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Media Pack

  2. 2.  „CLASH‟ has created a promise that it will update its audience with the latest and freshest music out there.  Our primary mission is to let loose to you up and coming bands by advertising them in our magazine fromCLASH’sMISSION a wide range of genres in hope of them becoming more recognised by our CLASH audience.  CLASH is respected and loved by the readers, the artists and the music industry itself  CLASH you can rely on to give you the freshest sources of information and only the most trustworthy.
  3. 3. IDEAL READER  CLASH‟s ideal reader is interested in quirky, unique music with a slight mainstream edge but also in some ways someone who likes to rebel against the „norm‟  General Audience:- 18-25. The reason why I would say the magazine audience should be 18+ is that the content gives references to alcohol, cigarettes in its photography which wouldn‟t be appropriate for a younger audience.  Gender – Unisex
  4. 4. THE ‘CLASH’ READER “Holly is 19, young, vibrant and full of life. She performs in a band called Southern Mission in her spare time whenever she‟s not out socializing with friends. Holly isn‟t a huge fan of having loads of technological devices but has an extensive music collection on her most prized possession, her iPod. Hollys musical heroes are the band MGMT and Passion Pit, bands fairly unknown from the mainstream world . She enjoys going to regular gigs are the bar Thekla, a boat conversion in her hometown, Bristol with friends on regular occasions which features unique edgy bands however at times plays more of a mainstream feel of music. Holly carries a confident persona and has a strong ambition to reach musical fulfilment by playing at The Thekla one day with her band.”
  6. 6.  Readers trust CLASH‟sWHY ADVERTISE judgement on all its content  A New revolutionary magazine which will be available to buy in local shops and shops likeIN CLASH? Urban Outfitters and American Apparel  CLASH is very influential towards the readers that have the strongest influence in their social groups
  8. 8. THIS SUMMER CLASH IS CALLING YOUCLASH IS CALLING YOU On the 15th -18th July CLASH and all its favourite bandsEXTENSIONS and loyal supporters will be at Croydon Park for „CLASH HITS CROYDON‟ this year. Headlining will be acts such as The Streets, MGMT and The Gossip. For further prices and information on facilities, accommodation, ticket release dates and prices go to;BRAND