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Session2 of the Twitter for business workshop by @brianmawdsley

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  • Why are media tweets like photos, videos, and presentations so important to incorporate in your Twitter content strategy There is one simple way to get followers on Twitter, or on any social network, and I do not mean to be cliche: Be real. Serve others. Share good stuff. Write good stuff. Listen. Sorry, all very common advice, but the funny thing is — very few people follow it. My inbox was full after I wrote the 19 Things Successful People Do On Social Media and the 12 More Ways To Be Legendary and Successful on Social Media. It was not all new stuff, far from it, but I shared some of my own thoughts and by being open I met some friendly people. I met some trolls, too.But here are some tactical ways you can gain followers and avoid getting unfollowed or blocked or reported for spam on Twitter. Not an exhaustive list, by any means:Have a real photo of yourself. You can make it a cartoon or sketched or airbrushed, just do not leave that lowly Twitter Egg as your profile shot. D-U-M-B.Create an actual bio and use your city. You can add a link to your site or blog, too. Smart.If you are going to reach out to someone regularly via @ messages, then follow them, too.Keep your follower/following count somewhere close to one another, give or take 20 percent. I’ll admit this is a pet peeve, to some degree, but I am in this game to meet people and learn about them. I generally don’t follow the Prima Dona who has 100,000 followers and only follows 412 people. They are on Twitter to broadcast, in my view, and I’m here to engage. Many people echo this sentiment.Tweet good stuff. Search for things that you know will help your tribe. Is it marketing, customer service, polished sea glass, or grumpy cat photos (please no more cats!).Search some keywords you are interested in and follow people talking about that term. I’ve only briefly explored Little Bird, but it looks very promising for keeping up with influencers and topics.Share how you add followers in comments or tweet to me with a hashtag like #AdviceForTJ — TJMcCue on Twitter.Learn from the people who do engage. My short list:@MissDestructo (Amber Osborne, Destroyer of Social Media Boredom – you have to pay attention to someone who has “destroyer” in their profile. I also mentioned her in the 12 Legendary post. Epic.)@SmallBizTrends (yes, I’m technology/product editor there, but CEO Anita Campbell engages)@MarshaCollier (customer satisfaction/service expert and eBay guru)@mayhemstudios (this is Calvin Lee’s account — Twitter Master and friendly dude)@MMangen (virtual assistant and bookkeeper, superstar on Twitter, of course)@MattKostan (marketing and small biz guy)@TimBerry (business plan expert)@FranchiseKing (Joel Libava — franchise guru and all around good guy)@SmallBizLady (Melinda Emerson — one of the best small business advocates around)People Buy Fake Twitter Followers — But Don’t Do ItIf you have been on Twitter very long, you have been accosted by a spammer offering you “Thousands of Twitter Followers…Instantly.” My editor at theHarvard Business Review shared a new service with me — that outs the people who BUY Twitter followers. Ouch. It is built by a service called, ironically enough, StatusPeople. You can find the link at the end of the post. Buying followers does not equal engagement or friendship or anything really worth having.4/15 UPDATE: See resources below for a list of celebrities who just got busted (metaphorically-speaking) for huge fake follower counts. Now, to be fair, and based on comments/discussion around this post, those celebs probably can’t keep up with everyone and those folks just creep in. However, it is very possible that some are just buying followers to make themselves look impressive. All in all, that’s not a surprise, but since most of us, as biz owners and busy execs, do not want to earn that kind of notoriety, that’s another reason to avoid buying followers.’ve been reading Start With WHY by Simon Sinek. You can also find his popular TED talk on YouTube. His big focus is on asking WHY before HOW or WHAT. He uses all caps a lot, just so you know I’m not shouting… And I have taken this book to heart and am asking myself — why am I doing this (any particular activity during my day)? Why am I in business? What’s my purpose? I’m not asking it in some deep philosophical way, but more as a practical reality check each morning, to keep on track.I mention this book because I believe we have to ask ourselves: Why do I need to get more followers on Twitter? Or more likes on Facebook, or what have you. The Twitter greats are asking how they can serve others, online and IRL. They are sharing of themselves and people appreciate it. There was a study that showed that people with fewer followers were able to actually spread their message mo’ betta. (Hawaiian for “more better.”)You’ll feel your status and influence increasing and improving when people respond to your work. Keep your social media score by depth, not by height or width.More Resources:StatusPeople – Fake Followers CheckFast Company has a terrific post by Amber Mac: Buying Twitter Followers – it tells the full story of buying fakes.Gallery: 
  • Tweriod is quite straightforward—it analyzes your tweets and your followers’ tweets to give you the best time and day of the week to tweet to get the highest visibility for your content. The analysis generally shows you the time and day that your followers are most active on Twitter, which helps you share your content more effectively.
  • – Buffer allows you to schedule updates for your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. Simply create a schedule for when you would like your updates to go out and add the updates to your Buffer. Then Buffer will send them out to your selected accounts in the time slots you allotted. Best of all, you’ll get great analytics about each message you send to your Twitter accounts showing the number of retweets, replies, favorites, and estimated reach. This can help you determine the best times to tweet and the topics that get the most engagement from your audience.
  • This simple tool allows you to customize preloaded tweets that you want your readers to share.You can use this tool to increase your business website’s visibility as it makes content more shareable. When a user clicks the link, your preloaded message will automatically be added to their Twitter status box. They then can click to tweet and your message will be out there.
  • Session 2

    1. 1. TWITTER FOR BUSINESS2013By Brian Mawdsley@brianmawdsley
    2. 2. Twitter etiquette Rule #1: Don’t start a tweet with a hashtag. Let ussee your thought, idea, comment, or story first. Rule #2: Please, please don’t use more than 3hashtags in a tweet. If you do use three hashtags,do it sparingly. It’s just annoying.
    3. 3. Twitter etiquetteRule #3: This rule is going to go against what most“tweeps” believe! Don’t strive for followers. Strivefor engagement. Ask people questions and engagewith them! They’ll like it. In the long run, you’ll getmore followers this way.Rule #4: Some people just don’t follow back. Thatdoesn’t necessarily mean they won’t interact withyou! Tweet them a question, idea, or story.
    4. 4. Twitter etiquetteRule #5: Even though you have a maximum of 140characters, you don’t have to use all 140 characters.Try using around 100 characters. This will allowother tweeps the ability to retweet you.Rule #6: Add a profile picture. Enough said. You’dbe surprised at how many people don’t add aprofile picture.
    5. 5. Twitter etiquetteRule #7: If you were selling your house, would youmake it look nice for an open house or showing?Absolutely! Same applies for you twitter handle.Add a background, make it look nice.Rule #8: Should you come across a spam account(and you will) please report them. The less spamaccounts there are on twitter, the better it will befor all of us.
    6. 6. Twitter etiquette Rule #9: Add a description. By looking at some of yourinformation, Tweeps who don’t know you will be ableto find out what to Tweet with you about? Rule #10: If you’re struggling on determining howlong your tweet should be, what your tweet shouldcontain, hashtags, etc. remember to K.I.S.S. (Keep itsimple stupid.). Rule #11: In the end, just be yourself. Be authentic.Create value and enrich people’s tweets with greatcontent!
    7. 7.  Link to Your Twitter Name in Your EmailSignature Tell People They Should Follow You On Twitter Ask Your Followers to Retweet You Tweet Awesome Content Use #Hashtags in Some of Your TweetsHow to grow your following
    8. 8. How to grow your following Follow everyone who follows you. Follow people who autofollow Put up "Follow me on Twitter" links on yourblog, e-mail, other social networkingoutlets, and across the web
    9. 9. How to grow your following Provide unique offers Quality content. Ask people to retweet you. Repeat your most popular tweets Regularly unfollow people who haventfollowed you back.
    10. 10. Engaging with your audienceWelcome followers – polite + marking opportunitytry do it on the same dayAsk QuestionsAnswer QuestionsADD VALUE
    11. 11. Creating traffic to your websiteMake sure to place your website in your short "bio"description.Appoint an experienced social media marketer tohandle your Twitter account The key to the successfuluse of social media promotion is consistency.USE the 321 approach3 retweets2 business1 personal
    12. 12. How to grow your following initially I recommend you follow 200-300 per day (alldepends on your time available) Start talking to people you are following I agree that a blog + your Twitter Profile =powerful magical combination. When you get to 2000 followers the storychanges
    13. 13. Twitter tools
    14. 14. Hashtag Tracker
    15. 15. All apps need access
    16. 16. Twitaholic
    17. 17. Twitaholic
    18. 18. What are bitmarks? Bitmarks are better bookmarksxSave, search, andorganize all your links from around the web. Groupthem into bundles. Share them with friends. If youdon’t want them on your public profile, just mark themas private.
    19. 19. URL Shortner
    20. 20. tracking
    21. 21. Tweet Grader
    22. 22. Tweet Grader
    23. 23. Tweetreach About TweetReach How far did your tweet travel? You share something on Twitter. People spread the word.TweetReach tells you who’s talking about it, how many peoplesaw it, and who those people are. TweetReach makes it easy to measure your Twitter campaigns soyou can demonstrate real results. Use TweetReach to analyzetweets about your hashtag, brand name or URL; get in-depthsocial analytics on reach, exposure, tweets and contributors. Ifyou monitor a brand, track media events, run marketingcampaigns, or hold contests and games on Twitter for yourcompany or your clients, TweetReach is a simple way to measurethe impact of your efforts.
    24. 24. Tweetreach
    25. 25. Tweetreach
    26. 26. Tweriod
    27. 27. Tweriod
    28. 28. Buffer
    29. 29. Buffer
    30. 30. Buffer
    31. 31. Tweepi
    32. 32. Tweepi dashboard
    33. 33. Tweepi follow
    34. 34. Tweepi follow tool
    35. 35. ClicktoTweet
    36. 36. ClicktoTweet
    37. 37. ClicktoTweet
    38. 38. ManageFilter
    39. 39. Managefilter unfollow
    40. 40. ManageFilter
    41. 41. TweetMap
    42. 42. Tweetmap
    43. 43. Tweetmap
    44. 44. Tools - Tweetdeck
    45. 45. Hootsuite HootSuite allows you to manage your Twitter profiles(along with other social networks including Google+pages) all in one place. With their tabs and columnslayout, you easily can monitor a variety of Twittersearches for people talking about your industry, peopletalking about your brand, Twitter lists, mentions,direct messages, and your home screen.
    46. 46. Hoot suite Dashboard
    47. 47. Hoot Suite Schedular
    48. 48. TWITTER FOR BUSINESS2013By Brian Mawdsley@brianmawdsley