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AmbITion Scotland Roadshow South (Edinburgh): Katy Beale, Tate Twitter strategy 10.06.10
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AmbITion Scotland Roadshow South (Edinburgh): Katy Beale, Tate Twitter strategy 10.06.10


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. written by: Katy Beale : :
    Twitter Strategy
    Katy Beale
  • 2.
    • A real time micro blogging service
    • 3. Send short 140 character updates to your “followers”
    • 4. Receive updates from the people that you follow
    • 5. Open conversations (@) or closed conversations (DM)
    • 6. Lists function to group people together
    Twitter demographics
    • Globally, the highest proportion of users aged 18-34, with those aged 35 over the fastest growing demographic
    • 7. From US stats, there is a female bias and higher than average proportion of parents with young children and higher proportion of university graduates compared to most internet users
  • 8. Why?
    Want people to know about what’s going on
    To stimulate conversation
    Highlight where and when people are talking about Tate
    Increase awareness and affinity
    Generate sales and footfall with content
  • 9. How?
    Day to day working group
    Wider steering group
    New role: Digital Communications Manager
  • 10. How?
    Shared workload
    All tweeters use tweetdeck
    Social media calendar and schedule
    Regularity – 1-3 times a day
    Cross promoting content on other plat
  • 11. Content
    5 key values:
  • Inform
    Offer click thrus for more information
  • 16. Inform
    Allow our audience experience Tate through twitter
  • 17. Inform
    Offer up twitter previews and create that “in the know” feeling
  • 18. Listen
    Look at what people are saying about Tate
  • 19. Listen
    Know your audience - create tweets for specific followers
  • 20. Provoke debate
    Ask for people’s opinion
  • 21. Provoke debate
    Utilise hashtags to create a forum for debate
    e.g. #tatedebate
    Twitter feedback:
    more of same pls - it is what twitter is for - generating debate
    Dear @tate, please do discussions like these more often. Good to read all these different views
    @Tate Really inspiring debate. Would love to see more. Interesting to read the different points of view
    Nice to see the @Tate tweeter is responding to tweets and sending RTs. If you're not following @Tate you should be.
  • 22. Interact
    Use RTs & offer thanks
  • 23. Interact
    Take content cross platform
  • 24. Interact
    Ask for UGC
  • 25. Interact
    Ask for UGC
  • 26. Incentivise
    Prompt ticket sales with info
    Use giveaways and competitions
  • 27. Incentivise
    Create twitter only catering, shop and ticket offers and stories
  • 28. Tate Twitter – The results
    May 2009: 10,000 followers
    June 2010: 104,836 followers
    No 3 most popular twitter feed from global galleries and museums (Sept 09)
  • 29. Tracking & measuring
  • 30. Tracking & measuring
  • 31. Tracking & measuring
  • 32. Tracking & measuring
  • 33. Tracking & measuring
  • 34. Tracking & measuring
  • 35. Managing social media
    Resource-wise, Twitter is at the top end of scale
    • 2-4 tweets per day are recommended
    • 36. Plus responding and interacting with other tweeters
    • 37. Don’t spam – if there’s nothing new to say, then don’t tweet
    Use the tools out there to help you save time and track your use
    • Post images using twitpic or picfog
    • 38. Use tweetdeck or seesmic
    • 39. Use url shortening sites e.g. & to track the number of click throughs
    • 40. Test out types of content and respond to the most popular using tools like Twitter Analyzer
  • Top tips - effective tweeting
    Develop a follower list of people including people who’s content you may want to RT e.g. music, arts, tech, etc
    Add hashtags to allow for tracking of conversations and subjects
    Make sure you are human
    • Respond to queries and DMs
    • 41. Tell people if it’s going to take a while to get back to them
    • 42. Have training internally to deal with possible sticky situations and how they will be dealt with
  • Twitter: 5 steps
    Benchmark against your competitors
    Work out what suits your resources
    Create targets within a strategic framework and give them a timescale
    Look at the measurables and how you will judge success
    Create a day to day task list with actions and responsibilities
  • 43. Get in touch
    twitter: @katybeale