purpose – The purpose of my magazine is primarily toentertain however it‟s to also to inform the CLASHaudience of new performers on the market. AlsoIntroducing smaller performers with great music to theaudience which Is catering to its specific target audience.I used reasonably formal language in the double pagespread of my magazine because as students being myprimary audience, stereotypically they would be educatedto understand that type of vocabulary.
  • 6.  In order for it to be distributed successfully, CLASH needs to be taken care of by distributors with impressive connections. Although the magazine would need to keep its primary purpose of promoting young aspiring musicians trying to break into the music industry. Also to keep smaller bands in the public eye to raise their awareness. As that‟s what the target audience is looking for. IPC Media would be the perfect distributer for CLASH as it has all the connections needed to make it a major success. IPC distributes a huge range of magazines globally small and hugely successful, a real diverse mixture. IPC Media would be interested in CLASH primarily because it‟s unique and brings something to IPC‟s collection that it doesn‟t already have.
  • 7.  The typical audience for CLASH magazine “Holly is 19, young, vibrant and full of would be 18-25. The age range Is of a life. She performs in a band called rather small range however I think it‟s the Southern Mission in her spare time most appropriate and appealing age for whenever she‟s not out socializing with CLASH as other ages might not be friends. interested in the content of the magazine. Holly isn‟t a huge fan of having loads of I would say that CLASH magazine would technological devices but has an appeal to just as much males as females extensive music collection on her most and vice versa. The content has something prized possession, her iPod. for everyone. Hollys musical heroes are the band I would imagine the ideal CLASH reader to MGMT and Passion Pit, bands fairly fall under the category of a wide range of unknown from the mainstream world . social classes. However social class C1 and She enjoys going to regular gigs are the C2 as a majority however CLASH caters for bar Thekla, a boat conversion in her every social class. hometown, Bristol with friends on regular occasions which features unique edgy The Idea reader would have the social bands however at times plays more of a values/mind sets of innovators as they mainstream feel of music. would be risk takers and seeking new and Holly carries a confident persona and has different things, setting their own targets to a strong ambition to reach musical achieve what they aspire. fulfilment by playing at The Thekla one day with her band.”
  • 8.  Gender – Unisex - completely equal Age – 18-25 Work Status – student Common Interests – socializing, performing, music, partying, concerts/gigs Music Genre – Indie, Alternative Preferred TV Channels – MTV, Kerrang, 4Music and House Music Channel Preferred Films Genre- Comedy, Drama
  • 9. On the scale of MaslowsHierarchy of Needs I feelthat my magazine wouldsit appropriately on the„Self Actualization‟ stageas an CLASH reader is adedicated performer fullof creativity andspontaneity. However itwould also sitappropriately on the„Esteem‟ layer, as aspiringperformers they areconfident, aspireachievement and cravethe respect from themusic industry.
  • 10. Being repetitive about Masthead in boldthe word „exclusive‟ rebellious fontgives the audience the symbolizing the edginessimpression that it really of CLASHis exclusive to CLASHreaders only and the A main centralinformation contained image of the focuswill only appear in of the magazine.CLASH. The main feature and „star‟. The way the photograph was Using a bright vibrant taken suits the Red signifies power cover well as it and youth. Very eye keeps the celebrity catching. central and focused. The glare of eye contact is very eye Quote from the catching would magazines star focus helps to attract to try and emotively potential buyers. grasp the audiences attention. Price and Barcode
  • 11. Red colouring used to purposely contrastLogo and special font against the black andof the magazine white colouring schemefeatured throughout. to catch the eye. A „monthly‟ sectionLarge photo of primary of the magazine tostory featured in the demonstrate to theissue of the magazine. audience what isEmphasises the featured monthly inimportance of the CLASH. This is shownstory. separated from the main „exclusive‟ focuses of this months issue of The image the CLASH. The purpose main photo of this is for the portrays fits in regular users to perfectly with the identify to. genre. Numbered index to show the audience what the magazine contains.
  • 12. Name of personwhos featuringthe doublepage spread. I chose for theBig bold and photos in myvibrant in order magazine toto stand out be edited inand catch the black andaudiences white to stayattention. in kept with the colour scheme.Questions writtenin another colour ina slightly largerfont so theaudience can havea clear image ofwhat the page willconsist of without Pull Quote –reading the whole givespage. audience a idea of what the article will contain Colour Small picture of the artists new scheme single and tour tickets release suits the date ensures audience that house style CLASH is sticking to their aim of trying to get young aspiring performers a chance and some kind of recognition.
  • 13. I feel that CLASH has many different valuable aspects which attracted myaudience to CLASH. The key colour scheme I used was very simple yet effective. The colours included signified to me power, success, youth yet maturity. All of these are aspects of which I wanted to convey into CLASH and are aspects which I felt would strongly appeal to my audience. The fonts that I decided to use I feel would appeal to my audience as its unique and diverse which is something a CLASH reader would highly value. CLASH has a very specific genre, alike almost every magazine on the market today. The performers I included in CLASH were of a very wide variety with very little mainstream acts. A CLASH reader would be drawn towards interested, new, unheard of acts and like to rebel slightly against the norm. The photographs presented in CLASH are including a young performer and a person who enjoys music, which you can clearly appreciate from just the images. This would appeal to the audience as they would share the same interests as „Gemma Clark‟, featured in the images. The advertisements used in CLASH are all featured around promoting the up and coming artists and competitions for the audience. CLASH isn‟t full up with mainstream advertisments which is something the audience would appreciate.
  • 14.  At the beginning of this AS course I had never had any experience with Photoshop which I found a slight barrier at first. However with the practice of the preliminary task it enabled me to make errors, learn from then, gain new skills and slowly became accustomed to the program. I came across and learned the purpose and how to use these tools and studied if they would be appropriate to create my own magazine. I became very well accustomed with tools such as; Magic Wand Tools, Brush Tools, Brightness & contrast tools and gradient tools, just to name a few. Something that struck me was how much hard work, creativity and dedication actually goes into the magazine process. I also learned of how much of a competitive market that magazines are in. With the rise of popularity of the internet, magazines and newspapers and becoming less and less popular as they can simply access the information, free of charge online whenever they desire. The process of making my own magazine, even though I knew it wouldn‟t be an easy task, took a lot longer than I predicted. It took a while even with practice to become accustomed with all the tools available and to make the pieces look as realistic as possible. For my preliminary task I used a basic standard digital camera although you can‟t tell with the creative editing I done. When using a professional camera for my final piece I recently purchased I realised the value of a good camera and how much of a impressive difference it can make on your images. I learned throughout the process that you could download out of the choice of thousands of fonts, off the internet and use them using Photoshop on your work. This enabled me to have the choice of a much wider variety of fonts. Overall throughout the process I have learned an excruciate amount on Photoshop and the whole process of making a magazine and gained a lot of information on the magazine industry as a whole.
  • 15.  Throughout the whole AS process of making a magazine, I feel that my knowledge of all aspects has improved massively. When first beginning the course even though I‟m a very regular consumer of a broad range of magazines I‟ve never really analysed and paid attention to the conventions presented in a magazine. In depth research and studying various types of magazines has significantly broadened my knowledge. I first of all really struggled on how to give my work the professional looking edge I was aiming for. Thorough research and gaining inspiration enabled me to overcome this. Research is a fundamental element in composing a magazine which is something I now appreciate. A major skill that I have gained through this part of the course is how to use Photoshop. In the past I‟ve had very little if any experience in the Photoshop, photography and editing department. This has broadened my knowledge vastly and now have the skills and ability to use a number of tools and create a number of pieces on Photoshop. At first I didn‟t understand and have much knowledge magazines and on the magazine industry. This project has really opened my eyes to all the various aspects you need to consider before yourself creating one. Looking back in contrast I‟ve really .began to comprehend how my skills and knowledge have improved massively. The preliminary task provided me with practice and helped me greatly in order to create my final piece.
  • 16. For my preliminary task I composed a school magazine. It had a very feminine, girly toneto the cover. The colour scheme I used in hindsight wasn‟t very carefully thought out, if itcaters to the audience it was required to. Colours are universal and would appeal to Poor quality of picture focus Preliminary Task Final Piece a broader audience. School magazineMusic Magazine The background image didn‟t More professional compliment the edgy looking chosen fonts and fonts which more colour scheme. The appropriately text is visually suits the genre. harder to read than my final piece. For my preliminary task I used the standard fonts provided by the computer. In order to give CLASH a look of its own I downloaded fonts from dafont. The Structure was photography very basic and didn‟t have the used is edited professional very naturally looking layout to keep up needed. with the professional look